Ndombe Opetum song: YOUYOU

One song from Pepe Ndombe that I found to be a classic song was the song from OK Jazz. That picture above you see is when Ndombe Opetum was a member of Afrisa with Tabu Ley. Ndombe definitely knew how to shine.

Now the song I am going to inform about from the late Pepe Ndombe was the song called YOUYOU. This was Ndombe's great song during the early 1980s when OK Jazz was reaching its peak as a band alongside Afrisa International. Ndombe really shined in this song and he showed how much of a genius he actually was a singer. He also gave a inner passion that we often don't see often from a musician. I see other singers support him with Lukoki Diatho, late Ntesa Dalienst & Wuta Mayi.

Ndombe Opetum was showing you how good of a singer he was in this performance. Not only that but he tried to tell Youyou how important she was to him. So you have a perfect song made here. I hope others will be able to hear this great song.


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