Sex with condoms

Man I have had a rough time with my life today. My college life has gone rough and man I gotten scrutiny and I have been criticized for just giving opinions on simple issues that can unite us. It is interesting that when I mind my own business then I get scorned but when I give a opinion on anything then I get called names as well. 

One topic that I can speak here is women I admit that I get very nervous  about seeing very sexy ladies and I tend to say sexual words and phrases to describe them. I get scorned for not caring to see a sexy woman. I wonder the fuck why? It is not like I want to fuck this woman. I am not saying that i wanto see the woman naked. I am not saying I want a woman to enjot taking advantage of the woman. I want to get one that I can love. A woman that if married can make love with. The on ethat I can secure, help, and support to make things better. It is important that I get a woman that I can be capatable with. 

But there is a topic that I actually want to discuss legitametely about. This topic has effects on the black community since it is the black history month and it happens to be around the time of Valentine's day. I am speaking of one topic which is what. It is the topic called Sex with Condoms. 

Why speak about this topic? There are several valid reasons about this. First of all, it is said that black women in US are the ones with the most STDS (although it can be debatable). Also, there is a heavy stigma about being a virgin and it seemed wrong to not have sex before marriage. In the bible, it is likely a sin because it can ruin a relationship but in our society, many people very much disagree. Finally, there is pressure on certain people (like black man) to have sex and sex as much as possible. It is sad but it the reality about the sex in our country America but it is also true around the world.
Charts showing the percentage of people in Africa with Aids

One bad place of effect is Africa. But obviously sex is not really promoted in the way it is in America. Africa has many issues and one of them being aids. Sex is not the only reason although it is a important reason for this issue. I would say Omar Pene says that aids is the problem and the poision of our society. Youssou N'Dour wants young people to understand the power of sex. If you have aids, Mwzakali Mbuli would like you to have hope no matter that there is a God in this wicked world. We have the word Sima which is usually Lingala for behind but that is probably known by artists like Tama. Who could be one the giving aids. Could be Baraka like the song by Hamid Baurodi. Or could be music from Luo guy Ayub Ogada with his spiritual mix of 10 percent. Also add some fire collect of firewood like Bernard Kabanda. Marysm Mursal made some great points under not shame yourself one bit. Also, Taso Choir wants you to know that there is forgiveness from God and look to him for forgiveness of aid. However a band like Zawose and Brook say bedbug bites terribly. Man that is a scary thing huh. Imagine you lose a person that you actually love as Papa Wemba says. I mean Papa Wemba means he can't imagine you dying. We need then to sing the song Heaven is my home if you believe that there is by Imbizo. Man that is going to be a serious outgoing song. Use a sound of the drummers of Burundi to do something unique. What is the damn solution to sex. Wait a minute. It should be. Yes the socks. Yep socks. Socks meaning condoms. Remmy Ongala says that sex is like soccer except two people together. A man and a woman together in a room with no one watching. He say get a CONDOM (SOCKS). That what he says is the solution. Get a condoms so you can be able to have at least real appropriate sex. Yes I guess that is one way. Ohh life is so hard. 

My advice to people especially youth including myself by the way, if I want sex. We need to have condoms in our body. So no std, no aids, or pregnancy results from it. 


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