Saturday, April 19, 2014

My take on Evoloko JOKER

Lately I have seen so much shit and great stuff happening all around the same time. Hot girls, Great college work, Nice Technical work, and others have consumed my time. I apologize but that has been lately my situation so I have not really had the chance to make a post. 

But also add that my first young brother is about graduate from high school and my family and I are already clashing about what songs that we are going to play for his graduation and what type of music pacifically we are going to play. Also it will be combined with me and my sister time for celebration. Boy this will be fun. Supposedly. 

But one reason of clashing is that my parents really want to only and exclusively Congolese music but I know my young brother does not really play that music like I do and I told him to ask him what he wants. But they also really want to play Congolese music that they really enjoy themselves. They really do not want East African music. Not even sensible ones like Simba Wanyika, Remmy Ongala, and Orchestre Makassy. Interesting huh. My dad wants this big man that I don't care for myself.

This is the man that my dad actually likes dearly as well his fellow old colleagues. So sad. huh. Well if you figure the picture above that is the person I am about ramble about. But this is all my opinion. NO ONE ELSE. OYOKA NGAI. MELESI BANINGA NA NGAI. 

I am speaking about the man man Evoloko Lay better known as Evoloko Jocker or Joker, what the fully hell you prefer. The man who is a interesting character and lots of people who know Congolese music historically, love to discuss this guy like he was or is the best thing that has happened in Congolese music. And I know some people already know that I don't exactly listen to Evoloko. Well here is my opinion. 

I think Evoloko is one of the most overrated DRC musicians that I ever heard. Yes I said. He was totally overrated and overlooked and people made a big mistake thinking that Evoloko was going to be one the biggest names in Zaire. That never happened. I don't give a rats about him. There are many reasons. Evoloko inability to consistently be a good performer and have real charisma. Evoloko slept with several women. It is one thing but when it is young girls. He was accused with sleeping with a 13 year old back in 2008. Also, Evoloko tries too hard to make himself look bigger than HE ACTUALLY IS. A bigger character than he is reality. 

But the real reason for me not caring for him is really music. I know all musicians in Zaire have so much shit in their lives. But many at least put their issues as ways to make legendary music. But Evoloko, it is not even close. First of all, his songs (well most) are at well but not much special. Second, his alcoholism really did him no favor and fucked up his voice very often. Give me a break, when I hear people tell me he is the best singer. Really? REALLY. BEST SINGER. First of all, his voice is irrating and annoying and it can seen as just noise. 

He was a great tragedy and he was totally overrated. He was unable to rise his star and he fell so terribly. Life is unique. Evoloko was not that great at the beginning. The only and probable reason is that Evoloko was a great entertainer and he was able to make splash animations. Those are the things that made the popularity of Evoloko. Sadly he ruined his star with nonsense activities and undisciplined activities.

Unfortunately, we will never what would happen if Evoloko had become a big star. Probably Papa Wemba, Defao, Bozi Boziana, and Pepe Kalle would probably not that important. Who knows. Regardless Evoloko is one sad story.

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