Monday, August 6, 2012


Hello my people. I am ready to make another review of a classic song that I knew and had enjoyed for sometime since being a kid. I mean this song really brought something worth hearing. Also this song is something that no one can ever do like this man.

I am focusing on Nyboma. Yep, Vieux Nyboma. The man who sang so many songs that some people know. During the mid 1970s period, Nyboma made some great songs like Mombassa, Niki Bue and others. But the song that also made Nyboma so unique was the song AMBA. This song proves the importance of Nyboma. He sings this song so perfectly. I mean this song also proves the greatness of Nyboma. Nyboma would shine and he would sing in a angelic matter that I cannot get. Other singers only add that smoothness in the song. We also have the great gutiars of Tonton Ricos and Vata Mombasa. Great song all around.

What this song showed was the greatness of Nyboma that was coming today. Nyboma was someone who knew how to sing in any time and be gold. This song proved that. Nyboma redid this song with Pepe Kalle and still Nyboma proved that he was so perfect.

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