Thursday, August 16, 2012


Why did I made those two posts today. Well it is because I decided to prepare for a song that I really like from Pepe Kalle. Plus I was wanting to show you from a diehard fan of Pepe Kalle. I have long said that I am a fanatic but not a diehard fan of Franco and Pepe Kalle.

Now I am about to focus on one song that I had long enjoyed and I have also been able to find value in hearing this great song. This song is something that I can have so much fun and I feel that this song was the birth of soon Giantafrique Pepe Kalle. The song that I am speaking about the song called Nazoki.

This song is about some difficult kind of life and Pepe speaks about challanges about how he is a man and as a lover for someone. Pepe Kalle emotionally sings in the beginning that he has some tough times but his intentions are to be able to be a normal man. Pepe Kalle here shined very in the song and oddly enough, he sounded very much like Tabu Ley. Pepe Kalle shined in this song and it showed a soon to be superstar made. Pepe Kalle even then had something special. It is so unique.

I just hope more people can find this song and if fo they can be able to enjoy the song. Pepe Kalle was in his A game when he released this great record.

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