Wednesday, August 1, 2012

Mid 1960s to Early 1980s

I am going to announce to all the blog followers of this great blog of mine. I am grateful for the support I have recieved. I am sorry about last month as I made a few posts. I am so sorry. I have been busy with many other things. Now I will try to write more this month. Soon I will have to cut down on posts as I go to college around late August.

I am annoucing to you guys that I am going to take a period of Zaire Music in some times in a deeper manner. Much deeper manner. The periods I am going to look at are the times from Mid 1960s up to the Early 1980s. I am also going to give some deep look at Veve Label. I will make the case why Veve Label was a good thing for congolese music.

I will put with bands like Bella Bella, Empire Bakuba, Lipua Lipua, OK Jazz, and others to look at.

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