Monday, February 27, 2012

What is it about me?

I have found another interesting question to myself which is something important? I ask this: WHAT IS IT ABOUT ME?

Well I have found out that people have huge misconceptions about me.

One of them is that I am a musician and that I have my own band. What type of thinking is that. Yep you hear people saying that I am a musician. Also people that I am actually FRANCO PEPE KALLE. What is this. Many others think I am a music promoter.

Let me set things straight. First of all, Franco Pepe Kalle is a personality name of mine, not a real one. Also I am not a musician nor a promoter. I am a youtuber and blogger who just wants to show the uniqueness of Franco and Pepe Kalle. I am also a student. If you want my real name, well you going to have to email me through two emails which are either or There if you want my real name then I will tell you my real name. However one thing is true: I am a Congolese American.

That concludes my rant for NOW at least.

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