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My take on the Madilu and Pepe Kalle affair

This is something that I did not want to post on but after 10 years of the death of Madilu and with the upcoming 19th anniversary of the death of Pepe Kalle, I decided to do this topic. 

It is about the so-called close friendship or more "brotherhood" between the late Madilu System and the late Pepe Kalle. 

How did these two men get put on the same sentence. 

Before Madilu's death, many people did not care about putting the Madilu and the Pepe Kalle on the same column. They were two people with distinctive realities. 

But Madilu unexpectedly died in 2007 and then former Pepe Kalle confidant Papy Tex revealed that Pepe Kalle had given Madilu 300 dollars to start his own band. 

Then started this Madilu and Pepe Kalle Affair. People started to speak on how Madilu and Pepe Kalle were "best friends" in the world. 

Then this year, the Madilu video came in which there was this so-called love affair between Madilu and Pepe Kalle. Madilu claimed that Pepe Kalle was his childhood friend and they were members of the band Bamboula of Papa Noel and Bakuba which Pepe Kalle was the boss. Madilu kept insisting that Pepe Kalle was the best thing in his life. He said what Papy Tex said. Then he added that he was planning a duet album with Pepe Kalle but Pepe died before they could even get started on that. 

Over the years, there were claims that Madilu and Pepe Kalle had sung together not only during the Bakuba years but during the late 1980s and early 1990s or even the mid 1990s period. 

Actually some members of Empire Bakuba such as Elvis Kunku and Djouna Mumbafu said that Pepe Kalle and Madilu were very close and often visited each other and did acapella together. 

Here is the interview where Madilu says these things

Here is my take on this affair 

Madilu and Pepe Kalle were great artists and they made great moments for us all. Having said it, I don't think Madilu and Pepe Kalle were best friends let alone "brothers". Were they friends? Sure to some degree. 

I have heard rumors and claims that Madilu and Pepe Kalle sang together over the years. Here is my response. Where are the songs and more importantly why has it not come out by now? For example with Les Bakuba songs, I have not heard a song have a note of Madilu System. I have heard Dilu Dilumona, Papy Tex and Pepe Kalle. 

This is practically the first time that I have heard that Madilu was a member of Les Bakuba.

Don't forget the current leader Papy Tex has talked several time about this like this interview here, never was the name Madilu System was mentioned. Remember he was a singer not a instrumentalist like a Doris Ebuya, a Elvis Kunku (who resembles Madilu strongly), or those kind of men. 

The nail on the coffin was when Madilu said that when Pepe Kalle decided to form Empire Bakuba, he did not feel like that there was a reason to join the band. Wow, what a statement. Madilu decided to stay in Gabon before he decided to form his own band Bakuba Mayopi. In addition, he compared to his "rivalry" to Pepe Kalle compare to JB Mpiana and Werrason. REALLY. Yes, he did that. That shows right there that clearly Madilu did not care for Pepe Kalle much as he would have liked you to believe. 

For first of all, JB Mpiana and Werrason had a group together for many years and made music together before they splitted up in 1997. It is not as if JB and Werra hate each other. They reconciled and even did a performance together in 2015. JB and Werra hopefully will do a duet together again. 

Returning to the Bakuba subject. Another person claimed kind of the same implication was Madilu's former colleague Yossa. He was a guitarist. He said that he, Madilu, Dilu, Pindu, Papy and Pepe were together for the band Bakuba. He said that he, Madilu and Dilu decided to go to Gabon but Pepe Kalle apparently refused to go to Gabon which he claims to part of the reason why Pepe Kalle decided to separate from them to form Empire Bakuba. Dilu decided to return to Pepe Kalle in Empire Bakuba. Then afterwards, Yossa said that he came with Madilu and Pindu to form Bakuba Mayopi to compete against Empire Bakuba. 

Here is the video

Madilu and Pepe Kalle were friends, I don't dispute but they were not close friends let alone brothers at all. Based on Madilu's own words, it was clear that they must have had some sort of conflict. What was the conflict about? I don't know. Whatever it is, Madilu and Pepe Kalle were not close friends. 

Plus in 1997, Simaro released a song Trahison which Pepe Kalle sang and I feel like the song was partly about the likes of Madilu System. The emotion tells me that Pepe Kalle was singing about someone notable. The only person that may make Pepe Kalle be more upset was Madilu. Plus the framing of the question was stupid. The journalist Doudou. He wanted to make like Madilu and Pepe Kallle BFFs when he said the the term "Brother Pepe Kalle". REALLY? That is a great insult to those who sang with Pepe Kalle. Obviously he forgot and purposely tried to act like people like Papy Tex were just "ordinary friends". 

Papy Tex and Pepe Kalle were brothers if you want to say that. Papy and Pepe knew each other well and they did things together before they met "individuals" like Madilu. Besides, who got Madilu and Pepe Kalle to meet? I don't know nor care much. Papy Tex and Pepe Kalle created Empire Bakuba and Madilu decided that he was "too special" to sing with these two great singers. Frankly Madilu needed Pepe Kalle more than the other way. 

Papy Tex and Pepe Kalle made some great duet songs as well as beautiful harmonies. Papy Tex stood by Pepe Kalle's side with good and bad moments. I can see that Papy Tex truly loved Pepe Kalle as a brother. I can see Papy Tex misses his friend so dearly. That is a true friend. 

Madilu and Pepe Kalle is another story. It is not the same if anyone thinks that, clearly does not the life of Pepe Kalle. 

If Madilu and Pepe Kalle were "close friends" which the notion is laughable, then Madilu would act in a certain way. Since Pepe Kalle gave Madilu money to start his band, here is question one, "Why not give Pepe Kalle a guest spot on his first solo album". I mean Madilu could have created a beautiful duet between him and Pepe Kalle on a song such as Biya. Biya would have been the ideal duet between them especially you put Madilu's high raspy baritone with Pepe Kalle's smooth baritone. It would be a nice melody in my view. 

Finally, notice on their would have been duo album, it was not Madilu's idea to it. It was a producer name JPS who wanted it. That is the reason why Madilu went to visit Pepe Kalle. Had JPS not asked, I doubt Madilu would have thought of ever doing this. Remember Madilu's tone tells me that he had little interest and did it to make sure JPS remains happy. Pepe Kalle wanted to record Cocktail first before he would come to do it. Had Pepe Kalle lived longer, I am sure this album would have been released in 200o because he was already making a duo albm with his closer friend Nyboma called "Tokosala Tout le Temps". BTW before Madilu was doing a album when he died which would have been "Lokondo". Had Madilu lived longer, I am sure this album would have been out by either late 2008 or 2009. 

Having said these things, do I believe Madilu and Pepe Kalle had sung together? Actually it is a definite Yes. 

First of all, in that Madilu interview that you can watch, Madilu indicated that he and Pepe would sing together in the "Prince Royal" whether Madilu was doing a song or just a acappella. That indicates that they had sung a song or more together but not as a duet but they got others to sing in them. 

Second, I know Madilu musical complication is far from complete. We still are discovering the Madilu songs that were known but never had a great success as Madilu's later solo albums. Case in point that we found out that Madilu had done two albums in 1990s which one of them included Elba Kuluma and Pamelo Mounka. I don't know how Madilu and Pamelo Mounka got together. My guess is Vincent Gomez or Elba himself got them together. Also, you have the song Diallo which Madilu sang with Empire Bakuba, which had Kichar Kilesa and Dilu Dilumona. 

This lead to the third and final reason. It is possible that Madilu and Pepe Kalle sang together in a Kichar Kilesa project that never got a proper promotion or another unknown individual project or a maybe a Maika Munan project that also had poor promotion. Because I kept hearing this claim that Madilu and Pepe Kalle sang together as individuals. So who are the characters that may have these men together? It could be either Maika Munan, or Shaba Kahamba or Kichar Kilesa or a Aurlus Mabele associate. The likely person who did this was Kichar Kilesa. Remember he was never a actual Empire Bakuba member. He was like Mayaula Mayoni rather as a "songwriter" that help Empire Bakuba than be a regular member. So it is him that may be the one who got Madilu and Pepe Kalle to be together with some others in a given project. We will find for years to come if a Madilu and Pepe Kalle scenario comes to our ears. 

If Madilu and Pepe Kalle duo album had happened, would have been good? I think so. It would have been classic in some way. I think Madilu's raspy baritone and Pepe Kalle's husky baritone would have been a perfect harmony. I could think of songs like Biya and Monano. These songs would have been perfect to make their harmonies together. Plus they are the kind that would have complimented together. 

It is interesting that Madilu and Pepe Kalle knew each other. We will probably find more about these men that they were together in Bakuba (if true) and Bamboula of Papa Noel. 

Saturday, December 9, 2017

Tribute to Ms Bazu


I am going to give tribute before I release another post. I am giving tribute to a lady that I had a pleasure for corresponing in some forums. 

Her name is Ms Bazu. She was actually a singer who did cover songs. She had a very beautiful voice. 

She was the daughter of radio host of Guy Angrand. Guy Angrand was a musician who once played with Pepe Felly of Grand Zaiko Wawa.

Part of the reason that I joined some forums was because I saw her posts and I was inspired to join. She had great insight into Congolese Music. 

Recently she did a few songs that I have heard. It was pretty good and impressive. 

This news shocks me and reminds me how unpredictable life can be. 

I saw this video, I am amazed how good of a singer she was. It is ashame. She had a beautiful gift of singing. But I will cherish more when I see this video. 

Rest in peace Ms. BAZU. You will always be in my heart. Your friends and Your family will keep in their minds every day. Thank you for your service that you gave us.

Saturday, November 25, 2017

What Madilu should have done after the death of Franco: Form a band with Aime Kiwakana

Hello everyone, after the Franco, Josky, Madilu and Simaro. I told one thing that Madilu should have done after the death of Franco.

Form a band with his old friend Aime Kiwakana. I have a name for the band already. The band is called "Tout Puissant Royaume" something related to Madilu's band "Tout Puissant Systeme". 

This is how should have went if the group went the way I wanted. 

Groupe (O Grupo, El Grupo, Le Groupe, Lingomba, Kikundi)
Tout Puissant Royaume 

Leaders (Les Leaders, Os liders, Viongo, Bakonzi, Los Liders) 
Aime Kiwakana (singer)
Madilu Systeme (singer) 

Guitarists (les guitarists, mibeti likombe, los ou os guitarristas, wachezaji gitaa) 
Burkina Faso Mboya Liya (solo guitar)
Thierry Mantuika (misolo guitar)
Mpudi Decca (bass guitar) 
Lokassa ya Mbongo (rhythm guitar) 

Singers (Chanteurs, Waimbaji, Cantantes, Cantadores, Bayembi) 
Mayaula Mayoni (Rythme or Misolo Guitar) 
Serge Kiambukuta
Lomingo Alida 
Malage de Lugendo
Bola Bolithe
Elba Top A
Pompon Kuleta 

Just with these men, it would have been a nice going band at first before they would eventually split up since you have big personalities together here but it would have been a fresh start for Madilu System and Aime Kiwakana. 

Aime Kiwakana and Madilu System are great singers and they should have had a fresh start and let OKJ go and create a band of their own. That way you could have seen the great personalities of these two great stars. 

Also Aime Kiwakana and Madilu System could have made some beautiful duets together. Because they had a special connection that no one else could get. Listen to this song by Mayaula Mayoni which had Aime and Madilu

Speaking of Mayaula Mayoni, he would have been a honorable membe of the band as he could do some backing up vocals for Madilu and Aime at times with either a Luciana or a Pompon depending on a song. 

Also you could have created more inner circles with this band. Think about the scenario with two Madilus with Malage and Lominga or a Serge Kiambukuta. I mean Bola Bolithe and Elba Top A. They were both good with Serge's voice who sounds like Youlou if Youlou had a lower range. 

In fact with this band, this is how the band would arrange on the songs (some examples) 
1) Elba Top A, Serge Kiambukuta and Luciana Demingongo 
2) Bola Bolithe, Elba Top A, Aime Kiwakana and Pompom Kuleta 
3) Aime Kiwakana and Madilu System
4) Elba Top A and Madilu System
5) Aime Kiwakana, Elba Top A and Madilu System
6) Madilu System, Serge Kiambukuta and Luciana Demingongo
7) Aime Kiwakana, Madilu System and Mayaula Mayoni
8) Bola Bolithe and Luciana 
9) Elba Top A and Malage
10) Aime Kiwakana, Lominga Alida, Madilu System, Malage de Lugendo
11) Aime Kiwakana, Madilu System, Malage de Lugendo and Mayaula Mayoni
12) Aime Kiwakana, Bola Bolithe, Madilu System and Serge Kiambukuta 
13) Aime Kiwakana, Bola Bolithe, Elba Top A and Luciana Demingongo 
14) Elba Top A, Luciana Demingongo, Madilu System and Serge Kiambukuta 
15) Aime Kiwakana, Lominga Alida, Luciana Demingongo, Pompom Kuleta 
16) Lominga Alida, Luciana Demingongo, Madilu System, Pompom Kuleta 
17) Aime Kiwakana, Bola Bolithe, Lominga Alida, Madilu System
18) Aime Kiwakana, Elba Top A, Madilu System, Malage de Lugendo 
19) Serge Kiambukuta, Lomingo Alida , Malage de Lugendo
and Bola Bolithe
20) Mayaula Mayoni, Elba Top A, Luciana Demingongo and Pompon Kuleta 

These would be good rotations for some songs that are seen in Rumba and Soukous with songs like Kojac, Mario, Pesa Position na Yo, Ngui-Ngon, Cooperation, Assimata, Tubela, and other great songs. 

You would have a combination of Le TPOK Jazz, Afrisa International, Viva La Musica, Wenge Musica, and Kamikaze Loningisa together for some beautiful moments. Furthemore, you could have some diversity of music and you would be able to see different prespectives coming here. 

If this was the case, you could have had a new moment in Congolese music. You would have more fun between Aime Kiwakana and Madilu System. 

OK Jazz Fallout: Why it is the fault of Franco, Josky, Madilu and Simaro

I am apologizing for not posting a long time. So many things have happened. I wish I could have posted this earlier. I have had family drama that has been more than bearable and I had little time to do writing since I had to do so many things. Family drama can be so bad.

This leads to this great post right here. 

I have heard over the years of who is the responsible for the end of OK Jazz. Some say that it was Madilu only while others say that it was the only fault of Simaro. Nonsense. It is both Madilu AND Simaro who are responsible for the end of OK Jazz as well as Josky and Franco. 

Franco, Josky, Madilu and Simaro are responsible for the end of job. 

I will start with Madilu System
This man was a deeply arrogant man and believed that everyone else was a loser. I always wonder why would Madilu would stay in the band since he wanted to be the boss and he knew that he would have no chance in le TPOK Jazz. He was behaving badly and he was always being a asshole to everyone and he had a tendency to be a douche-bag many      times according to those close to OKJ group. I don't what was Madilu's motive in staying in OKJ when it was clear that he wanted a "free life". Why go continue with a person whom Madilu admitted that he never got along with. Reference to the poet Simaro Lutumba. In fact he was doing more nzingzongs than being part of OK Jazz. Really most OKJ songs were with Ndombe, Djo Mpoyi, Aime Kiwakana and Josky Kiambukuta. Madilu should have left and started his own affair and do something great. 

Madilu System was already a man that was accussed of creating certain rifts between Josky and Ntesa as well as Franco and Simaro. 

By Madilu staying in OKJ was proof that Madilu had a strong shortage of character. He knew that he wanted power and he also understood how much he hated Simaro Lutumba. Yet he wanted to be approved by Simaro. He wanted so badly to be buddies with Simaro when Simaro clearly never liked him but realized what a good use that he could for his songs. 

Madilu wanted so badly to be in Bana OK. Yet Simaro made it clear that he did not want him in Bana OK. Madilu was mad at Simaro for not allowing him in Bana OK. Simaro chose Elba Top A to take his place. 

Simaro Lutumba
This leads to my anger towards Simaro Lutumba. Simaro knew who Madilu was and what a douchebag he was especially since they were family. Madilu's aunt or sister was married to Simaro himself. Her name is Maman Kelani. It is not as if Simaro was not going to have a "reformed Madilu". All the other members knew how Madilu was and Madilu had a fallout with Franco to some degree which was apparently a inspiration to his song Voisin. Furthermore, Madilu had a band with Aime Kiwakana, and Gerry Dialunguna in La Festival du Zaire. It was Simaro who demanded them to comeback to the fold. They did. Simaro should have never done that. Instead, he should grabbed the remaining members and get some new blood from Kamikaze or Brazza bands where he could get some new sound with the phrase "Kilo ya Kinshasa" 

Madilu and Simaro had a beef long before the death of Franco. As Madilu had indicated in a 1999 interview how Madilu felt hurt by Simaro back in the late 1980s. It was clear their problems started in 1988 after their collaboration on the song Tala Merci pona Mbwa. Their hatred for one another only grew after the death of Franco. 

This video pretty much sums the bad blood between Simaro and Madilu. Just look how Josky said Madilu's name twice and said Simaro's name only once. It was clear to some degree that Simaro was bothered by this. 

It was clear who the members were more comfortable with. They preferred the egoist man Madilu than the shy man Simaro. I am sure Simaro was deeply bothered by this. This did not help matters when Madilu was invited for a show in France in 1993 which was the reason why Simaro decided to suspend Madilu for three months before he created Bana OK which Simaro did not allow Madilu in at all. Madilu's recount on what happened was pretty much confirmed by Simaro himself in a certain phrase. 

To finally to put a nail on the coffin, it was Simaro's idea to make Madilu the second vice president. More fuel to the fire. The first vice president and vice president of Bana OK would be Josky Kiambukuta. 

Josky Kiambukuta
Which leads me to this man. He is a great singer and a great talent and I love how he sang his classic songs. But as far a leader, he deserve some blame too. He made no attempt to try to be the middle man. 

I only say this because I saw this interview which he speaks on his career and how he separated with Lutumba. 

Then I look and wonder why could have Josky be the middle man. If there was one person both Simaro and Madilu loved was Josky Kiambukuta. In a sense, Josky should have been the leader. He was the one that everyone loved. Look at his album Serrer Serrer. It had big success. It was clear that Josky was a beloved man. It was noted that Madilu often referred Josky as a "special individual". 

I blame Josky for this too. He was complicit. He could have found a way to keep the tension from getting so big. Because Simaro and Madilu did not like each other and Josky could have found resolutions to keep them from getting at eachother's throats. But he was indifferent and just let his ego get the best of him with having lots of fun as "the star". As result, Josky, Madilu and Simaro trio ended in 1994. But there is one person who deserve the blame too. 

Franco deserve some fault too. I know he died 5 years before OKJ ended but he is not faultless in this too. I never wanted to blame because he was gone. But then I took another look and realized that Franco deserve some harsh criticism. 

This 1985 interview gives me a reason to look at Franco and wonder "WHY"

That interview, Franco attacked Lutumba Simaro and Ntesa Dialenst for their "nzingzong" work. It was clear that Franco hated nzingzong with strong passion. In fact he made it clear when he said this "They know that I like to have food while they go eating." 

This made me look at Franco again. Then I remember I did a post about 2 or 3 years ago about Franco about his "major gaffs". Two of them were Arrival of Madilu and Simaro being vice president. They go hand to hand. 

Franco already knew that Simaro was a big fan of nzingzong. 1985 was not the only time that he did this. He also did it in 1971 when OKJ was going through a unfortunate change when Vicky Longomba left the band for creation of his own band which ironically gave a Franco soukouss impersonator Syran Mbenza. 

That same year of the nzingzong was when Franco gave Simaro the role as vice president. Bad idea. I stand by this. Because of the 1985 interview that Franco gave. It was proof that Franco made a major error giving Simaro the vice president role. It was clear that there was bad blood between Franco and Simaro during the period. 

Seeing that makes me wonder "Why would you give something big to someone whom you knew would do one thing that you really hate". 

Also by bringing Madilu into OKJ, you brought in drama. Madilu came from Afrisa of Tabu Ley. Madilu had a big diva personality. Franco had a huge addiction with Pepe Kalle's voice and he wanted Pepe Kalle to be even a member of OK Jazz but Pepe Kalle said no. So he decided to look someone who sounded close enough to Pepe Kalle. He quickly realized that was Madilu. But Madilu's personality would in fact create a rift between Josky Kiambukuta and Ntesa Dalienst so much that they would not sing in eachother's songs. Franco was unable to get Josky, Madilu and Ntesa to become the main frontmen of OKJ. His inability to get these men get along is part of proof of having Madilu in Le TPOK Jazz was a bad idea. Madilu spoke a little about this here.

Also getting Simaro and Madilu together was a bad idea because Simaro was a shy and Madilu was a egoist man. This is a horrible mix and you just get pain. Franco should have had a meeting to get these men to get along but he did not and it created a bad blood that never recovered. 

Final nail on the coffin was that Manzenza who was Franco's manager, said that he wanted OKJ to run without him when he is longer alive. 

Franco should have had a tough talk with Simaro, Josky and Madilu and tell them how he would like them to do OKJ as well with his family to deal with business dealings so OKJ could have continued well. Franco clearly did not do that and he deserve some harsh for some of the situations that occured later in the early 1990s. 

Regardless, I am happy that we had Franco, Josky, Madilu and Simaro in the same band for some time. Somethings should have been handled differently. 

Sunday, June 18, 2017

Cons of Madilu and Nyboma partnership

Here are the cons 

1) Nyboma may have been used too much
Nyboma may have been on too many Madilu songs. It looks to me at times, it looked like Nyboma may have been exhausted on being on so many Madilu's songs. Just listen to Bonne Humeur, you can see a little bit that Nyboma may have been exhausted. This was sort of confirmed on a Nyboma interview, where it sounded to me like he was kind of tired always having to help Madilu out on promotion of this album when he spoke about this project. 

Even better, listen to Pouvoir, Nyboma actually sang less than he did on L'Eau or even Album 95. 

2) One Sided Affair
This leads to me being this part. Madilu always wanted Nyboma in his works but it did not seem mutual. On Nyboma's work, he hardly invited Madilu on those works (only 2006 album of Kekele would Madilu appear on a Nyboma work). Good example would be on Nyboma's very successful album Anicet which was done in 1994 which was the same time that Madilu did Sans Commentaire. It was clear to me, Nyboma was not a big fan of Madilu as Madilu was of his. 

3) Missed potential guests 
With Nyboma and Madilu going well, Madilu forgot that there could have been guests that could have completed Madilu's great solo work. The only time that was not the case was on Album 95 or Pouvoir. Album 95, he worked with Dindo Yogo and they had a harmonious sound on Pardon. On pouvoir, he had a great singing moment with Desouza Santu who sang with Pepe Kalle. But other than that, other albums did not quite have someone great that could have matched Madilu's crazy voice. But there were moments where some songs should have had Nyboma's voice but did not espcially on choirs. 

4) Lack of duets
Madilu and Nyboma did not do enough duets. That makes me mad since they were a nice duo. They actually had a great sound together and there are moments where it should have been them and no anyone else. I'll give an example. Aminata and Mon Case of Bonne Humeur (Dernier Volonte). Those songs could have made a great duet but instead they have choirs of others which stinks because you could have a harmonious moment between these two men. Final one could have been Wawali Mobunda. That song should have been a duet between these two. Even on their signature album Voisin, they did not do duets. It is so absurd. They probably never realize how perfect that they could have been together as a duo. But then again, they also could added a third person 

5) Missed a third man alongside them
Nyboma and Madilu missed a chance to find a third man that could have been perfect with them together. I mean they failed to find that place. It could have been (and should have been) Wuta Mayi. But unfortunately Wuta Mayi was used with Nyboma with someone else. Or it could have been Dindo Yogo. I mean Dindo Yogo loves singing the countertenor role while Nyboma could have done the the tenor with Madilu's unpredictable baritone. Or it could have been Luciana himself. 

Or even more shocking it could have been with Pepe Kalle. I mean Madilu often said that he was his "friend". So if Pepe Kalle was such a great friend, Nyboma and Madilu should have gotten him to make a trioship for a project where they could have sang together during Madilu's earlier days as a solo singer. 

Benefits of Madilu and Nyboma partnership

I got you guys for the benefits from a partnership of Madilu and Nyboma. 

1) It created a new duoship of two legends
Madilu and Nyboma made something new of making a duoship worth hearing and they made a distinctive sound. 

2) Madilu saw a good person to work with
Madilu saw that Nyboma was always willing to help him. Nyboma was the one who arranged a lot of Madilu's incredible songs that you heard through most of Madilu's classic works. Nyboma always made Madilu's music better. 

3) Appreciation
Nyboma and Madilu appreciated each other since they sang together so often. Also there was a sense of respect for one another since they had a great musical connection. Furthermore, there was a sense of good compliments like Madilu often said "Coko Nyboma" and Nyboma would respond with more joy. '

This formula played a huge role in Madilu's great success. Part of the reason of his great successful solo career, was due to the participation of Nyboma himself in many of those songs. This formula helped people discover Madilu. It helped people to appreciate and love the voice of Madilu with great support of people with Nyboma like Luciana or Wuta Mayi as examples. 

5) Consistency 
It helped people know that Madilu had a certain vocal arrangement. You knew that it had a certain way of going on many Madilu songs. Typically you would have Wuta Mayi and Nyboma with another person with someone like Ballou Canta or Malage de Lugendo or Luciana. But that sort of changed a bit on Bonne Humeur but it was consistent on most Madilu's work. Also furthermore, you could also count on Nyboma being on most of Madilu's solo work. Nyboma was consistent on his role with Madilu as a backup man and arranger of Madilu's great work. 

Sunday, June 4, 2017

Youlou Mabiala's music during the 1980s and how great they were

Youlou Mabiala is one big name out of the OK Jazz clan. He is one of the most important members of the OK Jazz band. He sang a lot with Franco and Michael Boyibanda in his OKJ years. 

But after that, he made a great band that would be loved in Africa especially Congo Brazza. Congo Brazza better known as Republic of Congo. That band would be Kamikaze Loningisa. 

Youlou Mabiala and Kamikaze Loningisa come out publicly and officially in 1982 in a LP produced by Franco. From there, Youlou Mabiala would become a legend. 

How great was Youlou's music during the 1980s. It was so great. Because many people loved this man and his band and also futhermore, they would manage to create a big fan base during this period.

One example was his classic song Carte Postale. This song got Youlou on top and many Brazza people had so much joy in this song. They considered Youlou Mabiala as "Prince Youlou". 

Also Youlou Mabiala made a excellent collaboration album with his fellow Brazza colleague who was Pamelo Mounka or some say Pamelo Mounk'A. It was called Atipo. This work was huge success in Brazzaville. Many people were having a blast and they realized how much greatness was between Pamelo Mounka and Youlou. 

Youlou Mabiala captured some great talent during this period. He particularly founded some great singers who were known as "Madilu soundalikes". They were Bola Bolithe, Elba Kuluma or Elba Top A and Tapis Malonga. Also he got former veve star Tino Minkwa. Finally, he founded the great voice of his soundalike man Serge Kiambukuta who is cousin of Josky Kiambukuta. Serge and Youlou were a strong duo and they managed to create a great bond together. They got reunited in 1995 and they sounded perfect together. Youlou also had a strong connection with Elba Kuluma. Elba and Youlou were a great duo together. They got a connection that some cannot understand. They got together in 1992 and recently in some songs. Unfortunately with Elba and Serge, it was both short lived. 

I want to say that Youlou Mabiala was a great talent and he showed that with his songs and his singers that he got under his wing. 


Monday, May 29, 2017

What would be like if Madilu, Bola Bolithe and Lassa L'Acolyte sang together in Tout Puissant System

Now I wonder with this question. Because Madilu created his band Tout Puissant System or some call Royaume Systeme.

But someone told me that there were two that never quite made the list. They were Bola Bolithe and Lassa L'Acolyte. As some know, Bola was a Youlou singer for years before he disappeared for some time. He came back in 1996 as a Youlou associate before he disappeared again before appearing on Youlou's last work Qui Cherche. Lassa L'Acolyte is the brother of now Christian Artist Carlyto Lassa. He played for Choc Stars before he was a member of Zaiko Langa Langa before he went solo in 2005. 

But the question I wonder how would have been like if Madilu had sung with Bola Bolithe and Lassa L'Acolyte?

Based on some of the songs that Madilu did on Pouvoir, I believe that they would have sounded perfect together. Remember Madilu and Bola sang together on Bilonda of Simaro during the final days of OK Jazz. They sounded great together. Furthermore, Madilu sang with Carlyto and they had a special musical connection. 

Bola Bolithe, Lassa and Madilu cold have been the new "Empire Bakuba" because Bola and Madilu are the ones who sounded alike with a voice of Lassa himself. They would have had a great chemistry as a trio. Furthermore, Madilu would have founded a alternative from his partnership with Nyboma. 

I believe that this would have been a great trio together. They would bring the best together. 

Lassa L'Acolyte and Madilu did perform together in 2003 when he invited Zaiko to perform with him. 

Here is Madilu and Bola Bolithe singing together in Bilonda. 
I will post my own about this great song

That is my take on this scenario. 

Saturday, May 20, 2017

Partnership of Madilu and Nyboma

As many of you guys know, one person that sung the most with Madilu during his solo career was Nyboma. Nyboma appeared the most on Madilu's songs during his whole solo career. From Sans Commentaire to Dernier Volonte. 

Madilu and Nyboma have been friends for many years and they apparently hung out for years. But they did not anything musically together until 1989. 

That year was perfect timing for them to work together. Franco was too ill. Also OK Jazz was going downhill. Also Madilu's friend Malage de Lugendo decided to join Zaiko Langa Langa in May of that year. Dizzy Mandjeku became more focused on settling in Belgium. Mpudi Decca and Simaro Lutumba as well as Papa Noel decided to work with Pepe Kalle and Carlyto as well as Malage to do some music together. Franco was hanging out with Sam Mangwana. 

This was the perfect chance for Madilu to team up with his old friend Nyboma to make the work called Voisin. 

Once they made this album, people went crazy and people wanted more of this. But Madilu would return to OK Jazz and it looks to me that he was planning to sing more with Josky Kiambukuta and Ndombe Opetum. But when Madilu went solo, he used Nyboma's voice a lot. Nyboma would the guest on almost every solo album of Madilu. 

Now I do like their relation musically. They had chemistry and they would have amazing moments together. It is not the best but it is one of the good moments together. 

Madilu and Nyboma were monument together. Nyboma found himself well grounded with Madilu. I am glad that Madilu made Nyboma a important factor alongside him and he made Madilu's music be amazing. 

Dream Quartet: Bola Bolithe, Elba Kuluma, Madilu System, and Youlou Mabiala

Hello everyone, I am going to a follow up of a dream duo of Madilu System and Youlou Mabiala. First round of this is a dream quartet. Here was my post about Madilu and Youlou
Madilu and Youlou

In this quartet scenario, I add two more Madilus alongside Madilu himself and Youlou Mabiala. I am speaking of Bola Bolithe and Elba Topa who was originally called Elba Kuluma. 

Here is why I would love this scenario to happen. Because these Elba and Bola was Youlou's favorite partners and they also went on to sing with Madilu System himself. Funny enough Madilu and Elba sounded well together. Madilu has raspy sound with his husky baritone while Bola has a strong vibrato with his husky baritone. Elba's voice is deep sort like Pepe Kalle. Bola Bolithe is more jollier with his voice. 

I have actually have a set of songs that I believe that would have fitted the voices of Bola, Elba, Madilu and Youlou together 

1) Ba Signe Indien (Bola Bolithe)
2) Kamikaze (Youlou Mabiala) 
3) Diarrhee Verbale (Simaro Lutumba)
4) Tres Impoli (Franco) 
5) Pesa Position na Yo (Madilu)
6) Beranga Ondongo (Elba)
7) UCB (Youlou Mabiala)
8) Karibundi (Youlou Mabiala)
9) Adonis (Youlou Mabiala) 
10) Motema Libanga (Simaro Lutumba) 
11) Ofela (Simaro Lutumba) 
12) Ekaba Kaba (Franco) 
13) Agetravel Mobikisi (Franco) 
14) Toto (Josky Kiambukuta) 
15) Santa (Youlou Mabiala) 
16) Tala Merci Mbwa (Simaro Lutumba) 
17) Vickyna (Youlou Mabiala) 
18) Divorce (Youlou Mabiala)
19) Point Final (Youlou Mabiala) 
20) Mort Vivant Somida (Madilu) 

This is to show you what could have been a great quartet with these men. I am showing you exactly what could have been a great moment in Congolese music. 

Regardless I am so happy that Youlou brought us Bola Bolithe and Elba Kuluma and they went to sing together as well as singing with Madilu System. 

Friday, May 19, 2017

Dream Quartet: Loko Massengo, Madilu, Theo Blaise, Youlou Mabiala

Photo from Jerome Ogola 

I never thought of these men until recently. I want to do it and I will do it now. I will put these men in a dream quartet scenario now. 

I am speaking about Loko Massengo, Madilu System, Theo Blaise, and Youlou Mabiala

These men would be the perfect quartet for many reasons but I will cut it down to two main reasons 

1) They are from the era of good OK Jazz, Afrisa, Veve and Bantous de la capitale 
2) Their voices would actually meld well together. 

I mean imagine the beautiful sounds of these four men. Just imagine Theo Blaise's high tenor with Youlou being the countertenor as well as the deep baritone of Loko Massgeno and husky baritone of Madilu System together. 

It could have been similar to one time where OK Jazz had a great quartet of Aime Kiwakana, Josky Kiambukuta, Lokombe Ntal and Madilu System together. It would have been great in the same way with this dream quartet of Loko Massengo, Madilu System, Theo Blaise Kounkou and Youlou Mabiala. 

Songs that would have fitted would have included Monzo, Alita, Kamikaze, Mario Tebbo, Djaffar, Pesa Position and others. 

I believe that these men would have been a powerful house if they had done a song together or better made an album together. It would have been a blast. 

Dream Trio: Bumba Massa, Franco, Youlou Mabiala

This trio ship should have happened. I mean this soukous man went to do a adventure with a rumba legend and the third person should have been in that ride. If these men had been together, more greatness would have occurred. 

I am speaking of Bumba Massa, Franco and Youlou Mabiala

These men should have done some songs together because I know it would have been some pleasure for OKJ fans. OK Jazz fans would able to hearing these men take their voices and it would be distinctive. 

I was surprised to find out that Franco and Bumba Massa did a song together alongside then unknown Street kid Diblo Dibala. Diblo Dibala won a contest and Franco invited him to be alongside him in OKJ. But these songs were just nzingzongs with some OKJ members. One of them included Simaro Lutumba. BTW years later, Diblo Dibala would appear on a Simaro Lp with King of Soukous Pepe Kalle and Carlyto

Here is the song

I am impressed how Bumba Massa and Franco crossed paths. I wonder how it was just them together with Bouesso Mbemba. 

But I know the song would have been better done if it had the voices of Bumba, Franco and Youlou together. The song would have had more flavor in the song. 

Wednesday, April 12, 2017

Dream Duo: Papa Wemba, Youlou Mabiala

This is a dream duet that should have occurred in Congolese music history. These two men would have set fire in Congolese Music. 

I am talking about Papa Wemba with Youlou Mabiala. I mean Vieux Bokul and Prince Youlou. These two men would have been the perfect duo to make songs together.

You can imagine Youlou's great tenor voice with Papa Wemba's unpredictable countertenor voice. That would make a great duet. Because Youlou's voice would able to mend well with a crazy voice of such an individual like Papa Wemba.

Another reason why I say this should have happened is they both sounded great with someone else. Sam Mangwana. If Papa Wemba sounded great with Sam Mangwana of all people, I imagine Youlou with Wemba. It would have been set with fire. 

I mean Youlou's voice would great with his high tenor while Papa Wemba would sound great with his countertenor especially when it goes low. Both of them being husky, I know that it would make a melodious sound. 

I know that if Papa Wemba and Youlou Mabiala had done a duet together, I know it would have been a classic song and fans would have jumped up and have a great time together. 

BTW I got two songs that they would have sounded great together.
Kamikaze (of Youlou Mabiala)
Papa Do (of Tabu Ley

Dream Trio: Abby Surya, Koffi Olomide, Youlou Mabiala

I just got the album of Maika Munan's album African Swinger. I have listened to the whole album and I actually loved it a lot. 

There is one particular song that I love dearly. That is Makaramba which had Abby Suriya, Tshala Muana (in the animations), Koffi Olomide and Carlyto Lassa.

But I feel the song would have been better if it had one person instead of Carlyto. I mean Carlyto is great but one person would have made it more perfect. 

I mean Youlou Mabiala which goes into this post. 

Abby Suriya, Koffi Olomide and Youlou Mabiala. 

These three people would have been perfect into the song Makaramba of Maika Munan. 

I know that Abby Suriya would have been perfect together with her vocals while you would have had a more fire into song with vocals of Koffi and Youlou. Youlou would have made Koffi work a little harder with his vocals. But the animations would have been with Tshala Muana and Carlyto of course. 

That is how I would have wanted the Makaramba to be arranged. 

Imagine a trio of vocals from Abby Suriya, Koffi Olomide and Youlou Mabiala with animations of Carlyto and Tshala Muana. 

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