Monday, March 12, 2012


Let me get started on a post about my idol Grand Maitre Franco.

This song says many things about the personality of Grand Maitre Franco. He made some great final records. This one stands out to me big time.  This song was dealing with rumors and issue that Franco had deal with as a musician especially his final years (late 1980s). There were tons and tons of rumors of Franco doing stuff and stuff. Franco must have gotten annoyed. Sadly though Franco was on poor health.

Franco made a song dealing with those complex problems on the song called LES RUMEURS. This song dispatched rumors about many things especially about his health basically that he was saying that he is not dead but alive. But Franco's voice did not sound that great. To be fair, Franco was sick so that is not his fault. He even mentioned the Mobutu Regime in this song which I bet Mobutu was not happy at all hearing this song though he was a big fan of Franco. He also dealing Congo (Zaire)'s issues with gossip.

This song is one of Franco's best records in his final years before his demise in 1989. This song is just a great song in general. People need to hear this song. It is a great classic song in my view. I will do what I can to keep Franco alive.

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  1. i love the song though i would like the translation i am listening right now


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