Monday, July 2, 2012

A Deep Look at Soki Vangu

I have been looking a bit more now into the band that my dad loves a lot and I have come to sort of like. I am speaking of the band Bella Bella. This band had two brothers. They were the Soki Brothers.

I am going to focus on one man that I considered to be the most valuable member of Bella Bella and the one I said had leadership of Bella Bella this time and i felt that was really the responsible Soki and the better singer to me. No, I will not focus on Soki Diazenza. This man actually gave some help towards two great Zaire stars Nyboma and Pepe Kalle. I am going to give my own analysis on Maxime Soki better known as Soki Vangu.

Why Soki Vangu? He is my favorite Bella Bella character. Also, I had thought that Soki Vangu was Madilu System. Also I was always charmed by how Soki Vangu sang.

I already a post about Bella Bella (). I will not speak everything on Soki Vangu too much since I sort of talk about that on the Bella Bella.

Now I am giving my opinion on Soki Vangu.

What I see in Soki Vangu was a responsible man who wanted to make proper music and was a always a team player. Soki Vangu could have really done his own thing but he liked to have people around him to enhance his great talent. For example, Soki Vangu getting Diasi Kadi, Pangon Mananga, and Shaba Kahamba were musicians that helped complement Soki Vangu as well as his erratic kid Soki Diazenza. One good example was the song Horoscope. This song showcased Soki Vangu's greatness with the help of Pangon Mananga, and Diazenza's wild voice led the song to be so classic and Soki Vangu was able to be more creative.

Another thing about him was that he was a family man. He wanted to sing with his family and he was close with his young brother Soki Diazenza that they had a thing for music which led the formation of Bella Bella. No matter how erratic his brother was, Soki Vangu always wanted his brother to comeback to him and he sometimes got his luck. Because of that, Soki Vangu would be able to sing some great songs with Soki Diazenza. Also he made a song about his daughter. That song was called Petite Zizina meaning Little Zizina, Soki tells his daughter to grow up and understand that he is struggling and he wants his daughter to grow and be a responsible person.

Soki Vangu was a man who loved having other singers with him. One particular example is Nyboma and Pepe Kalle. Nyboma and Soki Vangu had known each other because they both were members of Orchestre Negro Success de Bavon Marie Marie. They came together after Diazenza became another person. Nyboma and Soki Vangu were so perfect together as singers. One particular song was Sofele. You just saw the goodness of those two men. But Soki Vangu added Pepe Kalle to further spice up Bella Bella. That example would the song Mbuta. We hear Soki Vangu and Nyboma backing up with Pepe Kalle on lead vocals.

What I am doing is giving my take on the man Soki Vangu himself. I am telling you how important he was during the Congolese music scene. He is one man who could have been a good solo act and a good collobrator. For example, on Sam Mangwana's Megamix song, he appears and still sounds great. Despite Soki Vangu's great talen, he was not able to advance as he should of. Regardless Soki Vangu was a dynamic star. I will do some youtube posts soon on Soki Vangu as well as Bella Bella.

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