Wednesday, August 20, 2014

Youtube time

Before I start on anything, I want to say happy birthday to Dizzy Mandjeku. 

Here is a song with his presence known

It is a song that I cannot get enough of. 

Now my fans have been wondering why I have not been posting. Actually lately I have been working a lot since I don't have school yet back, so I have been working and I have been trying to revamp a social life that I never cared for. Furthermore, I have to do so many things and watch my Facebooks so closely. 

Actually while I have been working, I encounter a person well I mean a woman who notices that I sing one song of my idol (second one) Pepe Kalle. 

She asks me who I am. I told her I am a Congolese American and I was born in Nebraska. I told her also I am a big fan of Pepe Kalle and I listen to African music often and American music sometimes. I also told her that I am 21 years old. I am a very young man. I have been in Minnesota for 14 years. I have lived around the Twin Cities in Minnesota. Now it comes to her, this is where things get interesting.

Her name is Judith. She says that she was born in Ivory Coast. She says that she was major gospel singer in her group. I am not sure of the name. Anyway, she says that she did lots of gospel at her church back in Ivory Coast. She says she has a college degree. Due to her gospel life, she actually to got to travel a lot. She went to Europe such as France and Italy. She came to USA in 2012. She indicated that she had lived in New Jersey. New Jersey is known to have some French speaking people as well as New York with heavy community of Haitian descendant people. She came to Minnesota afterwards. She is trying to get her foot as a American now. I told her good luck. 

She told me that she even had a song on YouTube. In fact she is telling the truth. Here is the song that I ended up hearing. 

I am quite impressed. Actually she sounds great in this song. If you believe in God and want to hear this, please do so. 

This is a interesting time for me. Really interesting for me. 

Soon, I will do some posts on Madilu. 

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