Dream Duet: Franco and Soki Vangu

Franco actually should have sang songs with this man from the generation of Zaiko age. I am not speaking about Zaiko stars but one man that I feel never got his due. 

I am saying Soki Vangu. Franco and Soki Vangu are the singers that I enjoy listening to. Sometimes when I listen to Franco's songs with Madilu or even Youlou Mabiala, I think of Soki Vangu. Sometimes when I hear songs with the voice of Soki Vangu, I feel like sometimes Franco would have fitted with Soki Vangu. 

Don't forget Madilu System and Soki Vangu sounded very alike. I am not kidding, I actually thought the songs with Soki Vangu were Madilu himself singing. Of course it turns out that they did work together on a band that went no where in grounds. Maybe it turns to be good for Madilu who goes to sing for OK Jazz and Soki Vangu who would continue his success with Bella Bella since his brother Emilie Soki was an great adventurer. 

I know Franco and Soki Vangu would be a an ideal couple for three reasons. 
1) Franco loved many singers from the Veve label 
2) Soki Vangu was very diverse with his voice 
3) Bella Bella's music was much more into OK Jazz rather than Zaiko Langa Langa 

Those three reasons are why I think Franco and Soki Vangu would be a perfect couple in songs. Not only one song but several songs. I can imagine some of Franco's classic songs having the voice of Soki Vangu. I can also imagine Soki Vangu songs having Franco's strong voice alongside with him. 

Franco and Soki Vangu would be the ideal duet out of all the duets I made so far in my opinion. 


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