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Dream Duet: Franco and Michael Jackson

This is an controversial post. I apologize for not posting a long time. I have been busy like heck. So much going on. 

I am going to do a duet that most people will hate but I see as a legitimate post. Before I mention these men. Let me put in proper context. 

As many of you guys know, Franco or some call Francois Luambo Makiadi was a Zairian artist or Congolese Artist. He was from Zaire or called Democratic Republic of Congo. He was the number one artist in the country and he was a great legend. He is still a great legend. One reason why probably Franco is not recognized in the west was because he did give much shit about western music though he liked some of it, he never cared for most of the artists especially James Brown. It was said some years ago back in 1969, some USA producers tried to get Franco and James Brown together but it went bad because Franco believed that James Brown was a piece of shit. Ouch. Franco also said that he did not want to hear anything of James Brown becaus…