Thursday, May 3, 2012

One look at Celine Dion

I am sorry for my regular followers for not making a psot over a week or so. I have been filled so many stuff. School, Facebook, and forum discussion have been killing my time and I have not been able to make a valuable post. Also unfortunately I have seen some good music from other artists (besides Congolese musicians) and they also have consumed my time too. It is quite interesting.

One of them is this female artist below here

You may know who is this artist is. Maybe you don't. Either way I am now focusing on this artist: CELINE DION. Yep the picture you see above you is the young Celine Dion (1994, three years before my heart will go on even existed). Why am I focusing on this artist. Well the thing about Celine Dion is that she is a incredible singer. For some reason, I am getting addicted to her singing and it has a impact on me that is quite deep. When I hear songs like The Colour of My Love, Power of Love, My Love, or My Heart Will Go On, I am hear Celine be very passionate into her music.

Not just that, not forget to mention, Celine Dion even crys sometimes on her performance. I have watched them over and over again and I can tell they are so real. Yep so real. Celine Dion showcases me and other fans of her that she is a true singer and even get emotional on her performances. I find that fun to see.

Celine Dion in my opinion is one of the most important singers that I have seen for a long time. She is now 44 years old and has been blessed with three children with her husband Rene Angelil. She has made some memorable songs with poise and passion. Also she had some unique collaborations with other artists. Uniqueness is one of the many words that describe Celine Dion.

PS, I will show you some of my favorite performances from this woman.

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