Thursday, February 9, 2012


I found a masterpiece song from my favorite Congolese late musical personnel Pepe Kalle. Pepe Kalle many times managed to always to make a great song that could stand out to me and he could always do something so unique and entertaining at the same time. That is a perfect combination.

One song that has that is the "NANA". NANA line is what made me even like Pepe Kalle more. Pepe Kalle's voice involved in that is what makes the line so great to hear over and over again. But the song I am talking that has that favorite line is the song called NANA HOUPHOUET-BOIGNY. Here is the Pepe Kalle song here talks about his love for Nana and not only he knows but he claims that many people like Africans and Congolese as well as Mobutu is aware of his love for her. Pepe Kalle knew how to make a story almost sound so real. I find that fascinating and fun for me.

Pepe Kalle does a great job on animations and he is able to put a great show on the smooth sebene. Pepe Kalle just knew how to take the dance floor so well. Pepe Kalle is a unique that was a great force to recon with.

Here is the song

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