Wednesday, December 26, 2012


If there is one song that I have been unable to get out of my freakin head is a great rumba from a country. No it is not either Kenya, Congo, Tanzania, or even Cameroon at that matter. In fact the country this song comes from the country Zimbabwe.

Well the band I am speaking about is called the Real Sounds of Africa. Thanks to Soukousman, I had discovered them a little bit. This band is not your average band. In fact there is some connection from Congo. Some of the musicians of Real Sounds of Africa were actually from Congo but grew or came to Zimbabwe. They teamed up with some Zimbabwe musicians to form this band Real Sounds of Africa.

The congolese members of this band were Motombo, Mumba, Pompon, Ilunga, and Kabange.

Here they make a song that I am addicted to. The song I am speaking about is the song WENDE ZAKO. This song is so incredible. We had some great singing and some good guitars and of course great trumpets and some smooth saxophone. I love this song a lot in my view. It is classic. Enjoy the song

Friday, December 21, 2012

resurface of PEPE KALLE for wrong reasons now

Forgive me for not writing a post for weeks. I have been finishing college first semester, and occassional facebook drama as well as forums conversations.

These days it seems that Pepe Kalle has gotten some attention but now it is for wrong reasons.

It has been that Pepe Kalle has been used for all the wrong causes.

There are two videos I have found that deal with PEPE KALLE.

This video is Jolie Bebe speaking about Pepe Kalle and Empire Bakuba. She gets into the history of Empire Bakuba and Pepe Kalle but then gets into the problems within Bakuba and wants to basically pretend that she, Djouna, and some others are more Pepe Kalle like than Papy Tex and shit like that.
Just hear the rest

But this video makes me more mad as this oppurtinist bitch pastor basically accusses Pepe Kalle wanting to put devil spells on people when Pepe Kalle only made people dance. That is all. This man is just a oppurtunist who is not serving God but serving Money. Money is all this bitch wants. This bastard is so messed up. He just wants to make himself look like a saint. I bet he has shit that he does not want to speak about.

Pepe Kalle has been insulted for a long time by many people as they pretend they are more Pepe Kalle than others or that Pepe Kalle was satan himself. Now I have evidence from these videos that Pepe Kalle is just getting hurt.

Empire Bakuba is just a divided camp with no soul anymore. If Empire Bakuba exists (which apparently is not the case), then it is led by Papy Tex. Djouna Mumbafu has his own group but he has no musicians. Doris Ebuya lives in Switzerland with some random musicians, or at least that he told me himself. Elvis Kunku is living in Paris with a band doing some good old music. Elvis Kunku is married to a woman who is the boss of Africambiance. Again, I will not say her name. Papy Tex lives in Germany seemingly just doing some occassional performance. Jolie Bebe and Dekolos are doing their own thing all around Europe. I mean none of these guys care about the fact that they are demeaning the name of Pepe Kalle so much.

I just want to do something. Pepe Kalle has been insulted enough, and If I see this again, I will just call them out as I see fit. So sad that Pepe Kalle has been gone from this earth for 14 years and see people trying to make money of his name. Such a ashame.

Thursday, November 22, 2012

A great Zimbabwe Rumba Song 1

Happy Thanksgiving to everyone. I hope everyone enjoy a safe and great weekend a good thanksgiving weekend.

To give you guys a great treat. Here it is.

I found a great song Zimbabwe song from a Rumba group name Jairos Jiri Band. They made a very entertaining song that was so great in many ways.

Their great song that they made was called Sarah. I know this song is a love song although I am not sure what they are saying but regardless but I am impressed with their singing. Also they were really into their music and I could see thier great passion. It also gave me the vibe that they enjoyed making this song that they did.

They had a great sebene and they managed to entertain me with their amateur acts. I am impressed with this band.

Here is the song Sarah from Jairos Jiri Band.

Tuesday, November 13, 2012


I apologize to all followers for not writing for a while. I have been so busy caught with school work, and Facebook constant messages, I had little time to write some great posts.

Well this week and around next week, I am going to try to expand my genres of music that I can enjoy a lot as a music lover myself. African music, I favor Congolese a lot and then I like some East Rumba and West African occassionally but I have now decided to give some Zimbabwe rumba after a person showed me a song by a Zimbabwe rumba band. It was so excellent. I found the song to just sound like Congolese with a Zimbabwe voice. It is quite interesting in my view.

I am going on a Zimbabwe Rumba crusade. I want to do this because I have got some Zimbabwe friends and I feel I need to do the favor by hearing some of their own music so I can showcase how cool their music can be too.

I will post some of the best Zimbabwe Rumba songs I have found. You will enjoy it.

Friday, November 2, 2012

My personal experience with BEER & WINE

I am so sorry to everyone for not making a post lately. It has been while since I made a post but I had some things going on. I am going a deep growth with college and as usual, Facebook things going on and being on other forums. So I had little time for posting. Now I am back. I had some unfortunate events during this time too.

One of them is drinking two alcohol types which are already bad enough. They are Beer and Wine. There is no one at fault. I have only myself to blame. I have had stories about how these two drinks are so bad and yet I decide to take these two shit. It was so bad. So what happened was that a week ago, I went to a person's house. I was asked to drink some Red Wine. I said yes and the worst occurred. I had also had some beer that day too. The result was so bad. I knew right away that I was drunk. I mean I was inclined to sleep more and I was inclined to move more than I usually did. Also let me add, my ribs were totally fucked up and also my voice was bad for a week. The results were bad for me being drunk.

My opinion of Alocohol is that is the worst thing that can happen. I may drink this drink occassionally but I know if I do then I will end up messed up for some time. I think Alcohol can cause some great harm. It really can.

Well here some startling facts
Source (
  • Although 40 percent of U.S. college freshmen say they binge drink -- five or more drinks on one occasion -- a new study has discovered that up to 20 percent of male students go substantially beyond the binge-drinking threshold, consuming more than 10 or 15 drinks per drinking session.
  • Up to 80 percent of alcoholics have a deficiency in thiamine and some of these individuals will go on to develop serious brain disorders such as Wernicke–Korsakoff syndrome.
  • Alcohol dependence and alcohol abuse cost the United States an estimated $220 billion in 2005. This dollar amount was more than the cost associated with cancer ($196 billion) and obesity ($133 billion).
  • Every year in the U.S. more than 150,000 college students develop health problem that are alcohol-related.
  • The 9.6% of adult alcoholics drink 25% of the alcohol that is consumed by all adult drinkers.
  • Every day in the United States more than 13,000 children and teens take their first drink.
  • According to recent research, 62% of U.S. high school seniors reported that they have been drunk recently.
  • According to a study undertaken in 2002, at least 762,000 children that are born each year have been exposed to alcohol during the mother's pregnancy.
  • Alcohol is the third leading cause of preventable deaths in the United States.
  • 3 million Americans over the age of 60 are alcoholics or have serious drinking problems.
  • 3.1 million Americans, roughly 1.4% of the population 12 and older, received treatment for alcoholism and alcohol-related problems in 1997.

  • These facts are quite startling. I think I will leave it up to you to judge whether Alcohol is good. I think you have heard enough of me. FOR NOW.

    Friday, October 12, 2012

    My Note to Grand Maitre Franco

    Dear Franco,

    Franco you are a great musician. You were a true Congolese musician. You were a musician who understood others and wanted the best in every musician. Most musician envied you because you knew life so much. You were wiser than your age. Musicians like Papa Wemba, Tabu Ley, Pepe Kalle, Nyoka Longo, and Bokelo were never able to be like you. You were a figure that had something that those five did not have. You were so real. You spoke the truth even when it was not a popular opinion. You did songs that caused a real discussion not only in Congo but within the whole Africa continent. You changed the face of Congolese music. You were the only musician that was able to really real authentic Congolese music that is so unique. You are the reason why Congolese music became unique. You were the one who brought the uniqueness of a musician. You had humor but you were a real man. Franco, you are not replaceable. Rest in Peace.


    Franco Pepe Kalle

    Wednesday, October 10, 2012

    Pepe Kalle Tribute my version

    Now this is my chance to show my own version of how to show your love for Pepe Kalle.

    Maybe you can make a major playist of your favorite Pepe Kalle moments where you can organize them together and you are able to show your friends or family who want to see your ability to show how great Pepe Kalle was.

    Or if you really love your Ipad, you can organize songs you like from Pepe Kalle and add to your list in IPad and be able to find some way to share it. Also you can create a great design on your cover showing a pictue of Pepe Kalle with that when you start playing his songs.

    Well one thing I think could make Pepe Kalle look great is by creating a big festival concert where they will be some greatly trained musicians to sing some great Pepe Kalle songs. I would put a great picture of Pepe Kalle in a creative way and show the greatness and the importance of Pepe Kalle. There you can have great foods and have t-shirts of this man. Also bring some Empire Bakuba musicians to come and sing along and sing some known Pepe Kalle songs to the whole audience.

    This is my vision how to show your love for Pepe Kalle.


    Franco Pepe Kalle
    Junior Rais Mashaba

    Saturday, September 29, 2012

    Pepe Kalle Love Number Two

    From this post, it will be a guest person talking now. Not me. FPK (me) is giving you a guest post here.

    Your Favorite Pepe Kalle Song

    You absolutely love the tunes of the great Pepe Kalle. Even though he passed away in 1998 from a heart attack, you are still listening to his music until this very day. Sometimes, when you hear your favorite song, you feel entirely inspired by it. However, how can you go even further with those feelings of inspiration?

    Play the Song
    If you're going to play his songs out in the public arena, you need to check with copyright laws. However, you could sit around a campfire with friends or liven up a backyard barbecue by strumming away at the notes of "La Rumba" or "Roger Milla." Some people might not know who Kalle is; therefore, consider starting your song with a brief background on the life of this legend.

    Find the Song
    Of course, if you cannot even track down the songs anymore, it's unlikely that you'll be able to play it. Fortunately, Amazon has an answer for you. Head on over there, and you can download MP3 versions of a number of Kalle hits including "Nina" and "Gerant." Not only will you find individual songs for download on the website, but you can also purchase entire albums. Whether it's Larger Than Life or Merci Maman, it won't be long until you are listening to all of your favorite music on repeat.

    Be Creative
    One of the best ways to let Kalle live on in your life is to allow the music to inspire you. When you are going out for a jog, play that favorite song of yours on your MP3 player. If you have a difficult homework assignment to tackle or you're trying to finally start writing that novel, play the song in the background. The words might inspire you; however, you may also simply be motivated by the fact that another artist has made it. Even when you're feeling down in the dumps, a simple reminder that there is success out there is enough to make you carry on.

    Lyrics Languages
    When you have a favorite song, sometimes it doesn't matter what language the words are sung in. You're completely able to feel the vibe of the song and understand the mood even without fully comprehending the language. However, why not try to find a couple of translations of his songs? See how they read in a variety of different languages. What moods are inspired when you read them in that matter? It's true that you might feel the exact same way. Researching lyrics in this way is really a project about your emotions and your connections to music. You'll likely find out just how emotional music really is through your favorite Pepe Kalle song.

    Pepe Kalle has passed on, but his music is still very much alive in this world. When you have a favorite song of his, don't just let it pass you by. Allow the tunes to inspire you and to help you get through your day to day life and struggles.

    Author Pam Johnson enjoys listening to Pepe Kalle and blogging. She is a contributing writer

    Pepe Kalle Love Number One

    From this post, it will be a guest person talking now. Not me. FPK (me) is giving you a guest post here.

    Seven Creative Ways to Show Your Love to Pepe Kalle

    For years, people loved the tunes of Pepe Kalle. Although the musician passed away in 1998, his name is still well known in the music industry. How can you continue to show your love for this great in a few different creative ways?

    A Spiritual Side
    If you believe in direct connections with the other world, sit down and meditate. We're not saying that you are going to channel the soul of Pepe Kalle, but simply listening to his music while you relax can help bring you closer to this singer once again.
    Give a Presentation
    Perhaps you are a student who grew up at the very end of the Pepe Kalle era. It's likely that some of your friends have never heard of him. To let them know about the music Kalle created, prepare your next classroom presentation in honor of him. As long as the teacher approves the topic, this can work well for a public speaking class, a history class and so forth.
    Play Some Tunes
    Do you play an instrument yourself? While you would need to check copyright laws before you go out and play his music at the local bar, you could entertain your family and friends with some self taught classics.
    Visit His Home
    Maybe you are really devoted to this particular singer, and you want to go to the place where he grew up: the Democratic Republic of the Congo. Located in central Africa, you'll be able to explore a culture that is new to you. Maybe you'll even get lucky enough to run into some people who knew Pepe Kalle when he was alive.
    Donate to Charities
    When Kalle passed in 1998, it was due to a heart attack. Honor the memory of this man, and work to protect others from passing of the same problem. When you see a charity that works to raise awareness and prevent conditions of the heart, be sure to donate money for it. As you send over the check or put the money into the donation box, be sure to remember the great Pepe Kalle.
    Write an Article
    If you really love Kalle, then you likely want to share that information with other people. Perhaps you could write an article for the school newspaper, or maybe you can ask the town paper if they would like a special piece on him. Search for websites that allow you to write on articles of your choice. Your main goal is to reach a wide audience.
    Use Social Media
    Create a fan group that is in honor of Pepe Kalle on Facebook. From time to time, you may even want to post updates that remind people about his greatness.

    It's a sad fact that Pepe Kalle has passed on from this world; however, that is even more motivation to keep his memory alive in today's world. Do not let him fade away into the past. Continue to show your love for this musical great in all of these aforementioned ways.

    Author Jason Harter enjoys listening to Pepe Kalle and blogging. He is a contributing writer for

    The interesting ways

    I got to tell you about the next three posts that are coming up. OK, well what is happening is that there is going three posts about PEPE KALLE. But there are going to be to be in some unique ways to remember PEPE KALLE. I mean this was not my idea. I found two guests that it has occurred. They wanted to make their own unique ways to have you remember PEPE KALLE if you are a big fan of his. They wanted me to give them the spot. I am going to show two different posts about Pepe Kalle. You be the judge.

    Tuesday, September 25, 2012

    Change of Plans

    I am sorry that I have to announce but I am going to announce it anyway.

    I know I said this month, I was only going to focus on Soul Music. But unfortunately, I have to change the announcement again. Sorry to dissappoint those who may love Soul Music but I got unexpected news. Someone wanted to make a guest post about Pepe Kalle. Why? I have no idea. But this person wants its post posted about now. I just said I like the post. So I am going to post it around this week or next week. Plus Pepe Kalle has been in the headlines lately for some things going on. Pepe Kalle has somehow been becoming a major topic for some people.

    So, I will post the guest post soon.

    Wednesday, September 19, 2012

    Lady from D'ANGELO

    I love this joint from D'Angelo. This song is a joint that I can enjoy as a music lover. I have found some good old soul music. I found a great 1990s joint from D'Angelo. He makes a great love song dedicated to one woman.

    This song is called Lady. The best line is basically, "You are my lady".  This song indicates that it means that something valuable to the woman. He want one woman to be his center and be someone who will bring some happiness to him and how he wants her to feel special. That is such a great pleasure. I want that one special lady in my life.

    This song to me is what Soul Music can bring which is a love song where one person is so special in your life and how great how valuable the person in your life. I want people to hear it. ENJOY

    Wednesday, September 12, 2012

    Soul Music Covered

    Hello my followers, I want to apologize for not much action going on lately. I have been very busy. Facebook problems, twitter account issues, and college have consumed my time. Luckily I have a good day, so let me get on track.

    This month, I have decided to focus on one genre. That genre is Soul Music. Why that genre. Lately I have found some great soul music songs. So I decided that I think it is necessary to show you guys my favorite soul songs. It will be good for me and you guys who like this blog. It is very important to me.

    Thursday, August 23, 2012

    Golden 1970s focus: NYBOMA

    The person that was very important during the 1970s was no other than the man who was a great backip singer. That man that I am speaking of Nyboma. Why him?

    Well because Nyboma was the man that was able to make a great impact during this golden 1970s era. He was someone who knew how to sing so well. I mean Nyboma was very flawless when I hear him singing. He also was able to provide some great lead vocals and he knew how to be Nyboma.

    When I hear songs like Abissina, Mbuta, Lusumba, Massele, Sofele, and others, what I see from Nyboma is the great singing. He can sing with anyone and he can turn it into gold. Also those songs were gold because a lot of Zairians knew those songs and they would enjoy those songs so much. Nyboma got lots of attention and he was becoming a important star.

    I would say that Nyboma was able to make a great impact on three bands that he was part of whether it was Bella Bella, Lipua Lipua or Les Kamale. He was able to make some great impact and he was able to make great music and he was able to make some important songs.

    That is why I call Nyboma a important focus during the golden 1970s era.

    Thursday, August 16, 2012


    Why did I made those two posts today. Well it is because I decided to prepare for a song that I really like from Pepe Kalle. Plus I was wanting to show you from a diehard fan of Pepe Kalle. I have long said that I am a fanatic but not a diehard fan of Franco and Pepe Kalle.

    Now I am about to focus on one song that I had long enjoyed and I have also been able to find value in hearing this great song. This song is something that I can have so much fun and I feel that this song was the birth of soon Giantafrique Pepe Kalle. The song that I am speaking about the song called Nazoki.

    This song is about some difficult kind of life and Pepe speaks about challanges about how he is a man and as a lover for someone. Pepe Kalle emotionally sings in the beginning that he has some tough times but his intentions are to be able to be a normal man. Pepe Kalle here shined very in the song and oddly enough, he sounded very much like Tabu Ley. Pepe Kalle shined in this song and it showed a soon to be superstar made. Pepe Kalle even then had something special. It is so unique.

    I just hope more people can find this song and if fo they can be able to enjoy the song. Pepe Kalle was in his A game when he released this great record.

    Proof: There is a bigger Pepe Kalle fan than me

    I have always said that I am not a diehard Pepe Kalle fan as some people seemed to believe. I always said that I am a fanatic of Franco and Pepe Kalle. I like Franco and Pepe Kalle very equally. Both of them are great musicians that I have ever heard in my life. I call Franco and Pepe Kalle the kings of Congolese Music.

    I am so happy that someone has finally come and say something about Pepe Kalle and how they are a bigger fan of Pepe Kalle.

    I was so touched by the man's story that I had to share it on a post. His name is Nounou.

    Here is the person who is a bigger Pepe Kalle fan than me.

    Up until now, I was convinced that I was the only true and biggest Pepe Kalle and his Empire's fan on the planet, but when I found your blog, my belief was shaken to it's very foundations!!! I like Franco too, and have tens of his songs, but for me Pepe Kalle is Numero Uno!!!

    I am very impressed at your dedication and the amount of time and resources you put in making Pepe Kalle's name be known and not just fade away. You have also a lot of interesting knowledge about Congolese music in general (although some of your ideas about church and faith are rather... "interesting" :-)

    Well, I also have a story I want to share about Pepe Kalle.
    I am very sad that I never had the opportunity to see him when he was alive, but he sure was a great musician, and he had a very deep impact on me in my younger days. I'll get back to that soon enough.
    In today's Congo music, you can't almost tell who is who. The songs are so alike, maybe because of lack of creativity, but in my younger days, when you heard a song, you could instantly tell what band it was, and Pepe Kalle was so creative, so original that his songs never sounded like any other!

    It was around 1990 in Goma, eastern Congo (Zaire at that time). I was around 12, and my mom sent me to the market to buy tomatoes to put in some chicken she was roasting. The market was not so far, just 10-15 minutes I guess.
    Before I got to the market, I passed by a music shop in a corner, and they had these huge loud speakers outside by the door, and there was a song playing. The song was very rhythmic and up-tempo, the bass was groovy, and the solo guitar was like nothing I had heard before.
    Then the song ended in the most strange way! Usually when a song ends, it just fades out, but this song didn't. Rather, all the instruments stopped playing, and only the lead singer went on calling up, and the choir would answer Ekoki... Ekoki...Ekoki (that's enough, that's it)!
    This song made such an on me in a way I can't describe. It was just like falling in love at first sight, if you've ever experienced that.
    I completely forgot what I was doing there, and what my mom had sent me to buy. I spent quite a time there, trying to remember, but the only thing that would come to my mind was this song. Eventually I went back home empy handed, and mom got so angry...
    I was just a kid, so I didn't even think of getting in the shop to ask what song that was. I just walked back home, but the solo (or sebene) of that song and its ending never left my head, and from that day on, I started making toy guitars just so I could play that solo.

    Only in 1996 did I hear that song again. By this time I was in Uvira, south Kivu region, if you know, and I was walking on the street, and I heard it coming from a plot nearby. The melody was so deep in my brain that I recognized it at once! I stopped, and went to the house, knocked politely, and said, sorry, but can you please tell me what cassette you are playing?
    That day I learned that the song was a Pepe Kalle composition called "Ndako Ya Zeke", the last song on the Pon Moun Paka Bouge album (Actually, the album's real title is "Giant Afrique The Bombe Atomique").
    I was so happy to discover the song, and from that day on I became a hardcore Pepe Kalle fan, and started collecting his albums. Today I have over 21 of them, that is around 150 songs, and I never get tired of listening to any one of them! I have introduced my 3yrs daughter to this music also, so she can take good care of those albums, once I'm not here anymore.

    Also the love of that music made me pick up the guitar. Today I can play most of Kinanga Boeing 737 solos, and although I rather embraced rock and blues guitar style in a band setting, I still play Empire Bakuba in my spare time, and every single day I thank Pepe Kalle and his Empire Bakuba for inspiring me to pick up guitar, and having such a deep impact on me.

    I wish I could find some other people who are interested in this music, so we can start a tribute band or something, but that seems unlikely.


    Let me give a great picture from PEPE KALLE

    Let me show you the photo from PEPE KALLE and his great band Empire Bakuba.

    The photo comes from BLAISE MATADIDI.

    Saturday, August 11, 2012

    connection between Madilu and Soki Vangu

    This post is in the 5th year anniversary death of Madilu special.

    I remember back in time when I was listening to Bella Bella, I always thought the original singer was Madilu System. My dad told me that the singer that was singing was Soki Vangu. I felt that early in his career that Madilu System was the younger version of Soki Vangu.

    Turns out that I was right somewhat but it is just more that Madilu and Soki Vangu sounded alike. They actually did some musical things together. What turns out that after Madily had lost his luck with his own band Bakuba Mayopi, he and Soki Vangu met up decided to form a band together. That band was called Pamba Pamba. This band was formed in 1976. This band did have some promise because after all, Soki Vangu was a big name at the time and Madilu was a on slow rise as his own too. These two men thought becoming a force together would help them both become a major force in the Congolese music scene. But it turned out that this was a failed project. Despite some success, it did not help them continue and this activity only lasted a year or so.

    But after this, fates were affected. Madilu was join Tabu Ley before he joined OK Jazz where he would become one of the big singers of Franco during the mid and late 1980s. Madilu would have a great solo career for 18 years. Soki Vangu had a different ending as he eventually lost his Bella Bella band and he would only live 13 more years after this band Pamba Pamba did not exist. Soki Vangu was only 42 years old when he died. Either way, this is a interesting thing that both of them actually worked together. Also they are both gone. RIP to both of them.


    Let's stop and remember MADILU SYSTEM

    Thursday, August 9, 2012

    Early 1980s Edition: Kinshasa Mboka Ya Makambo

    I am somewhat mad that I have not been posting about Franco lately. I guess I have been listening to hear other music lately. Damn, that really that can be so freakin messed up.

    Enough of my rant. I want to focus on one Franco song that may not have everyone's attention but I feel this song can be relatable to today's problem in BANA KIN. The song that I am speaking about is Franco's song "Kinshasa Mboka Ya Makambo". It can be translated to Kinshasa, Town of Problems or Kinshasa, Country of Problems. Not sure. You can make that judgement. Anyway this song was about often the bullshit of Kinshasa with all type of rumors and worse, the rumors are often to be so BELIEVABLE. What a great shame. Franco was crying (I mean WHINING) about the fact that Congolese people are easy into blaming, making lies about others, and slandering others far too easily. Sadly that is true with Congolese and no wonder many Africans love to make fun of Congolese people. As a Congolese American, I even fall into this nonsense. Franco was asking Congolese people why do we like to fight, why we do bullshit to each other, and why we do stupidity on eachother.

    Now here is one of the twist of this song: ACTUALLY it also relates to Grand Maitre Franco. The song is also known as Ndunda which means Vegetable or many say would be Grass. But the song "Ndunda" or "Kinshasa Mboka Ya Makambo" is actually a remake of the song "Mobali Na Ngai Azali Etudiant Na M'Poto". Why did Franco remade that song. Well it turns out many people were accusing Franco of smuggling weed to Europe (POTO). Also one person who acutually almost made it believable was Tabu Ley. Now this does not surprise. I don't blame Tabu Ley considering that Franco was always a better musician and band leader than Tabu Ley could have ever had. Tabu Ley is the only thing he had was great singing which Franco often lacked.

    Wednesday, August 8, 2012


    Now let me get going with another song from Bella Bella. This song is no like other songs that I have heard from this band. This band can be somewhat a great old legend band that came on this earth.

    Bella Bella made a great song that stands out. The song that I am talking is the song called Zamba Zamba. This song is something that I have always found some value in hearing. Soki Vangu is someone who knew how to make some great masterpieces. This song is one of them. After all, he composed this great song.

    This song has some excellent singing. Zamba Zamba means Bush Bush. Soki Vangu is singing about being part of a bush and how a bush can bring some refreshment to this society. Later on, Soki Vangu sings the known music genre MAKOSSA. What is Makossa if you wonder. Well it is a genre that was created by former African Jazz saxophonist Manu Dibango. Soki Vangu really loved that genre quite a bit. The great sebene and great bass playing by Shaba Kahamba made this song so unique.

    I would argue that this actually Bella Bella's best song that we have seen for a long time. This is the record that made Soki Vangu, SOKI VANGU.

    Monday, August 6, 2012


    Hello my people. I am ready to make another review of a classic song that I knew and had enjoyed for sometime since being a kid. I mean this song really brought something worth hearing. Also this song is something that no one can ever do like this man.

    I am focusing on Nyboma. Yep, Vieux Nyboma. The man who sang so many songs that some people know. During the mid 1970s period, Nyboma made some great songs like Mombassa, Niki Bue and others. But the song that also made Nyboma so unique was the song AMBA. This song proves the importance of Nyboma. He sings this song so perfectly. I mean this song also proves the greatness of Nyboma. Nyboma would shine and he would sing in a angelic matter that I cannot get. Other singers only add that smoothness in the song. We also have the great gutiars of Tonton Ricos and Vata Mombasa. Great song all around.

    What this song showed was the greatness of Nyboma that was coming today. Nyboma was someone who knew how to sing in any time and be gold. This song proved that. Nyboma redid this song with Pepe Kalle and still Nyboma proved that he was so perfect.

    Sunday, August 5, 2012

    Mouvement ya Kin

    There was a known song from Bella Bella. This song was no like other songs that came out in the 1970s era. This song was something that some Kinshasa folks want to sing in their own ways whether it is rap or even mantaining soukous music. People think of this name because it is something unique.

    I am speaking of the name KIN. Well KIN is short of the great place in Democratic Republic of Congo. That place is called Kinshasa. Kinshasa is always chanted by lots of Congolese people who love and enjoy Kinshasa. My dad lived in Kinshasa for some time. Kinshasa brings a major blessing to the world.

    The song that was chanted that I am presenting is the song done by Bella Bella. Their song is called Mouvement ya Kin. It means that it Kin Movement. It is a song where Soki brothers (Soki Diazenza & Soki Vangu) sing about the movement of the Kin people to have people understand the uniquessness of Bana Kin. It really seem that they were passion from the soki brothers as they kept singing. I mean I found it so unique.

    Mouvement ya Kin is a song where you see some great importance and some great movement of singing. I enjoy this song qutie a bit.

    Thursday, August 2, 2012

    Petite Zizina

    Now I am looking at a song that is a classic song but it comes at a time when the band is about to end. Also a band that is on a dying state and its making its last effort to least end in a good note.

    That is the case with the great band Bella Bella. Bella Bella was at a state where they were basically falling apart. This was also the period that there was one personnel. That was Soki Vangu. Soki Diazenza was hiding in Kinshasa when this band was going in the dumps. This period was in 1980-1981 period. This was when many bands were going down. Bella Bella was one of them. So as result, Soki Vangu decided to make a song that sort make that clear but provide hope for one reason. That was his daugter Zizina. He made a song called Petite Zizina.

    This song here Soki Vangu sings about that Zizina needs to carry the torch. Soki is convincely saying that he is dying and he is no longer important. I althoguh I feel that Soki was always important but I understood Soki. Soki Vangu was seeing his band crumpling as many of them joined major bands espcially Afrisa International de Tabu Ley. Soki Vangu was saying that he was never going to be able to be what he once was. Sadly he was right. After this song, Soki Vangu lost Bella Bella and only a decade later, he died. But Soki Vangu still managed to be great in this song and Soki Vangu was grateful for life he had.

    Soki Vangu was someone who was able to show though he felt something and he wanted to make it clear. Soki Vangu felt that he was going down but he felt that he had a great life and he wanted his daughter to have a better life.

    Lemba Lemba

    I have done some listening to some Lipua Lipua. I made a good biography about them (Lipua Lipua biography). I did hear one song that I do really apperciate from Lipua Lipua. I hope that more will able to hear this classic material that I am about speak about now.

    I am speaking about the song Lemba Lemba. This song is a major genius. I really enjoy this great song. I mean the rhythm guitar of Vata Mombasa already makes the song great. Then you got the backup singers. They really sing this song well and their heart into this great song. Then you got a banging sebene with the great guitar of Santana Mongoley. That only enhances the greatness of the song. Then you got the trumpets and saxophones which only make the song so unique. Nzaya Nzayadio makes the song so legendary with his agressive voice. I mean Nzaya Nzayadio was and is a unique singer. I cannot get enough of it.

    What I see in this song is Nzaya Nzayadio shining as well as Lipua Lipua as a whole making something dynamic and it has some important melodies that are great. I really enjoy this song a lot. I want others to hear it too.

    Wednesday, August 1, 2012

    Mid 1960s to Early 1980s

    I am going to announce to all the blog followers of this great blog of mine. I am grateful for the support I have recieved. I am sorry about last month as I made a few posts. I am so sorry. I have been busy with many other things. Now I will try to write more this month. Soon I will have to cut down on posts as I go to college around late August.

    I am annoucing to you guys that I am going to take a period of Zaire Music in some times in a deeper manner. Much deeper manner. The periods I am going to look at are the times from Mid 1960s up to the Early 1980s. I am also going to give some deep look at Veve Label. I will make the case why Veve Label was a good thing for congolese music.

    I will put with bands like Bella Bella, Empire Bakuba, Lipua Lipua, OK Jazz, and others to look at.

    Tuesday, July 31, 2012

    A deeper meaning of the song MABELE RICHE

    It is my brother's 17th birthday. My brother turned 17 years old today. Well I had a very good weekend. So I went into my father's car and we were listening to the song MABELE RICHE. This is a Empire Bakuba song with Papy Tex singing lead with Pepe Kalle backing up as well the great animator Djouna Mumbafu with the song composed by rhythm guitarist Elvis Kunku. I actually do like this song in a some unique way. So I did listen to the song and there I discovered something. I heard the name Emoro. I knew he was mentioned as he did die in 1992 during the Empire Bakuba's Zambia tour. It turns there it something more than I intially thought.

    It turns out that this song does actually focus on one person. That was late dwarf man Emoro. Those who don't know Emoro, he was a Empire Bakuba dwarf. He was the original dwarf before Dokolos took over. Jolie Bebe was the female dwarf. Emoro was a very entertaining man but he was also a provactive man. In fact the reason why Emoro was pretty much popular was because of his provactive moves especially doing the WAWAWA. That meant Emoro literally humped on female dancers. I guess that might explain Emoro's later health problems he had during the early 1990s although he looked so fine health wise. Well during Empire Bakuba's highlight African tour, Emoro passed away.

    So Elvis Kunku composed a song in tribute to Emoro. Papy Tex the singer speaks about how Emoro's life was not just a great for him but it is a great life for the world to especially Empire Bakuba people. Also Papy sings that our soil goes back to our land that we originally came from. Pepe Kalle basically says that we miss Emoro and we have to continue life without Emoro.

    What I see is that it is very clear that Empire Bakuba personnels were deeply hurt by the death of Emoro and they made a song just for him. I understand him. Emoro was someone who knew how to entertain and his death was indeed shocking. Even worse, 6 years later, Pepe Kalle passed away. It is unfortunate. Empire Bakuba has never been the same since Pepe Kalle died. Papy Tex is the leader of the band but he had a tough time making the band great again.

    Here is the song here

    Friday, July 27, 2012

    A Underated Clan Langa Langa band?

    Clan Langa Langa is one of the best clans that has even came to the Zaire music scene. It has produced some great bands. They include Choc Stars, Anti-Choc, Viva La Musica, Isifi Lokele, Yoka Lokele, and others.

    But there is one band that was so talented but so underated and yet had high popularity. This band that I am speaking about is Zaiko Langa Langa band. I am not saying the Nkolo Mboka band led by Nyoka Longo. I am speaking of the band Zaiko Familia Dei led by Ilo Pablo. This was another Clan Langa Langa band. But this band did come from Zaiko Langa Langa Nkolo Mboka.

    This band was founded by Zaiko Langa Langa drummer Ilo Pablo. He was joined with former Zaiko Langa Langa singers late Bimi Ombale, late Lengi Lenga, and JP Buse with former Choc Stars, Langa Langa Star, and Viva La Musica bassist Djo Mali, former Zaiko Langa Langa, Viva La Musica, and Langa Langa Stars guitarist Beniko Popilipo, Jimmy Yaba, Bebe Atalaku, and etc. This band was formed in 1988 after Zaiko's tour ended. The reason this band was formed because their fight with Zaiko Nkolo Mboka leader Nyoka Longo. As result, we had the birth of Zaiko Familia Dei.

    Now you will be surprised with what I am going to about to say. Actually this band seemed more popular in Zaire than Zaiko Nkolo Mboka was. Yes, this band got more attention than Zaiko Langa Langa itself. It was hard to believe but there is some truth to this. With Zaiko LL Nkolo Mboka from 1988 to 1993, you only had three works while with Zaiko LL Familia Dei, you had six works. Zaiko Langa Langa Nkolo Mboka, you had Jetez l'Eponge, Ici ca va "Fungola Motema", and Jamais sans nous. Zaiko Langa Langa Familia Dei, you had Oiseau rare, Muana Kayumba, Mave, Martin Ahanga, Fafa, and Les Riches et Les Pauvres. You see that clearly Zaiko LL Familia Dei was making more music than Nkolo Mboka. So you would think this would mean no issues, right? NOPE.

    Zaiko Familia Dei faced several problems. Despite the success of this band and good musicians, they could not do much to solve the conflicts. Also unlike Zaiko LL Nkolo Mboka, there was no leader. Yep, no leader. There were so many problems. As result of no leader, Bimi Ombale, JP Buse, and Djo Mali were one of the few musicians who left the band in 1990-91 period. JP Buse stayed in Canada and is now primarily a religious singer. Bimi Ombale formed his own band Basilique Loningisa which included Desouza Santu who later on become a major force in Empire Bakuba. Bimi became a religious singer after late 1990s. Bimi sadly passed away on May 2011. Djo Mali went to become a session musician and now plays for Odemba All-Stars led by former OK Jazz, Afrisa, and Le Grand Maquisards guitarist Dizzy Mandjeku. More musicians would soon leave the band. But Zaiko Familia Dei did still made works like Ebale Mondaile and Elo Medely. But the success was not enough to stop the eventual end of this great band. By 1997, the band was pretty much more existent. Most of the Familia Dei musicians joined or returned Zaiko Nkolo Mboka du Nyoka Longo.

    Zaiko Familia Dei did produce some notable members too. Some include Zaikas Nkolo Mboka guitarist Petit Position and Bana OK singer Endho. This band was underated and they never got a chance to show their full potential. People did not seem to like this band though they made more music in the early and mid 1990s than Zaiko Nkolo Mboka. But their music will soon be very apperciated.

    Tuesday, July 24, 2012

    American Idol Judges I want

    Since hearing about American Idol revamping the judges after a dismal decline during the 2012 season, I have decided to put my own imput on this situation.

    I think the idea of having one female judge and two male judges is a stupid idea to me as it has not always worked out. I mean yes we did have Randy Jackson, Simon Cowell, and Paula Abdul together but it lasted 7 seasons before Paula left the show. American Idol has been going a major decline since the original judges Paula Abdul and Simon Cowell. Just this season has lost audience though it still had success. It is sad as this show is losing its thunder.

    Here is the good news. American Idol got the legendary diva name Mariah Carey. Mariah Carey is a great singer and she has a incredible voice.

    Now here is what I want. I want three judges but with two females with Mr. Bass man Randy Jackson. Here are the female judges. Celine Dion and Mariah Carey.

    It may be a crazy idea but I feel this idea would be a excellent idea. Here is why. Celine Dion and Mariah Carey are two different personalities. Celine Dion is a excellent nice personality who wants to encourage people to become better singers and have strong voices that are cool. Mariah Carey is someone who is bold and is honest and wants to tell the truth to the singers so they can develop a thick skin. Celine Dion and Mariah Carey are two people I think can really remake the American Idol.

    Wednesday, July 11, 2012


    I am so happy today to present you with a special of my second idol: PEPE KALLE. This man was a unique star in Zaire who made dynamic songs during the 1990s era. This was the man who was able to shine on stage and give you his legendary skills.

    I am focusing here in the early 1990s period that really made Pepe Kalle a legend as he is known today. I am going to focus on two works that Pepe Kalle did. One is with Empire Bakuba and the other one is not with Empire Bakuba. They are Divise Par Duex and Gerant.

    Divise Par Duex is one of the best masterpieces of Empire Bakuba and Pepe Kalle. This work was a unique work from Empire Bakuba. You had all the styles that was unique. You had the fast Kwasa Kwasa and more slower kwasa kwasa. This was a unique way to make great music. Pepe Kalle was the heart behind this great project. Also we had the great introduction of Djodjo Ikomo with his classic song Soso Ya Tongo. This song had him shine so well. We also had the beginning of Blaise Matadidi who would make some great impact being with Empire Bakuba. Papy Tex does an excellent job singing  Elvis Kunku's song Mabele Riche. Those songs are so much of a genius. Pepe Kalle was the boss on this project as he made three important songs. They are Divise Par Duex, Monano, and Mama Leki Ndeya. These songs made Pepe Kalle so unique. He sang so well in all of them. The song that stood out to me as a Pepe Kalle fan was the song called Mama Leki Ndeya. Pepe Kalle was singing about how lucky life was for the mom and how Pepe Kalle wished the mom very good luck and very good health. Pepe Kalle sang that song so perfect. Plus the song had a perfect sebene. I could not get enough of it. Also we had a banging sebene with the great animations of Djouna Mumbafu and great guitars equals with a great song. It show cased the greatness and the importance of Pepe Kalle. Pepe Kalle showcase his great vocals at the right time. Divise Par Duex has become a great success with Empire Bakuba and Pepe Kalle coming together to make some masterpieces that are memorable.

    Pepe Kalle made a great solo work. That solo work would become a great success. That LP is called "GERANT". This was the LP that made the legend of Pepe Kalle and made Pepe Kalle the superstar that we know today. Also we saw Pepe Kalle just show all his stuff from vocals to commenting to animating. We witness his diversity type from speaking French, and Lingala to Swahili and Tshiluba. We got two great songs that defined Pepe Kalle today. They are Roger Milla and Gerant. Gerant speaks about being a manager and doing things and dealing with ideas as becoming a manager. Pepe Kalle speaks about being a manager in Europe and how hard it is to be an effective manager. Roger Milla is the song that dedicates to the the great soccer of Cameroon name Roger Milla. Roger Milla was the hero of the 1990 Africa Cup with making some memorable goals. Also Roger Milla was 38 years old at that time. What a time to remember. Pepe Kalle sang the song so well and he made some exciting announcements after Roger Milla made his goals and made his dances that were so interesting. Pepe Kalle knew how to make masterpieces. Pepe Kalle makes ordinary love songs with Pedro, and Zonga Aime where he talks about love and how he wants to be in love even if it is for very stupid reasons. He makes a cool pop song Bayi Seyo where he sings perfectly with some female singers like Abby Suriya, and other female singers. Pepe Kalle just sings that cool pop song with major grace. Pepe Kalle speaks two other languages. The are Swahili and Tshiluba. His Swahili song was Shikambo Seye (or hidaya). That song he speaks how he will save Hidaya from danger and that sort. You will also notice Pepe Kalle speak tshiluba. They are two songs where he does so. They are Muyenga and Bitota. With Bitota, Pepe Kalle does the Mutuashi rhythm and does all his singing in Tshiluba and speaks about Bitota. With Muyenga, it deals with death. He talks about losing people and figures such as Dr. Nico (Nico Kasanda) and Franco (Francois Lwanza Luambo Makiadi). Pepe Kalle had clear respect for Franco too. This LP was Pepe Kalle's best nzongzing in 1990s and the top five Lps of Nzongzing during the 1990s era. Pepe Kalle had some good singers like Likinga Redo, Ballou Canta, Nyboma, and Luciana. Pepe Kalle had master guitarists of soukous like Beniko Popilipo, Dally Kimoko, Lokassa Ya Mbongo, and Nguma Lokito. He also had Souzy Kasseya who was a interesting all around guitarist. Gerant was a great work and I want others to have it too. This Lp was the reason why Pepe Kalle was called Giantafrique.

    Correction. I got rid some of the words because I misspoke. I apologize to the boss of africambiance for mispeaking about her. I meant to say that the song was a satire tribute to her. I will not her name. You figure that out yourself.

    Monday, July 9, 2012

    Note to Grand Maitre

    My personal note to Grand Maitre Franco.

    Dear Franco,

    You are the great musician of Congolese Music
    You are the reason why Congolese music was the best
    You are the reason why Congolese people had debates
    You are the reason why you are the true master.

    RIP Grand Maitre

    I am giving my tribute to my first idol Grand Maitre Franco. I hope his memory will continue to be known.

    PS, on October, I will do some major Franco tributes coming. It is coming soon.

    Sunday, July 8, 2012

    Important change

    I feel some what guilty for giving some of my personal crap that you may not want to hear. After hearing some people complementing my blog, I feel that is time to change a little bit. What I am saying is that I am creating a new blog. This is called Personal Diary. This blog is where I will speak really be personal about me and my opinions on many issues. I will give you a honest aspect of my life coming in.

    Here is the link

    Monday, July 2, 2012

    A Deep Look at Soki Vangu

    I have been looking a bit more now into the band that my dad loves a lot and I have come to sort of like. I am speaking of the band Bella Bella. This band had two brothers. They were the Soki Brothers.

    I am going to focus on one man that I considered to be the most valuable member of Bella Bella and the one I said had leadership of Bella Bella this time and i felt that was really the responsible Soki and the better singer to me. No, I will not focus on Soki Diazenza. This man actually gave some help towards two great Zaire stars Nyboma and Pepe Kalle. I am going to give my own analysis on Maxime Soki better known as Soki Vangu.

    Why Soki Vangu? He is my favorite Bella Bella character. Also, I had thought that Soki Vangu was Madilu System. Also I was always charmed by how Soki Vangu sang.

    I already a post about Bella Bella (). I will not speak everything on Soki Vangu too much since I sort of talk about that on the Bella Bella.

    Now I am giving my opinion on Soki Vangu.

    What I see in Soki Vangu was a responsible man who wanted to make proper music and was a always a team player. Soki Vangu could have really done his own thing but he liked to have people around him to enhance his great talent. For example, Soki Vangu getting Diasi Kadi, Pangon Mananga, and Shaba Kahamba were musicians that helped complement Soki Vangu as well as his erratic kid Soki Diazenza. One good example was the song Horoscope. This song showcased Soki Vangu's greatness with the help of Pangon Mananga, and Diazenza's wild voice led the song to be so classic and Soki Vangu was able to be more creative.

    Another thing about him was that he was a family man. He wanted to sing with his family and he was close with his young brother Soki Diazenza that they had a thing for music which led the formation of Bella Bella. No matter how erratic his brother was, Soki Vangu always wanted his brother to comeback to him and he sometimes got his luck. Because of that, Soki Vangu would be able to sing some great songs with Soki Diazenza. Also he made a song about his daughter. That song was called Petite Zizina meaning Little Zizina, Soki tells his daughter to grow up and understand that he is struggling and he wants his daughter to grow and be a responsible person.

    Soki Vangu was a man who loved having other singers with him. One particular example is Nyboma and Pepe Kalle. Nyboma and Soki Vangu had known each other because they both were members of Orchestre Negro Success de Bavon Marie Marie. They came together after Diazenza became another person. Nyboma and Soki Vangu were so perfect together as singers. One particular song was Sofele. You just saw the goodness of those two men. But Soki Vangu added Pepe Kalle to further spice up Bella Bella. That example would the song Mbuta. We hear Soki Vangu and Nyboma backing up with Pepe Kalle on lead vocals.

    What I am doing is giving my take on the man Soki Vangu himself. I am telling you how important he was during the Congolese music scene. He is one man who could have been a good solo act and a good collobrator. For example, on Sam Mangwana's Megamix song, he appears and still sounds great. Despite Soki Vangu's great talen, he was not able to advance as he should of. Regardless Soki Vangu was a dynamic star. I will do some youtube posts soon on Soki Vangu as well as Bella Bella.

    Monday, June 25, 2012

    One Look at Lipua Lipua

    I am looking at this band a bit more than I had intended to do. I thought this band was just another band in the block and that many people care about them. I guess I was living a fantasy land.
    The band I am speaking about is the band Lipua Lipua. This band was a band that was from another band: Bella Bella. In 1973, Bella Bella had left the Veve Label to form their own label. Bella Bella made a sng that would soon become the other band for the Veve Label. That band became known as Lipua Lipua. The original members included Pierre Bissikita, Kevin Kayembe, Tonton Ricos, Mulembu Tshibau, Mbubi Malanda, Nyboma, and Pepe Kalle. They produced some songs like Massale, Lusamba, Nkoleta, and Mombassa. But their signature song was Kamale which would be the song of the year in Zaire.

    But Lipua Lipua experienced some departures like Pepe Kalle, Pierre Bissikita, and others. Bissikita formed his own band Makosso and Pepe Kalle went back to fully doing his band Empire Bakuba. But these departures seemed forgotten when they produced some notable songs like Fuga Fuga and Niki Bue. Also there was a new Rhythm Guitarist man name Vata Mombassa. Lipua Lipua was on top to become a hot band to be a force to be reckon.

    Once again another blow came after. In 1975, the likes of Mulembu, Tonton Ricos, and Nyboma left to form Les Kamale. However these departures looked such a footnote. That is because new people arrived. Lists of these new guys included Kiloto Toko, Luswama Aspro, Santana Mongoley, and others. But the man who got his chance to shine and make his light is Paul Nzayadio better known as Nzaya Nzayadio. This man would be the lead singer for most of Lipua Lipua records for a few years. This was good for Lipua Lipua.

    As result they managed to produce some classic songs like Mbondo, Matoba, Sekizenge, Namona Ya Wapi, and Mfeuni. This got Lipua Lipua got some well deserved spotlight and they were becoming the hot band. Also they were able to do some performances and personnels like Nzaya Nzayadio and Vata Mombassa were being able to show their skills to everyone to see how chart topping they could be.

    However, Lipua Lipua started losing its thunder in 1980 after all the success it have had were becoming meaningless as more people became interested in other bands like Empire Bakuba, Viva La Musica, and Zaiko Langa Langa. Lipua Lipua was left in the backburner though they continued making music during the early 1980s. By 1984, Lipua Lipua was offficially done. Vata Mombassa continued to do his own thing while Nzaya Nzayadio became a session singer.

    Lipua Lipua was a great band in my opinion. This band I say was slightly better than Bella Bella and even Orchestre Kiam. I say that Lipua Lipua's best time was with Nzaya Nzayadio's smooth voice and Vata Mombassa's great rhyhm guitar playing. That is what I say was the best Lipua Lipua time not really when Nyboma or him and Pepe Kalle were in the band. Lipua Lipua under Mombassa managed to showcase the one man Nzaya Nzayadio a lot. Really Nzaya was at his best during this time. Nzaya Nzayadio was a unique singer.

    Interesting info on Bella Bella

    I am going to speak on the interesting info on one band that I intially found nothing special but now I realize the importance of this group. I mean afterall, we had some notable songs I am aware come from this band. Also, this band made some songs that are not so forgettable.

    The focus here is Bella Bella. This band was a great band born into the spotlight. This band was formed the Soki Brothers. It was Emilie Diazenza Soki and Maxime Vangu Soki. These two men were brothers. Soki Vangu was born in 1948 while Soki Diazenza was born in 1955.

    Soki Vangu had a unique beginning. Actually it turns out that Soki Vangu had sang for Le Negro Success under the leadership of Franco's young brother Bavon Marie Marie before it died in 1970 after Bavon died in a car accident.

    Soki Diazenza was a guy who never made it much to school and was always wanting to be in the spotlight. Well he won a singing contest in 1969.

    From there, the brothers met and wanted to start a music career. They decided to come together and form a band together. They formed the band Bella Bella which means in spanish I think Beautiful Beautiful. But if so, it describes the band perfectly with some their classic songs.

    They started doing hot by making some notable songs like Mado and Musoso. These songs helped rise the band Bella Bella and it started to become somewhat a good challanger to OK Jazz de Franco and Afrisa de Tabu Ley.

    However when they joined the Veve Label, that is where all the problems started. Many musicians left the band however it leads to notable additions including Tonton Ricos, Manzenza, Michael, and Shaba Kahamba. Also another person joins them which is Nyboma. There now Bella Bella had four singers in Soki Diazenza, Soki Vangu, Mulembu Tshibau, and Nyboma. These four singers would shine for Bella Bella. But soon, Soki Diazenza had become very egoistic and was making Vangu mad. As result, Soki Diazenza left to do his own short lived attempt to do Bella Mambo. Soki Vangu felt he needed to get someone to come with him for a short stint. He found his luck.

    While this situation was going on, there was another band in the block that had some notice. This time, Empire Bakuba was going on action to show their stint. They made some early songs like Nazoki, and Nabokula Ya Sabina. This band had the trio "KADIMA" who were Jose Dilu "Dilu Dilumona", Matolu Dode "Papy Tex" and Kabasele Yampanya "Pepe Kalle". However this band was not really going anywhere money and it seems that they were making occassional songs. This reason is why Pepe Kalle felt the need to sing with other people. He already had appeared on Vercky's controversial song Nakomitunaka. So he decided to join Bella Bella for a few months. As result, Bella Bella made two signifcant songs which were Mbuta and Lipua Lipua with establishing the trio of Nyboma, Pepe Kalle, and Soki Vangu.

    But Bella Bella got back to its original shape when Soki Diazenza but they left Veve and many musicians stayed with the label which led to the formation of the band Lipua Lipua. But Bella Bella was getting on track once again and it found itself having the high time during the periods of 1973-75 with producing songs like Zing Zong, Horoscope, Houlex Houlex, and Zamba. Thes songs help make Bella Bella a major force to be reckon with.

    But in late 1975, the described erratic Diazenza relaunched the Bella Mambo which also had the personnels of Diblo Dibala and Kanda Bongo Man. This led to a incredible slowdown for Soki Vangu but he continued to perform without his brother being around him. This was around the time when Bella Bella still had popularity though not many new songs were coming out.

    Then around 1978, the brothers come back together but it was too little too late. Soki Diazenza seemed to have no interest in making music and Soki Vangu must have felt so much pain emotionally seeing his brother not that into music. Soki Vangu received his final blow in 1980 when his brother as well as Shaba Kahamba, Ponig Mananga, and Diadi Kasi left the band. Shaba went to join Afrisa International de Tabu Ley. Before the departure of Shaba, Soki Vangu had released a few songs like Soki Vangu Aye and Petitie Zizina which is a tribute to his daughter Zizina. Bella Bella was pretty much no more by 1981.

    Soki Vangu did some occassional performances in Europe and sometimes visited Kinshasa. Soki Diazenza was singing in bars for money singing his old songs. Both of these brothers died in 1990. First was Soki Diazenza and later was Soki Vangu. Vangu was 42 years old and Diazenza was 35 years old.

    My take on Orchestre Kiam

    This band is a very underrated band from the label Veve during the 1970s era. Really this band maybe one of the most underated bands during the 1970s era. But this band had a unique sound that was different from Les Kamale, Empire Bakuba, Veve, TPOK Jazz, Zaiko Langa Langa, and Lipua Lipua.

    This band includes some interesting personnels. They include Bakolo Keta, Adoli, Djuke, Lele N'Sundi, Dezai, and Kady. Also it included the man who would be a session musician and collobrate with Zaiko Langa Langa name Adios Alemba.

    This band would be somewhat popular in some time. They made some classic songs during the 1970s. They made some notable songs including Mofi Afonda, Kamiki, and Ngali. But their song that was known for their song Baya Baya. This song definitely helped Orchestre Kiam get some major popularity. This band seemed to have a major promise.

    But in the late 1970s, it seemed that Orchestre Kiam had pretty much collapsed. This band just become a foreign band and passed away.

    But one up side, one notable member of this band would join Zaiko Langa Langa for some time.

    What is wrong with the Church?

     Why did I make a post about Vercky's 1972 controversial song Nakomitunaka (Verckys deals with Race in the Church) and Madilu's 2005 known song Maman Intercesseuse (Madilu exposes the church with its own desires of Money). THey have something to do with one thing and the essiential thing: THEY DEAL WITH THE MAJOR FLAWS OF THE CHURCH.

    So here what I am essientially going to focus on: The major wrongs of the church. A lot of people think the church has just been corrupt now. That is far from true. Though I hate politics, however I am fascianted with history especially dealing with the church. In fact even during the BC years, the church had long had interest in their own flesh desires and not actually serving GOD himself. In fact one man who tried to raise this issue with John the bapist, and he basically sort of paid the price for trying to get the church to do the work of GOD not of their own flesh desires. This led to some major conflicts to come and it led to more issues in jerualism and Israel.

    Jesus also questioned the church as he says all these priests pretend that they really are the true GOD servers when really they wanted to just get things that they wanted. Jesus was different. He actually believe in healing people. In fact, Jesus healed lots of people in his own church which was a church that had interesting to trying to make GOD happy and see his work be done. Jesus's love and his desire for people ultimately costed his life as some of the church hated his message of uniting and less fighting. Jesus was seen as the evil man but now Jesus is seen as a person who should be the ultimate idol.

    I am pointing out that even in the bible days, figures like Jesus and John the Bapist were condemnded harshly for wanting to fix the church because they knew what the church was doing was so wrong.

    And because of this, the church becomes more and more corrupt and it leads to more problems. Because of the stupidity of the church, it leads to major divisions of the church. Christianity becomes soon several divisons. Soon Christianity who becomes into Lutherism, Catholicism, Anglican, and Methodism and other fractions. But all the fractions have something in common: They only include some parts of the bible and use that for their theology. Because of that, many christians don't get along which now is why we have several churches of the thealogy. This is dumb because we only become ignorant and we become so into ourselves and not understand others.

    Worse, these churches all have their major flaws. For example in England with the catholic church, it was a obligation for people to pay every single sunday to the church if they did not then they had to pay a tax fine and that would increase if they did not pay that tax. Comes the protetant church, there are so many problems with this church. I mean there are several fractions and no clear unity between. One particular group of people that has had issues was the group lutherism. One thing that many don't know about the man Martin Luther himself was he hated Jews. In fact, Adolf Hitler used a lot of Martin Luther's teaching to justify his hatred of the Jews and his reasons of why Jews deserved to be killed. Some people in the Lutherism church hold a major hatred of Jews and want Jews to be tortured and killed. SO SAD, HUH.

    The history of the corruption of the church has led to some major pain, divisions and hatred. One particular thing that the church has done is use racism from the bible verses especially when it comes to slavery. Many churches used the bible to make blacks into slaves and were forced to thing for the powerful people. Also the church has misused the bible to justify that there should be no biracial marriage around. That it is so damn wrong. So patheticly false.

    Also the church often protrays the bible figures as white people. This is why Verckys decided to question this on his song Nakomituna where he is asking rightfully why is it that only bible figures are white. I mean that is a good question but apparently that is dumb according to the church. 

    Also the church has used money for fleshly desires not for the work of the almightly GOD. It has miused money for purposes for pastors or other church figures to get money and get things that only make them so happy. The church has forgotten that THEY NEED PEOPLE TO HAVE MONEY IN ORDER FOR THEM TO GET MONEY. Madilu was speaking about this on his song Maman Intercessuese. He speaks about a woman who asks to have some money but the preachers say that money only belongs to the church. You wonder also why the church is so stupid.

    One good note that has exposed the crap of the church is Jefferson Bethke. This man made an ad saying that Jesus does not equal religion. He is the man who had the balls to finally expose the evil of the church. He correctly point out that Jesus means grace and love while relgiion means rules & bondages. I mean this man says that the church should stop relying on religion and rely on JESUS and GOD alone.

    Here is the video
    Here is the explanation behind the first video

    Here is the ultimate thing I am trying to make. I do not hate the church. I respect the church and I know right from wrong. But I don't trust the church fully because I know it can be so corrupt. I have seen the wrong of the church. I trust Jesus. Jesus is the holy figure. I only hope the church becomes better and learn from its mistake.

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