Tuesday, March 20, 2012


I was signing a tune being alone and some moron wanted me to stop singing because I was really TOO LOUD supposely. That is a totally moronic. I did not sound that damn lod. I t makes me laugh big time. Really this moron asked me to stop singing because I am not like everyone else and I do things my way not THE GROUP WAY. As I said, most of my colleagues are bunch brainwashed morons who are so narrowminded and don't apperciate life that much at all.

The song I was singing to was the grand slam song called Fabrice Akendi Sango. That person who made the song is Grand Maitre Franco. This song is the 3rd Version of Fabrice. This song was done in 1988 (maybe November 1988, I guess). There are two other versions which are Fabrice Two (5 Ya Ans Fabrice) and the First Fabrice (1980). But this song has more interesting guitar sound. Also on this version unlike the other two, Franco does do some narrating in the song.

This song talks about a person in the high class (I mean Cardinal, CEO, and etc) and how they need to dress and how they can look nice. I bet people with big money may need this song to have better fashion. At Franco does offer that to them.

This song is one of the many classic songs of Franco because he understood life and how he reminded people that life is hard and you need to be grateful for what you have and how you can learn to be better. I take to note big time. RIP Grand Matire Franco.

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