Saturday, March 7, 2015

Tribute to Ibrahima Sylla

Hello my followers for this blog. I am going to do something special. Actually not that special. This is something that I should have done some months or more a year ago. 

Here I come. 

As you know that some people have passed away. Some of us have been aware of Syllart Records which has been around for some time. Some of us have only been aware of this label until. His name is here

He is known as Ibrahima Sylla. He is the man who was the founder of Syllart Records. 

I don't know much about Sylla but I will brief run on him. He was born in Ivory Coast as a descendant of Guinean and Senegalese blood but he would end up growing up in France. While being a student in France, he decided that he wanted to get his own business. After his education, he would later on find his own label. The Syllart records. This record label would soon become a iconic label. He managed to get many artists under his label. 

In fact here are some artists that have worked with him
Pepe Kalle
Tshala Muana
Koffi Olomide
Four Etoiles 
Mbilia Bel
Sam Mangwana
Bembeya Jazz
Fanta Damba
Baaba Maal
Miriam Makeba
Oumou Sangare
Alpha Bondy 

For some years, his label becomes the place where he could get many big artists to be in his label. He keeps finding success after success. He later on reissues some classic music of Mariam Makeba and Franco

He passed away around November 2013. 

Now looking at his label, I must say I am proud of this man's passion and work. 

In fact his label is responsible for the success of my favorite LP "Roger Milla" of Pepe Kalle. 

Now Syllart Records is run by his daughter Binetou. Here is a video of her here. 

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