Saturday, March 3, 2012

Why I hardly get excited about stuff?

What is so interesting to me as a person is that I have always been asked or told about this. I was asked this: WHY AM I NOT EXCITED ABOUT ANYTHING? Well, there are numerous reasons why I am never excited for anything.

Let me make it simple. As I indicated on my previous post here (HAPPY BEING DIFFERENT), I a very different from most of my colleagues. I am really different from them. I have very little to no friends. Also don't forget that I am very unpopular and I have been called so many names. Plus there is nothing to be excited about really.

Here is when I am ACTUALLY excited about something. I am excited when I can spend time with my family. Great example is when I have my birthday, I don't demand a big party but a simple party with my family. I am excited when I get to spend time with my daddy because that is where good things occur with me. I am excited when I speak to notable personnels. I am excited when I get to play with my siblings because life is too short and I need to have them have joy to have me have joy too. I am excited when I can be alone and hear great music and show music to you guys. Those are the things that I am actually excited about.

One thing I never get that excited about is meeting my colleagues. Why I do say this? Well to be honest, most of my colleagues are dumb and narrow minded. See I am very unpopular because I am so differnt from them. One particular example, is that most of my colleagues say that mental people are the worst people but I have deep compassion for them. In fact I would rather be with them then most of my moronic fool colleagues.

Being different and having my own identity is a essiential thing of being a human being. This is why I am a happy person being lonely. That is why.

Anyway I will leave my post with a great song from Theo Blaise Kounkou. He made a great song. Check it here Mwana Djambala

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