Thursday, June 7, 2012

My want for Free Speech

This will be my final post of this week before I go to some weird adventures of my life. I mean basically tomorrow to Sunday, I will be out. It is unusual because I am usually home having to see news that I hate, or see something or take care of home or do some forum talk or even do this blog. I am used to that. Not this weekend, it will be a wild ass ride and I will see what happens.

Let me get back on topic to speak on something important to my heart which is Freedom of Speech. I know I have spoken of this before very briefly though. Now I really want to speak about it.

The common issue in today’s laughable low life society and not just in America but the world especially the Western entities. I have seen this common thing that has become pretty popular: SILENCING THOSE WHO DON’T SEE IT YOUR WAY. Why is it so popular? For people today, some hate the world we live in, so they seek to control how people think. This is especially true with this idea of religion being in our schools when we should learn that at home and go to a church and worse, some stupid gay activists trying to force children into hearing about homosexuality in schools. These two extremes are as sickening as you can get. Because we live in a dumb society, it lead to morons who want to act they are the good ones and the one who don’t see it their way should be silenced and be ashamed for being different.

This has had a major impact on me whether it comes to YouTube, school, and even some social places too. When I was a kid, I was not allowed to speak how I felt on many things because I was said that I was dumb enough to say anything. When I was angry or happy, I learned to keep it int. So I often developed a mood where I usually was neutral and it was rare to see what real mood I was in. It was even worse as a teenager. I was often made fun of for making many mistakes and I often was not allowed to say how I felt. If I did say something, I was told to shut the fuck up and put on my ass. Also I have been made fun of for speaking my mind and trying to be my own person. I was silenced and I felt had lost my identity and I lost my own individuality. It is even worse on YouTube, I often commented on posts and I got in major trouble for commenting and many people would either block my comments or delete them and I would often lose people that I want to speak to. My comments were oppressed and I felt that I lost myself.

But I not the only one who has experienced this kind of silence attempt. On a forum I am part of, we had a discussion on gay marriage, and one lady was nicely stating her opinion that The Lord is decider of life rather than politics. Of course one angry member tried to tell her to go back to her place. The woman responded with a positive attitude saying that God is good and he can blessed by God indeed. Instead, he took that offensively and decided to tell her to shut her mouth until she stops praising God and gives reason why gay marriage is wrong which she just said that is stated on the bible which is very true. The man was mocking her and me and some others defended her and I reminded him that you cannot replace hate with hate. He of course got mad and tried to silence me too because he hated that I and some others did not see it his way. I mean this man acted like he knew everything and those who do not think his way should not say anything.

Because I have been silenced and I have seen others been so silenced from speaking their mind, I am so for free speech. That is why I have my own YouTube channel (FrancoPepeKalleShow) and I have my own blog here, because this where is get my own word and my own thinking of life. I can be very mad and I can be in a great mood. That is part of life. At least I am a honest person. As for others who like my channel or blog, express yourself. I am so for freedom of speech even if someone makes a dumb comment. I will let you speak your mind. Will I respond, possibly and if the comment I feel is stupid then I will likely call you out. That is how I am in general in life. But I let people be in their mood. Just recently, on my post on Namona Ya Wapi, there was a person who was mad at my post when I putted Djodjo Ikomo being a Lipua Lipua as a possible singer telling me that he was a member of Bana Ngenge and he was part of Orchestre Veve with former OK Jazz saxophonist Verckys. I said that I was told by someone that Djodjo Ikomo was in Lipua Lipua briefly. He was mad and said that he knew all the Lipua Lipua members. At least I allowed him to say how he felt. For my posts now and past, if you like them fine, but if you have a problem with any of my posts, again COMMENT on my blog post or YouTube post. If you want rant at me, go my emails either or

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