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Sex with condoms

Man I have had a rough time with my life today. My college life has gone rough and man I gotten scrutiny and I have been criticized for just giving opinions on simple issues that can unite us. It is interesting that when I mind my own business then I get scorned but when I give a opinion on anything then I get called names as well. 

One topic that I can speak here is women I admit that I get very nervous  about seeing very sexy ladies and I tend to say sexual words and phrases to describe them. I get scorned for not caring to see a sexy woman. I wonder the fuck why? It is not like I want to fuck this woman. I am not saying that i wanto see the woman naked. I am not saying I want a woman to enjot taking advantage of the woman. I want to get one that I can love. A woman that if married can make love with. The on ethat I can secure, help, and support to make things better. It is important that I get a woman that I can be capatable with. 

But there is a topic that I actually want to discuss…

Kester Emeneya gone

I was working on my college work and trying to finish up a post when I found the news that I did not want to hear and want to be so true. This news just completely disgusts me dearly. 

It is the day that we can announce that Congolese singer Kester Emeneya has died. He was one great moment for the band Viva La Musica which is owned by Papa Wemba. When Kester Emeneya and Papa Wemba were together, they were able to produce some great songs together and their choir together was great and you could not deny their greatness together. 

Kester Emeneya started his own group around 1982 when he formed the group Victoria Elesien. This band is where Kester Emeneya as we know became known to everyone. He managed to make memorable songs and make some great grounds with his songs. 

What is sad is that part of the reason of Kester's death was because the death of Tabu Ley when he was already deeply sick. Clearly Rochereau's death had a major impact on King Kester and it was said that he did not…