Sunday, January 22, 2012

Neyi Likambo

Hello to my all friends today on Sunday. I have had some help from God. He has kept my sanity around my growth as a man and as a adult. After all, I am 18 years old and have a lot to learn. I am going through a growth change so one day I will be a full responsible. God will always provide

Now to my post I am going to share with you guys is a song that I can not get enough of. This song is a dynamic song and it is a song that is able to entertain you and is a major original rumba. This is how Rumba Music had its great identity.

The song I am speaking of is the song Neyi Likambo. Who made this great song is Grand Maitre Franco. This song also had the help of the top singers back in the old Congolese days no other than Vicky Longomba (the dad of Awilo Longomba). This song is during the late 1960s when Franco was hitting his peak as his rival Tabu Ley was rising and as Grand Kalle was starting to lose his thunder. This song proved the great growth of Franco was having some effect on Congolese Music lovers. It is quite fascinating to me. This song was a major genius on Franco's part. Also you ended up hearing the great solo saxophone from Verkys. Verkys putted his passion in the right time and the right notes. That is why Verkys would become a great genius in his own right.

This song is so much of a dynamic song to me. I can not get enough of this song. Franco proved himself to be a genius and he knew how to play his guitar well. He also was perfect singing alongside Vicky Longomba.

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