Tuesday, July 26, 2016

Joss Stone got someone to open for her

Hello friends, summer has been busy and now I got to tell you something important if you like other kinds of music. 

Some people do know it but others don't. I am a big fan of Joss Stone
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joss stone

Joss Stone is a soulful singer and her voices makes me so happy to hear when I need to get some souls loving making music. She is a singer with force and so much passion behind those love songs that I love to hear. 

Just look at this performance. I mean how impressive she sounded. Just unbelievable and I have no words.

Believe me Joss Stone is incredible. 

Actually Joss Stone had a show in Israel. This brings me to the other person that I want to give a shout out to.

The lucky artist that opened for her was Gal de Paz. For those who don't know, I do follow her on Facebook. Her voice is sort of weird but funky. It is a kind of voice that I believe would be perfect with Joss Stone. I am pretty sure that they did not sing together but I think they would have had a perfect duet together. I believe their voices would have melded so well. For those who also don't know her, she is a artist based in Israel and she has a strong following. Her rock songs are impressive and generally I don't care to hear Rock Music. But her songs are unique and her covers are incredible to hear. I am so happy to know some of her songs. I would recommend to check her YouTube channel.

Have a nice night or day for people. 

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