Wednesday, July 11, 2012


I am so happy today to present you with a special of my second idol: PEPE KALLE. This man was a unique star in Zaire who made dynamic songs during the 1990s era. This was the man who was able to shine on stage and give you his legendary skills.

I am focusing here in the early 1990s period that really made Pepe Kalle a legend as he is known today. I am going to focus on two works that Pepe Kalle did. One is with Empire Bakuba and the other one is not with Empire Bakuba. They are Divise Par Duex and Gerant.

Divise Par Duex is one of the best masterpieces of Empire Bakuba and Pepe Kalle. This work was a unique work from Empire Bakuba. You had all the styles that was unique. You had the fast Kwasa Kwasa and more slower kwasa kwasa. This was a unique way to make great music. Pepe Kalle was the heart behind this great project. Also we had the great introduction of Djodjo Ikomo with his classic song Soso Ya Tongo. This song had him shine so well. We also had the beginning of Blaise Matadidi who would make some great impact being with Empire Bakuba. Papy Tex does an excellent job singing  Elvis Kunku's song Mabele Riche. Those songs are so much of a genius. Pepe Kalle was the boss on this project as he made three important songs. They are Divise Par Duex, Monano, and Mama Leki Ndeya. These songs made Pepe Kalle so unique. He sang so well in all of them. The song that stood out to me as a Pepe Kalle fan was the song called Mama Leki Ndeya. Pepe Kalle was singing about how lucky life was for the mom and how Pepe Kalle wished the mom very good luck and very good health. Pepe Kalle sang that song so perfect. Plus the song had a perfect sebene. I could not get enough of it. Also we had a banging sebene with the great animations of Djouna Mumbafu and great guitars equals with a great song. It show cased the greatness and the importance of Pepe Kalle. Pepe Kalle showcase his great vocals at the right time. Divise Par Duex has become a great success with Empire Bakuba and Pepe Kalle coming together to make some masterpieces that are memorable.

Pepe Kalle made a great solo work. That solo work would become a great success. That LP is called "GERANT". This was the LP that made the legend of Pepe Kalle and made Pepe Kalle the superstar that we know today. Also we saw Pepe Kalle just show all his stuff from vocals to commenting to animating. We witness his diversity type from speaking French, and Lingala to Swahili and Tshiluba. We got two great songs that defined Pepe Kalle today. They are Roger Milla and Gerant. Gerant speaks about being a manager and doing things and dealing with ideas as becoming a manager. Pepe Kalle speaks about being a manager in Europe and how hard it is to be an effective manager. Roger Milla is the song that dedicates to the the great soccer of Cameroon name Roger Milla. Roger Milla was the hero of the 1990 Africa Cup with making some memorable goals. Also Roger Milla was 38 years old at that time. What a time to remember. Pepe Kalle sang the song so well and he made some exciting announcements after Roger Milla made his goals and made his dances that were so interesting. Pepe Kalle knew how to make masterpieces. Pepe Kalle makes ordinary love songs with Pedro, and Zonga Aime where he talks about love and how he wants to be in love even if it is for very stupid reasons. He makes a cool pop song Bayi Seyo where he sings perfectly with some female singers like Abby Suriya, and other female singers. Pepe Kalle just sings that cool pop song with major grace. Pepe Kalle speaks two other languages. The are Swahili and Tshiluba. His Swahili song was Shikambo Seye (or hidaya). That song he speaks how he will save Hidaya from danger and that sort. You will also notice Pepe Kalle speak tshiluba. They are two songs where he does so. They are Muyenga and Bitota. With Bitota, Pepe Kalle does the Mutuashi rhythm and does all his singing in Tshiluba and speaks about Bitota. With Muyenga, it deals with death. He talks about losing people and figures such as Dr. Nico (Nico Kasanda) and Franco (Francois Lwanza Luambo Makiadi). Pepe Kalle had clear respect for Franco too. This LP was Pepe Kalle's best nzongzing in 1990s and the top five Lps of Nzongzing during the 1990s era. Pepe Kalle had some good singers like Likinga Redo, Ballou Canta, Nyboma, and Luciana. Pepe Kalle had master guitarists of soukous like Beniko Popilipo, Dally Kimoko, Lokassa Ya Mbongo, and Nguma Lokito. He also had Souzy Kasseya who was a interesting all around guitarist. Gerant was a great work and I want others to have it too. This Lp was the reason why Pepe Kalle was called Giantafrique.

Correction. I got rid some of the words because I misspoke. I apologize to the boss of africambiance for mispeaking about her. I meant to say that the song was a satire tribute to her. I will not her name. You figure that out yourself.


  1. I suggest you should get your facts straight before posting erroneous information. Either remove what you wrote Or I will report this to Blogspot. You know what you posted was not the truth as you asked me previously

  2. You need to do your research a little more throughly. You post half and not entire items your claim Pepe Kalles popularity was in the 90's What happened to the 80's when he was touring putting out record after record? The legend of Pepe Kalle was already established far earlier than you surmize.

  3. Do you know what the name of this song is and in which LP I can find it? Thanks.

    1. That link was the from the song Bakuba Show which was a melody part of different songs.


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