Thursday, October 29, 2015

African musicians that I would bring to Minnesota for a concert

Now relating to the Shimita post, I am going to speak on something important. 
Shimita's Minnesota Visit

Now if I was able to put some African stars in a concert in my state Minnesota. 

Here are the musicians I would like to be here.
Lukombo Djeffar (USA)
Lokassa Ya Mbongo (USA)
Shimita (USA)
Ngouma Lokito (USA)
Ballou Canta (France)
Dally Kimoko (France)
Dizzy Mandjeku (Belgium)
Beniko Popilipo (France)
Elvis Kunku (Belgium)
Djo Mali (Belgium)
Papa Wemba (DRC)
Lola Muana (DRC)
Adamo Ekula (Belgium)
Maika Munan (DRC)
Sam Mangwana (Angola)
Michel Boyibanda (Congo)
Youlou Mabiala (France)
Bozi Boziana (DRC)
Femi Kuti (Nigeria)
Mzee Makassy (Tanzania)
Mose "Fan Fan" Sengo (UK)

Samba of Virunga (USA)
Youssou N'Douff (Senegal)

These are the stars that I would bring to Minnesota to have a festival maybe for the weekend. This is all fantasy of course but I am allowed to fantasize a little bit. These men are legendary and they are important for the African Music. Of course all the musicians I mentioned are Congolese but you have those who are from Nigeria, Tanzania, and Senegal. 

Now I would put about 20 songs of these men giving their best for the African Music lovers. 
1) Fatimata by Sam Mangwana
2) Victim Mode by Huit Kilos
3) Lola Muana by Dindo Yogo
4) Sissina by Bozi Boziana
5) Boboto by Ballou Canta 
6) Sadia by Ballou Canta
7) Bayaka by Shimita
8) Mbale by Shimita
9) Hello by Mose "Fan Fan" Sengo
10) Mokili Echange by Zaiko Langa Langa
11) Aicha by Africando
12) Our Young People by Youssou N'Dour
13) Thiapathioly by Etoile de Dakar 
14) Balatou by Dally Kimoko
15) Bisalela by Franco & Le TPOK Jazz16) Chiffon by Pepe Kalle and Tabu Ley17) Liwa ya Welch by Franco18) Mosese by Mzee Makassy19) Bayaka by Shimita20) Mystic by Shimita 

Now it is a ideal songs that I would arrange but the musicians have all the rights to agree to do them or not. So this is what I would love to do if I was able to. 

This is something that I would do if I had the control of an African festival of one night. Some very old and some somewhat old. Together, I believe we can have a great spectacular show. 

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