Monday, January 30, 2012

Why African Music is so hated Part One

Reason One- Music too advanced?
If there is one thing I have found so interesting is the question: WHY DO PEOPLE HATE AFRICAN MUSIC SO MUCH?

Well it is not that complicated. The reasons are so simple. The truth is that many people can not stand that African Music has been well advanced.

One particular music that annoy many people especially AMERICANS (well the majority) is Congolese Music. Congolese Music is something that is unique and I can not get enough of. I mean this music is too advance. In most of American Music, we usually hear 3 minute songs and a certain type of singing and guitar. In Congolese Music, there was something unique. It is a pure french and lingala speaking with some great drumming and sebenes and multiple singers which American Music don't have often.

Because of this, many people want African Music especially Congolese music to be boycotted. Due to this, some humble bloggers such as Moos are now suffering for their love for African music. This angers certain people who don't want any African music to be anywhere. This is so sad because people who can't enjoy our music.

I will do part two later on.

Wednesday, January 25, 2012

My Review: Papa Noel "NZOTO PASI"

Papa Noel with Likembe's man John B and his wife and children in 1999 in Wisconsin

Now I am doing some review on songs I like from African to Urban American Music. I am doing review one.


This is a song which has a great sound with the all around guitar from who else, OK Jazz soloist and former Le Bamoboula guitarist Papa Noel. The song he makes is the song called Nzoto Pasi. To me the song is a major genius material. There is so much passion with the vocals. The lead singer understands the song and sings his emotion right into the song. Also the song matches the sound of the guitar. The vocals sounded right. It had some reasonable sound. It did not sound dramatic or light either. It sounded right. Also the song talks the pain of life with love and pleasure. That is what makes this song stand out. Better, we got the solo guitar of Papa Noel with other guitars of him too. The sebene was simple and raw. That is what makes the song stand out to me. I like this song. Others need to hear this song.

Here is the link to the song
(all thanks to John B for sharing this great music with all African Music listeners) Thank you John B.

Papa Noël - Nzoto Pasi

Importance of Youlou's voice

Forgive me for my issues lately. I have been having problems and I have been angry. I just had to let go my anger because I did not want to spread too much into this week which should be a solid simple week. SERIOUSLY.

Now let me focus on one person that I have been a fan of since I was a child. I have always loved this man before I became a Franco and Pepe Kalle fanatic. I am speaking of OK Jazz's greatest golden vocalist name Youlou Mabiala or better known as Prince Youlou. Youlou Mabiala is one of the best Congolese singers I have heard of for a long time. I am not just meaning Congo-Brazzaville but two Congos, he is the top 15 vocalists of all time. Also Youlou is one of the most excellent back up singers of all time. He is a genius.

The importance of Youlou's voice is that he is someone who is able to provide some beautiful ring when he sings a song. This could be no more true on many OK Jazz songs. One paritcular example is Lutumba Simaro's classic mind song BISALELA. This song just shows why Youlou is a chart topping singer. His prescene was so felt and he managed to overshadow other singers like Josky Kiambukuta and Michel Boyibanda. Youlou Mabiala's excellent lead singing just made the song sooth through and he was able to show how confident he was.

But Youlou made some great masterpieces after OK Jazz. Sure his music may have changed a little bit but his voice remained almost the same. When I listened some Youlou songs (POST OK JAZZ), I saw that Youlou had one thing that remained. He was so confident in his singing and he was able to make great notes as a singer. He was able to just remain a mature confident great vocalist. That is why I say Youlou's voice is key to Congolese Music.

Youlou Mabiala is someone who was able to mantain his voice all healthy strong from 1960s to early 2000s before his health problems caught up to him. No matter what, Youlou Mabiala's vocals are so important because he was so confident that his voice was able to remain strong for a long time. That is an accomplishment that most singers in general can not do.

Tuesday, January 24, 2012

Why African Music Promoters suffer from SOPA

This new bullshit law called PIPA SOPA is attempt to get rid of blogging (music) pratically non Western Music stuff. This is bad for one particular person. DJ Moos. Dj Moos just said that he may lose his blog because of this kind of crappy regulation. Global Groove has been around four years giving nothing but joy with African, Cuban, and Reagge Music. He has done a great job giving us joyable African Music. Now he seems to be disrespected by many people for not worshiping this stupid West crap. I am so angry. I only hope Global Groove will continue in the near future.

Most Lady Gaga fans are so stupid

Image Detail
Image Detail
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Image Detail

Forgive me. Please forgive me. I have been having a bad day today as well as yesterday. I was not able to post because I was falling unto war with so many stupid people. The stupid ones I am speaking of are the dumbest fan base i have seen a while who is Lady Gaga fans or Lady Gargara fans. Let me put it in some Lingala vulgar: Zoba fans du Lady Garagara Gargara.

Yesterday I was making a statement on another artist: ADELE.
Image Detail
I said that Adele is one of today's artists to still produce good music in pretty much depressing Music scene. Let's face it, there is nothing good or anything coming from the music scene today. 75 percent of the new materials are absolute garbage. Most of today's music is so below par that it is the great depression basically. I will not waste my time hearing the garbage new music that is today. There are exceptions. Like Ferre Gola and Adele. I love them so much. Their music is so gold material to me. They are the ones making proper music.
Image Detail
Image Detail
Adele and Ferre Gola have made two songs that I enjoy so much as a music listener in today's depressing music scene. Adele's Someone Like You and Ferre Gola's Lekelekeleke are songs that I enjoy so much and I conisder to art. REAL ART. These two artists are the best singers and they know what they want to do: Make music for our souls. I like that.

Instead, some Gaga fans (well dumb ones) thought I was dicing their messiah Lady Gaga and I told them that I was not. They accused me of hating Adele when that was never the case. What finally angered stupid Lady Gaga fans when I pointed out that Adele's 21 had more success than Lady Gaga's Born this way. This set off most dumb Lady Gaga fans and know they want to kill me or make my life miserable because I am not part of the Lady Gaga spell. No surprise since Most Lady Gaga fans are the dumbest people to be around.

What does not surprise me is that most Lady Gaga fans are the dumbest people ever. Most of them are angry and whiny people. All they want to do is slander other artists to somehow make Lady Gaga the greatest artist ever. That is so laughable. They want to hate on people who don't love Lady Gaga hardcore like they do.

Even Koffi Olomide fan bases are more respectful. For example, Haha La Prof loves Koffi so much and he is consistent on his love for him. For example, Haha La Prof was nicely made when I was dicing Koffi and he told me to tone down my anger. I did. Haha La Prof is a smart humble Congolese man and he is a big patriot. He is very into Congolese Music like I am. He loves Zaiko Langa Langa, OK Jazz, Afrisa, and Africa Jazz. Of course he is a diehard fan of Koffi Olomide. No problem with me. In fact, Haha La Prof himself had a chance to play with Tabu Ley so he loves him so much. Understandable. Koffi's fans are the most loyal. You got some notable characters which are Mobali Mosusu, and Haha La Prof. They stand by their man no matter what. They love their idol no matter. They said that their idol is why they love music a lot. I apperciate them for their love of music.

But not all Lady Gaga fans are bad and stupid. There is one Lady Gaga fan who happens to be a big Koffi Olomide fan. That person is Queen Alicia. She even told me herself that she considers her a genius. I apperciate that too. There are good Lady Gaga fans.

Sadly the notable Lady Gaga fans are the dumb ones and they just sound idoitic and dislike anyone who does not worship their messiah Lady Gaga.

For the Stupid Lady Gaga fans: FUCK THEM. YEP I SAID IT. FUCK THEM.

P.S. I will try to make a case why Adele and Ferre Gola are the best artists in the current Music scene.

I will also write more about Lady Gaga and why she is overrated. +

Sunday, January 22, 2012

Neyi Likambo

Hello to my all friends today on Sunday. I have had some help from God. He has kept my sanity around my growth as a man and as a adult. After all, I am 18 years old and have a lot to learn. I am going through a growth change so one day I will be a full responsible. God will always provide

Now to my post I am going to share with you guys is a song that I can not get enough of. This song is a dynamic song and it is a song that is able to entertain you and is a major original rumba. This is how Rumba Music had its great identity.

The song I am speaking of is the song Neyi Likambo. Who made this great song is Grand Maitre Franco. This song also had the help of the top singers back in the old Congolese days no other than Vicky Longomba (the dad of Awilo Longomba). This song is during the late 1960s when Franco was hitting his peak as his rival Tabu Ley was rising and as Grand Kalle was starting to lose his thunder. This song proved the great growth of Franco was having some effect on Congolese Music lovers. It is quite fascinating to me. This song was a major genius on Franco's part. Also you ended up hearing the great solo saxophone from Verkys. Verkys putted his passion in the right time and the right notes. That is why Verkys would become a great genius in his own right.

This song is so much of a dynamic song to me. I can not get enough of this song. Franco proved himself to be a genius and he knew how to play his guitar well. He also was perfect singing alongside Vicky Longomba.

Saturday, January 21, 2012

Soucis Ya Likinga

This is a interesting to me because in today's society, people like to betray each other so often and people like to stab each other in the back believing that they will benefit. It is so rare today that people stand by their friend often, it is just does not happen on regular basis anymore. They go and help their friend out.

One person who has that friend heart is Pepe Kalle. Pepe Kalle had a mindset of helping a friend out even though he did something horribly so wrong. Pepe Kalle made a song for his friend. The song is called Soucis Ya Likinga. For some time, people wondered who LIKINGA that Pepe Kalle was singing about. Some people thought including myself Pepe Kalle was making a character name Likinga.

Turns out many of us were so wrong. In fact the song Soucis Ya Likinga was about former Empire Bakuba and Zaiko Langa Langa singer Likinga Redo. Background behind this story is that Likinga Redo while on his peak of his music career, was basically doing drug dealing and that nobody knew about it including Nyoka Longo and Pepe Kalle. Eventually Likinga Redo got caught and he was sent to jail for 5 years. Yep, 5 years. Likinga would be in prison for 5 years. So one person decided to make a song for Likinga. That man would be Giantafrique Pepe Kalle. Pepe Kalle made this song called Soucis Ya Likinga. Clearly on this song, you could tell that Pepe Kalle was angry over that Likinga Redo was in jail and wanted him out. Pepe Kalle was really emotional in this song. The song really show what a great singer Pepe Kalle was. I enjoy his voice so much. For Pepe Kalle to care deeply for Likinga Redo, shows you that Pepe Kalle had a deep true respect for his friend. Alturism does not exist that much anymore but Pepe Kalle had that a lot.

Pepe Kalle and Likinga Redo were singers together in Empire Bakuba and were perfect together.

P.S. I will try to make a good biography on Likinga Redo.

Here is the song Soucis Ya Likinga


I am so in a depressing mood right now. I mean right now I have been going through so much conflict in my life. I probably had the worst week ever and I have been just so angry. I don't feel like my normal stuff right now. I mean worse I have been insulted by stupid Lady Gaga fanatics for not being under her spell. I have been under so much war going on. I know we are living in the great depression.

Well my angry week leads to me posting me this song

This man is a genius making soukous songs that had so much value.

The person I am speaking of no other than the Kwasa Kwasa inventor Mr. Kanda Bongo Man. This man is someone who has a genius sound and had once one of the best voices. His voice has somewhat suffered since 2002.

He made a song that I can not get enough of and I enjoy this song so much as a music lover. This song is how Soukous just had its strong banger that I enjoy as Soukous fanatic. The song that made that happen is Sai. Sai is a song that is so unique. Kanda Bongo Man at this time, was the perfect singer. He sound like that 100 percent. Kanda Bongo Man was able to make consistent notes. Kanda Bongo Man was shining through this song.

Better the song has the solo of the King man of soukous guitar name Diblo Dibala. This man was able to shine as well. His solo was dynamic and he was able to do some unique moves. Diblo Dibala just went through and was able to make great songs. He was able to just make note after note on his solo.

Sai also had a great animation and great chanting as everyone joined along to do the singing "SAI MAMA TRO LELE." This chant was just great.

Kanda Bongo Man is a genius man and he knew how to make dance whether you were happy or not. I enjoy this song.

Sunday, January 15, 2012

Franco masterpieceful song

I just found this music to be so beautiful and able to bring some enjoyment into the music I know. This song is a incredible masterpiece and this is the song where this man proves his greatness and he shows why he is a legend and most others are so average.

I am speaking of Grand Maitre Franco. Franco makes a song that makes him stand out big time. He makes a song that is beautiful and acoustic. The song is called Likambo Ya Ngana. This song, he plays acoustic guitar and once again he proves the greatness which says why Franco is the greatest guitarist. He plays his guitar so well and with the beautiful female chorus. It makes the song so unique.

Here are the translation lyrics from a Congolese person.

Chorus (by women)

Bomba makambo eee (Hide stuff)

Likambo ya ngana (Some other people's stuff)

Soki omoni (If you happen to see [them])

Bombaka na motema (Hide [them] in your heart)

Ekoluka ndongo (It could fetch serious trouble)

Bandeko (Brothers and sisters)


Likambo eboma mboka (Stuff that destroy a place (city, country, etc))

Bilobaloba (Chatter)

Likambo eboma mboka (Stuff that destroy a place)

Songisongi (Calumny)

Bandeko (Brothers and sisters)


Zala na mayele (Be wise/intelligent)

Soki oyoki likambo (If you hear stuff)

Zala na mayele (Be wise)

Tango bakotuna yo (When they ask you about it)

Bandeko (Brothers and sisters)


Obimi (You go out)

Yo na moninga (You and a friend)

Bandeko (Brothers and sisters)

Bosali ndoki (You do "sorcery" (bad stuff))

Bombaka na motema (Hide it in your heart)

Ekoluka matata (It could fetch trouble)

Bandeko (Brothers and sisters)


Okei mboka ya bato (You go on foreign land)

Okuti likambo (You find an event)

Soki ozongi (If you get back home)

Bandeko (Brothers and sisters)

Bombaka na motema (Hide it in your heard)

Bandeko (Brothers and sisters)

[Spoken by Franco:]

Ah (Ah)

Likambo eboma mboka (Stuff that destroys a place)

Bilobaloba (Chattering)

Songisongi (Calumny)

Bikumbakumba (Carrying [stuff] to and fro)

Bimemamema (Carrying [stuff] to and fro)

Bikundolakundola (Digging here and there)

Likambo bakundaki (Stuff that was buried)

Yo oke kokundola (You go and dig it up)

Ah (Ah)

Soki oke na ndako ya moninga (If you go to a friend's home)

Soki okendeki kolia (If you went to eat)

Lia (Eat)

Soki okendeki kosenga (If you went to beg)

Senga (Beg)

Soki okendaki po ozangi (If you went there because you got nothing)

Vanda (Sit down)

Tala (Look around)

Tika kokumba makambo ya ngana (Don't carry someone's stuff)

[Chorus resumes]


Likambo eboma mboka (Stuff that destroys a place)

Bilobaloba (Chatter)

Likambo eboma mboka (Stuff that destroys a place)

Songisongi (Calumny)

Bandeko (Brothers and sisters)


Zala na mayele (Be wise/intelligent)

Soki oyoki likambo (If you happen to hear stuff)

Zala na mayele (Be wise)

Tango okofunda moninga (When you rat on your friend)

Bandeko (Brothers and sisters)


Obimi yo na moninga (You go out with your friend)

Bandeko (Brothers and sisters)

Bosali ndoki (You do "sorcery")

Bombaka na motema (Hide it in your heart)

Koyebisaka te (Don't tell)

This song makes Franco a big legend and this song is why Franco is so unique. Franco will be missed for a long time. Franco was the genius.

Bandeko (Brothers and sisters)

madilu's great song

Now I can enjoy something for this weekend for what I have. I should have done some important work but I had so much fun during the weekend. For some reason, I had a great weekend which is good and bad, Good because I am in a good and positive mood. Bad because I can be so damn lazy.

The song that I can not stop playing and overplay so much is the song done by late Madilu System. This song is a song that I consider a masterpiece from Madilu System. The song comes from the album called "Album 95". That is such a genius material. The song is called Shamita. The song itself sounds so good. It has the beginning of the acoustic guitar of Maika Munan. That man knew how to make that beautiful acoustic guitar.

Then comes the vocals that are even greater which I witness the great singers with Nyboma, Luciana Demingogo, Wuta Mayi, and of course Madilu. Luciana is the person who stood out to me because he sang so well and he sounded like himself and could handle himself so well. Madilu also sang this song so well and made the song unique. Nyboma and Wuta Mayi were just perfect back up singers.

Then comes Rigo Star who plays Solo and Mi-Solo guitar and does both of those roles perfectly. We have a strong sebene banger with Madilu on the animations and that sounds like a genius being made. Then comes the bass from Lofombo which is basically Empire Bakuba's finest man Gode Lofombo who is one of the greatest bass players ever, The song was so legendary.

More Madilu posts to follow up soon.

Saturday, January 14, 2012

Mory Kante Life

This person is so interesting to me as a music listener and I am so fascinated by his prescene and his voice because it is so Mali like singing and it has a sound that is unique in the Mali music scene.

I am talking about Mory Kante. But this man is not a Mail person per say. Mory Kante is originally from Guinea. He came from known musicians who did the griot music which was seen as a normal thing. He was born in 1950. But in 1957, he was sent to Mali and there he learned how to play the Kora harp. Then in 1971, Kante joined the band Rail Band. But in 1973, he became the official singer of the group as Salif Keita left the band. There Mary Kante would help lead Rail Band in some great success in the Mali Music scene. But his career moment happended when he released the song YEKE YEKE. That song became a genius song according to charts in Mali as well as Europe.

Recently a decade ago, he was nomiated as a goodwill ambassador to FAO from UN.

Here is Mory Kante's known song YEKE YEKE
Here is another song with Rail Band

Pepe Kalle Shining Moment

Another king of Congolese Music is someone name Pepe Kalle. Pepe Kalle was someone who also pioneered music in his own right and he was able to make his own songs that really could touch your heart in so many ways. So many Kinshasa people could relate to Pepe Kalle. Pepe Kalle had a great large base of Kinshasa people. No wonder many and even really young Congolese people miss Pepe Kalle.

It is supported by a event that made Pepe Kalle, the GIANTAFRIQUE as we know today. There was a song that was done in the 1970s which Pepe Kalle was so young and yet he was able to shine through this particular song and he was able to sound like a big legend. Pepe Kalle made a great song that was so much as a legend. That song I am speaking of is called NAZOKI. That song is a great song that shows the soon star of Giantafrique Pepe Kalle. Pepe Kalle sang this song so well and he sounded like a big genius. Pepe Kalle sang his heart out and had a powerful sound when he sang that song. He even got better when he sang back up and he just showed his legendary self in that song. Pepe Kalle sounded like a young superman. Pepe Kalle just sounded like a normal adult person. Pepe Kalle shined through this song and after this great song, things were never the same and Pepe Kalle would be the superstar as we know today.

Wednesday, January 11, 2012

Bembeya Jazz National Classic Song

Now I am so happy to say this but I found an excellent Rumba song that I can not get enough of. I am so happy that I love this rumba song. This song makes me so happy and it gets me going when I need some enjoyable song. When I need this beautiful music.

The song I am speaking of is the song name TEMTEMBA. This song is such a classic material and I think people who dig African music in general would find this song such a genius material. Really I think they would dig this great song. This song has a excellent trumpets and saxophones and it has excellent drumming. Also this song has a excellent singer who makes this song so unique. The band that makes this song is no other than Guiena mighty band Bembeya Jazz National. This band knew how to make some interesting songs and knows how to make you have a good time.

Bembeya Jazz National made this song on the 10 year anniversary special on how long this band existed for. This band is still around and it is so strong today. It is now a legendary band. They know how to bring joy to this music scene.

Sunday, January 8, 2012

Aretha Franklin Song One

This song is full of unique things of life. I am speaking the Queen of Soul Music who is no other than the legend Aretha Franklin. This was a woman who had a great voice and was someone who was unique in her own way. The song that proves the greatness of Aretha Franklin is the song called CHAIN OF FOOLS. The begining line "Chain, chain, chain, chain, chain, chain" was proof of just how genius Aretha was. This song had the strong prescene of Aretha Franklin and it has the great bass playing. This song is a genius material. She brings how great a singer can be. Here is the song here.

More Aretha Franklin posts to come up soon.

Friday, January 6, 2012

Franco early song one

Franco was Grand Maitre and was and is the King of Congolese Music. Franco is the greatest Congolese guitarist that ever lived. No one can ever take his place. I mean it is too hard. Franco is too great to be replaced. Franco had the greatest prescene in a song.

This can be so true even on a early song. A song that Franco was part was in the mid 1950s when Franco was about 14 to 15 year old teenager. But it has no meaning because Franco was able to act as if he was in his 30s. I mean Franco even when young, you knew you would have a legendary man. He was part of the song called Motema Ya Lokela. This song is a pure classic song with the fast pace rumba.

This song was so perfect with the vocals of Franco and Vicky. Franco and Vicky sounded perfect together.

This song really showed you the great growth of Franco. Franco was on the process to become a great legend. His guitar was so perfect and was right on note. As I said, Franco was the greatest artist that ever lived. Franco was someone who had the perfect ideal as a young man. Franco was a major genius.

Simba Wanyika song: PAMELA

We got a song here that is so interesting to listening to for people to listen to. I mean this song is such a genius. This song is something that has a cool sound and just is a simple rumba song. The band I am speaking about is Kenyan's Tanzanian based group Simba Wanyika.

The song here they manage to produce is the love song that I am so addicted to. The song is called Pamela. This song is a great love song done well in Swahili which I do not know so well. I mean I have a lot of swahili to learn so I can somewhat know this language. Anyway this song is about his love for Pamela and why this woman is so important to him.

This song is very good in Kenyan music standards because it has a great rhythm guitar and just a simple solo guitar. It has a genius song. I really enjoy this song in swahili. I can enjoy this beautiful song so much. I apperciate this song so much. This song is a genius. Simba Wanyika is the band who made this genius song.

Wednesday, January 4, 2012


Now I am back and back with great advanture. I have learned about life and I have learned about how hard things are. I used to have a old accounts in things. Now I have a new youtube as FrancoPepeKalle12. Now this is new and better blog. The blog is called Classic Ambiance: Franco and Pepe Kalle Flashback. This is one is the spin-off of my original home Franco and Pepe Kalle Classic Time. This time will be more interesting. Also like the original, I will say how I feel so much. I can not wait to get started on this great blog. I am so excited about this baby.

My name is FrancoPepeKalle. I am a blogger now, youtuber, and now a forum members of 6 forums. I am part of Africambiance, Vibes D'Afrique, Music Banter, Keep Music Alive, Music Discussion, and Muzic Forums. So you will see me comment a lot. I am a big talker.

I am someone who is a big fan of two great legends Franco and Pepe Kalle. Their legacies have been destroyed by so many idiots and now their value has dropped. I am being a young Franco and Pepe Kalle fan is absurd. I intend to do what I can to bring back the days of Franco and Pepe Kalle and have people remember why Franco and Pepe Kalle are the greatest that ever lived. I intend to bring them back.

On this blog, you will some things of Franco and Pepe Kalle and I will cover other musical interests and maybe some off topics things from time to time. I will even repost Franco and Pepe Kalle things because I am a big fan of those two.

I hope you have a nice day. Good times are coming.

P.S. I have a more improved youtube account as FrancoPepeKalleShow. I feel that is a better name for me. I will restart my youtube career started.

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