Thursday, October 29, 2015

Dream Trio: Ginuwine, Johnny Gill, Usher

As a kid growing up, I did listen to some serious amount of R&B Music. Boy there were two artists that I used to admire dearly. I mean DEARLY. Then I heard about this man who was part of New Edition replacing the infamous nut-head Bobby Brown. Once I heard his voice, I felt something different and I was so happy to hear it. 

I figure that if these three perfect R&B singers could sing together, I would be so happy. Also, I know ladies will become horny. Super horny. Super super super super horny. I know what I am talking about. Ladies love a male singer but they get more happy when they see two men together. I mean it is not a lie. I hear ladies say that they need two R&B acts come together and have a lot of fun. 

Three stars that I would love paired up are Ginuwine, Johnny Gil and Usher. Johnny Gil was the Bobby Brown replacement for New Edition. No big deal, Gil brought his own thing into the band. Ginuwine and Usher were R&B young studs with their swag and brought some hip hop beats into their songs, and ladies went all nuts about them. Unfortunately they are not the same anymore. Now they are old people. Not old old but old in the R&B standards since they prefer younger bloods including Trey Songz

Which is why I think, they should team up. These men are still young and still have so much energy they can give. Since their voices are different and they have different ranges, I believe that it would fit into a passionate R&B love song that I think ladies would want. I mean from older studs. Usher is more a dancer, Ginuwine is a show man and Johnny Gil is a singer's singer. Put them together, now you got a show. 

In the end note, this performance is how I can imagine Ginuwine, Johnny Gil and Usher singing. BTW this video features Usher. 

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