Sunday, June 18, 2017

Cons of Madilu and Nyboma partnership

Here are the cons 

1) Nyboma may have been used too much
Nyboma may have been on too many Madilu songs. It looks to me at times, it looked like Nyboma may have been exhausted on being on so many Madilu's songs. Just listen to Bonne Humeur, you can see a little bit that Nyboma may have been exhausted. This was sort of confirmed on a Nyboma interview, where it sounded to me like he was kind of tired always having to help Madilu out on promotion of this album when he spoke about this project. 

Even better, listen to Pouvoir, Nyboma actually sang less than he did on L'Eau or even Album 95. 

2) One Sided Affair
This leads to me being this part. Madilu always wanted Nyboma in his works but it did not seem mutual. On Nyboma's work, he hardly invited Madilu on those works (only 2006 album of Kekele would Madilu appear on a Nyboma work). Good example would be on Nyboma's very successful album Anicet which was done in 1994 which was the same time that Madilu did Sans Commentaire. It was clear to me, Nyboma was not a big fan of Madilu as Madilu was of his. 

3) Missed potential guests 
With Nyboma and Madilu going well, Madilu forgot that there could have been guests that could have completed Madilu's great solo work. The only time that was not the case was on Album 95 or Pouvoir. Album 95, he worked with Dindo Yogo and they had a harmonious sound on Pardon. On pouvoir, he had a great singing moment with Desouza Santu who sang with Pepe Kalle. But other than that, other albums did not quite have someone great that could have matched Madilu's crazy voice. But there were moments where some songs should have had Nyboma's voice but did not espcially on choirs. 

4) Lack of duets
Madilu and Nyboma did not do enough duets. That makes me mad since they were a nice duo. They actually had a great sound together and there are moments where it should have been them and no anyone else. I'll give an example. Aminata and Mon Case of Bonne Humeur (Dernier Volonte). Those songs could have made a great duet but instead they have choirs of others which stinks because you could have a harmonious moment between these two men. Final one could have been Wawali Mobunda. That song should have been a duet between these two. Even on their signature album Voisin, they did not do duets. It is so absurd. They probably never realize how perfect that they could have been together as a duo. But then again, they also could added a third person 

5) Missed a third man alongside them
Nyboma and Madilu missed a chance to find a third man that could have been perfect with them together. I mean they failed to find that place. It could have been (and should have been) Wuta Mayi. But unfortunately Wuta Mayi was used with Nyboma with someone else. Or it could have been Dindo Yogo. I mean Dindo Yogo loves singing the countertenor role while Nyboma could have done the the tenor with Madilu's unpredictable baritone. Or it could have been Luciana himself. 

Or even more shocking it could have been with Pepe Kalle. I mean Madilu often said that he was his "friend". So if Pepe Kalle was such a great friend, Nyboma and Madilu should have gotten him to make a trioship for a project where they could have sang together during Madilu's earlier days as a solo singer. 

Benefits of Madilu and Nyboma partnership

I got you guys for the benefits from a partnership of Madilu and Nyboma. 

1) It created a new duoship of two legends
Madilu and Nyboma made something new of making a duoship worth hearing and they made a distinctive sound. 

2) Madilu saw a good person to work with
Madilu saw that Nyboma was always willing to help him. Nyboma was the one who arranged a lot of Madilu's incredible songs that you heard through most of Madilu's classic works. Nyboma always made Madilu's music better. 

3) Appreciation
Nyboma and Madilu appreciated each other since they sang together so often. Also there was a sense of respect for one another since they had a great musical connection. Furthermore, there was a sense of good compliments like Madilu often said "Coko Nyboma" and Nyboma would respond with more joy. '

This formula played a huge role in Madilu's great success. Part of the reason of his great successful solo career, was due to the participation of Nyboma himself in many of those songs. This formula helped people discover Madilu. It helped people to appreciate and love the voice of Madilu with great support of people with Nyboma like Luciana or Wuta Mayi as examples. 

5) Consistency 
It helped people know that Madilu had a certain vocal arrangement. You knew that it had a certain way of going on many Madilu songs. Typically you would have Wuta Mayi and Nyboma with another person with someone like Ballou Canta or Malage de Lugendo or Luciana. But that sort of changed a bit on Bonne Humeur but it was consistent on most Madilu's work. Also furthermore, you could also count on Nyboma being on most of Madilu's solo work. Nyboma was consistent on his role with Madilu as a backup man and arranger of Madilu's great work. 

Sunday, June 4, 2017

Youlou Mabiala's music during the 1980s and how great they were

Youlou Mabiala is one big name out of the OK Jazz clan. He is one of the most important members of the OK Jazz band. He sang a lot with Franco and Michael Boyibanda in his OKJ years. 

But after that, he made a great band that would be loved in Africa especially Congo Brazza. Congo Brazza better known as Republic of Congo. That band would be Kamikaze Loningisa. 

Youlou Mabiala and Kamikaze Loningisa come out publicly and officially in 1982 in a LP produced by Franco. From there, Youlou Mabiala would become a legend. 

How great was Youlou's music during the 1980s. It was so great. Because many people loved this man and his band and also futhermore, they would manage to create a big fan base during this period.

One example was his classic song Carte Postale. This song got Youlou on top and many Brazza people had so much joy in this song. They considered Youlou Mabiala as "Prince Youlou". 

Also Youlou Mabiala made a excellent collaboration album with his fellow Brazza colleague who was Pamelo Mounka or some say Pamelo Mounk'A. It was called Atipo. This work was huge success in Brazzaville. Many people were having a blast and they realized how much greatness was between Pamelo Mounka and Youlou. 

Youlou Mabiala captured some great talent during this period. He particularly founded some great singers who were known as "Madilu soundalikes". They were Bola Bolithe, Elba Kuluma or Elba Top A and Tapis Malonga. Also he got former veve star Tino Minkwa. Finally, he founded the great voice of his soundalike man Serge Kiambukuta who is cousin of Josky Kiambukuta. Serge and Youlou were a strong duo and they managed to create a great bond together. They got reunited in 1995 and they sounded perfect together. Youlou also had a strong connection with Elba Kuluma. Elba and Youlou were a great duo together. They got a connection that some cannot understand. They got together in 1992 and recently in some songs. Unfortunately with Elba and Serge, it was both short lived. 

I want to say that Youlou Mabiala was a great talent and he showed that with his songs and his singers that he got under his wing. 


Monday, May 29, 2017

What would be like if Madilu, Bola Bolithe and Lassa L'Acolyte sang together in Tout Puissant System

Now I wonder with this question. Because Madilu created his band Tout Puissant System or some call Royaume Systeme.

But someone told me that there were two that never quite made the list. They were Bola Bolithe and Lassa L'Acolyte. As some know, Bola was a Youlou singer for years before he disappeared for some time. He came back in 1996 as a Youlou associate before he disappeared again before appearing on Youlou's last work Qui Cherche. Lassa L'Acolyte is the brother of now Christian Artist Carlyto Lassa. He played for Choc Stars before he was a member of Zaiko Langa Langa before he went solo in 2005. 

But the question I wonder how would have been like if Madilu had sung with Bola Bolithe and Lassa L'Acolyte?

Based on some of the songs that Madilu did on Pouvoir, I believe that they would have sounded perfect together. Remember Madilu and Bola sang together on Bilonda of Simaro during the final days of OK Jazz. They sounded great together. Furthermore, Madilu sang with Carlyto and they had a special musical connection. 

Bola Bolithe, Lassa and Madilu cold have been the new "Empire Bakuba" because Bola and Madilu are the ones who sounded alike with a voice of Lassa himself. They would have had a great chemistry as a trio. Furthermore, Madilu would have founded a alternative from his partnership with Nyboma. 

I believe that this would have been a great trio together. They would bring the best together. 

Lassa L'Acolyte and Madilu did perform together in 2003 when he invited Zaiko to perform with him. 

Here is Madilu and Bola Bolithe singing together in Bilonda. 
I will post my own about this great song

That is my take on this scenario. 

Saturday, May 20, 2017

Partnership of Madilu and Nyboma

As many of you guys know, one person that sung the most with Madilu during his solo career was Nyboma. Nyboma appeared the most on Madilu's songs during his whole solo career. From Sans Commentaire to Dernier Volonte. 

Madilu and Nyboma have been friends for many years and they apparently hung out for years. But they did not anything musically together until 1989. 

That year was perfect timing for them to work together. Franco was too ill. Also OK Jazz was going downhill. Also Madilu's friend Malage de Lugendo decided to join Zaiko Langa Langa in May of that year. Dizzy Mandjeku became more focused on settling in Belgium. Mpudi Decca and Simaro Lutumba as well as Papa Noel decided to work with Pepe Kalle and Carlyto as well as Malage to do some music together. Franco was hanging out with Sam Mangwana. 

This was the perfect chance for Madilu to team up with his old friend Nyboma to make the work called Voisin. 

Once they made this album, people went crazy and people wanted more of this. But Madilu would return to OK Jazz and it looks to me that he was planning to sing more with Josky Kiambukuta and Ndombe Opetum. But when Madilu went solo, he used Nyboma's voice a lot. Nyboma would the guest on almost every solo album of Madilu. 

Now I do like their relation musically. They had chemistry and they would have amazing moments together. It is not the best but it is one of the good moments together. 

Madilu and Nyboma were monument together. Nyboma found himself well grounded with Madilu. I am glad that Madilu made Nyboma a important factor alongside him and he made Madilu's music be amazing. 

Dream Quartet: Bola Bolithe, Elba Kuluma, Madilu System, and Youlou Mabiala

Hello everyone, I am going to a follow up of a dream duo of Madilu System and Youlou Mabiala. First round of this is a dream quartet. Here was my post about Madilu and Youlou
Madilu and Youlou

In this quartet scenario, I add two more Madilus alongside Madilu himself and Youlou Mabiala. I am speaking of Bola Bolithe and Elba Topa who was originally called Elba Kuluma. 

Here is why I would love this scenario to happen. Because these Elba and Bola was Youlou's favorite partners and they also went on to sing with Madilu System himself. Funny enough Madilu and Elba sounded well together. Madilu has raspy sound with his husky baritone while Bola has a strong vibrato with his husky baritone. Elba's voice is deep sort like Pepe Kalle. Bola Bolithe is more jollier with his voice. 

I have actually have a set of songs that I believe that would have fitted the voices of Bola, Elba, Madilu and Youlou together 

1) Ba Signe Indien (Bola Bolithe)
2) Kamikaze (Youlou Mabiala) 
3) Diarrhee Verbale (Simaro Lutumba)
4) Tres Impoli (Franco) 
5) Pesa Position na Yo (Madilu)
6) Beranga Ondongo (Elba)
7) UCB (Youlou Mabiala)
8) Karibundi (Youlou Mabiala)
9) Adonis (Youlou Mabiala) 
10) Motema Libanga (Simaro Lutumba) 
11) Ofela (Simaro Lutumba) 
12) Ekaba Kaba (Franco) 
13) Agetravel Mobikisi (Franco) 
14) Toto (Josky Kiambukuta) 
15) Santa (Youlou Mabiala) 
16) Tala Merci Mbwa (Simaro Lutumba) 
17) Vickyna (Youlou Mabiala) 
18) Divorce (Youlou Mabiala)
19) Point Final (Youlou Mabiala) 
20) Mort Vivant Somida (Madilu) 

This is to show you what could have been a great quartet with these men. I am showing you exactly what could have been a great moment in Congolese music. 

Regardless I am so happy that Youlou brought us Bola Bolithe and Elba Kuluma and they went to sing together as well as singing with Madilu System. 

Friday, May 19, 2017

Dream Quartet: Loko Massengo, Madilu, Theo Blaise, Youlou Mabiala

Photo from Jerome Ogola 

I never thought of these men until recently. I want to do it and I will do it now. I will put these men in a dream quartet scenario now. 

I am speaking about Loko Massengo, Madilu System, Theo Blaise, and Youlou Mabiala

These men would be the perfect quartet for many reasons but I will cut it down to two main reasons 

1) They are from the era of good OK Jazz, Afrisa, Veve and Bantous de la capitale 
2) Their voices would actually meld well together. 

I mean imagine the beautiful sounds of these four men. Just imagine Theo Blaise's high tenor with Youlou being the countertenor as well as the deep baritone of Loko Massgeno and husky baritone of Madilu System together. 

It could have been similar to one time where OK Jazz had a great quartet of Aime Kiwakana, Josky Kiambukuta, Lokombe Ntal and Madilu System together. It would have been great in the same way with this dream quartet of Loko Massengo, Madilu System, Theo Blaise Kounkou and Youlou Mabiala. 

Songs that would have fitted would have included Monzo, Alita, Kamikaze, Mario Tebbo, Djaffar, Pesa Position and others. 

I believe that these men would have been a powerful house if they had done a song together or better made an album together. It would have been a blast. 

Dream Trio: Bumba Massa, Franco, Youlou Mabiala

This trio ship should have happened. I mean this soukous man went to do a adventure with a rumba legend and the third person should have been in that ride. If these men had been together, more greatness would have occurred. 

I am speaking of Bumba Massa, Franco and Youlou Mabiala

These men should have done some songs together because I know it would have been some pleasure for OKJ fans. OK Jazz fans would able to hearing these men take their voices and it would be distinctive. 

I was surprised to find out that Franco and Bumba Massa did a song together alongside then unknown Street kid Diblo Dibala. Diblo Dibala won a contest and Franco invited him to be alongside him in OKJ. But these songs were just nzingzongs with some OKJ members. One of them included Simaro Lutumba. BTW years later, Diblo Dibala would appear on a Simaro Lp with King of Soukous Pepe Kalle and Carlyto

Here is the song

I am impressed how Bumba Massa and Franco crossed paths. I wonder how it was just them together with Bouesso Mbemba. 

But I know the song would have been better done if it had the voices of Bumba, Franco and Youlou together. The song would have had more flavor in the song. 

Wednesday, April 12, 2017

Dream Duo: Papa Wemba, Youlou Mabiala

This is a dream duet that should have occurred in Congolese music history. These two men would have set fire in Congolese Music. 

I am talking about Papa Wemba with Youlou Mabiala. I mean Vieux Bokul and Prince Youlou. These two men would have been the perfect duo to make songs together.

You can imagine Youlou's great tenor voice with Papa Wemba's unpredictable countertenor voice. That would make a great duet. Because Youlou's voice would able to mend well with a crazy voice of such an individual like Papa Wemba.

Another reason why I say this should have happened is they both sounded great with someone else. Sam Mangwana. If Papa Wemba sounded great with Sam Mangwana of all people, I imagine Youlou with Wemba. It would have been set with fire. 

I mean Youlou's voice would great with his high tenor while Papa Wemba would sound great with his countertenor especially when it goes low. Both of them being husky, I know that it would make a melodious sound. 

I know that if Papa Wemba and Youlou Mabiala had done a duet together, I know it would have been a classic song and fans would have jumped up and have a great time together. 

BTW I got two songs that they would have sounded great together.
Kamikaze (of Youlou Mabiala)
Papa Do (of Tabu Ley

Dream Trio: Abby Surya, Koffi Olomide, Youlou Mabiala

I just got the album of Maika Munan's album African Swinger. I have listened to the whole album and I actually loved it a lot. 

There is one particular song that I love dearly. That is Makaramba which had Abby Suriya, Tshala Muana (in the animations), Koffi Olomide and Carlyto Lassa.

But I feel the song would have been better if it had one person instead of Carlyto. I mean Carlyto is great but one person would have made it more perfect. 

I mean Youlou Mabiala which goes into this post. 

Abby Suriya, Koffi Olomide and Youlou Mabiala. 

These three people would have been perfect into the song Makaramba of Maika Munan. 

I know that Abby Suriya would have been perfect together with her vocals while you would have had a more fire into song with vocals of Koffi and Youlou. Youlou would have made Koffi work a little harder with his vocals. But the animations would have been with Tshala Muana and Carlyto of course. 

That is how I would have wanted the Makaramba to be arranged. 

Imagine a trio of vocals from Abby Suriya, Koffi Olomide and Youlou Mabiala with animations of Carlyto and Tshala Muana. 

Dream Trio: Josky, Nyboma, Youlou

Photo of someone else 

I am so surprised that this trio had never happened but it probably never will because of these men's ages and health conditions but if they were so well, I think this trio would have been amazing. 

I am speaking of Josky, Nyboma and Youlou Mabiala. Josky Kiambukuta alongside Nyboma and Youlou. 

These men would be the TRIO that Congolese people would enjoy to hear. I mean after all, Nyboma could almost sing with anybody and in fact he has. Think of Pepe Kalle, Madilu, Soki Vangu, Koffi Olomide, Papa Wemba, Wuta Mayi and others. 

Now Nyboma did sing with Josky and Youlou Mabiala but never together. Nyboma sang on Josky's Oui Ca Va (2003) and Double Vie (2005) and Nyboma had sung with Youlou on Mose Sengo's classic 1995 Hello Hello and had sung with him during the Somo Somo era which also included Mose Sengo AGAIN. 

Now I think if there was a trio that should have been formed was this one. WHY? Because these men would have been perfect together in a trio ship. Remember the common theme? These men are diverse with their voices. So they can go high or low, and they would sound perfect together. That diversity is why I believe these men would have been a great trio. That would make this trio more credible than other trios together. 

It would have been the TRIO that was going to be classic. Josky, Nyboma and Youlou Mabiala. 

Dream Trio: Madilu, Pepe Kalle, Tabu Ley

We have a trio that may not have strong popularity but I do believe this trio would have been a blast for certain fans of these men together. 

I am speaking of Madilu, Pepe Kalle and Tabu Ley

I think this would have been another version of Empire Bakuba though it is a little different in this sense. It is where you have two Rochereau logos alongside Rochereau himself. 

Madilu and Pepe Kalle are products of Tabu Ley. I would call them the Rochereau logos because they come from the Afrisa school and their voices were clearly inspired by Tabu Ley. Madilu tended to be very husky with his voice while Pepe Kalle was very smooth with his baritone voice. Tabu Ley however was more tenor base than he was baritone. 

These voices would meld well together because Tabu Ley can use those high notes while Madilu could be counter-tenor while Pepe Kalle's incredible baritone. It would make a great melodious sound and I am sure fans would be so happy. 

I got three songs from them that would make sound great together

Madilu's Maria

Pepe Kalle's Ndako ya Zeke 

Tabu Ley's 1977 classic Ponce Pilate

Those songs I know would bring a melodious sound of Madilu, Pepe Kalle and Tabu Ley. These men would excel their voices together in those given songs if it had happened. 

Madilu, Pepe Kalle and Tabu Ley would have been a great trio in my opinion if it had been reality in some way. 

Wednesday, April 5, 2017

Dream Quartet: Dindo Yogo, Likinga Redo, Madilu, Youlou Mabiala

This is a combination of OK Jazz and Zaiko Langa Langa together in a juicy melody that would have gave a great gap between the OK Jazz fans and Zaiko fans. Fortunately I got two singers of the Zaiko age and two singers of the OK Jazz age. 

Zaiko age are Dindo Yogo and Likinga Redo and the OK Jazz are Madilu System and Youlou Mabiala

These men would have been perfect together as a quartet. Their voices are different and they would turn into a great melody as a quartet. 

Here are the notes
Likinga Redo= High Tenor
Youlou Mabiala= Low Tenor
Dindo Yogo= Countertenor 
Madilu System= Baritone 

These men would be able to splash their beautiful voices. Since each voice is distinct, you would able to hear who is who and you will see the passion that would have been if these men had done a song or songs together. 

Finally, fans would be happy because these songs would have been done with substance and a reason why to love these men as a quartet. 

In fact I got two songs that would have fitted these men together. Just happen to come from Madilu System. 

Maria 1995

Pesa Position 1984

These two songs would have fitted these four men together. More magic and more force with their voices. Since they don't sound anything similar, you would have had a strong melody together. More people would have loved this quartet more any-other one. 

Dream Trio: Franco, Madilu, Youlou Mabiala

Hello everyone, I want to give some more special under Madilu and Youlou Mabiala special. 

This is a trio that should have occurred in Congolese music but didn't since there was different realities. 

This is about Franco alongside Madilu and Youlou Mabiala. 

These three men should have done music especially during Franco's final years since OK Jazz was not doing great like it once did. 

Franco did quite a few songs with Sam Mangwana. I wish Franco had thought to get Prince Youlou and Madilu to sing with him in a few songs before he was to pass away. 

It would have been a fun time. Because I know Franco would meld well with the strong tenor of Youlou and big husky baritone of Madilu. 

Also I know it would bring in strong chemistry and OK Jazz fans would have been happier if this trio had happened. 

I got three songs that should be remixed with voices of Franco, Madilu and Youlou 

Madilu's song Kobota Bisengo

Youlou Mabiala's song UCB 

Of course Franco's Tres Impoli

I think these three songs would have went well with their voices together. Also you see the different styles of OK Jazz school alongside Afrisa type of school which Franco both used during his music career. 

Tuesday, April 4, 2017

Dream Trio: Franco, Madilu, Tabu Ley

Hello everyone. I am ready to give a trio that would have been milk and honey in my ears. 

I am speaking of Franco, Madilu System and Tabu Ley

These men should have done music together. When Franco and Tabu Ley did their musical collaboration, I wish Franco had added Madilu alongside them. I know Madilu and Tabu Ley were not good footing as Tabu Ley humiliated Madilu back when Madilu was a member of Afrisa. But I think Franco could have gotten them together and get them to shut up and make some beautiful melodies. 

More importantly Madilu is a Rochereau Logo type and he sings like Tabu Ley but in a lower tone as a husky man. Plus Tabu Ley loves singing high anyway. Franco is the singer who can sing in the middle and be relaxed. 

Their voices would have molded so well together and I got a pacific song that would have gotten in a melodious sound with Franco, Madilu and Tabu Ley

Franco's Tres Impoli 

I love Ntesa's voice in this song but it would have been better done if Tabu Ley had done the high notes. More spice in this classic song. 

I know Franco, Madilu and Tabu Ley would have been a fantastic trio if it had happened. 

Friday, March 31, 2017

Dream Quartet: Celine Dion, Emmylou Harris, Mariah Carey, Sheryl Crow

I have a female edition of a Dream Quartet. 
This is the first one. More will be coming. 

I am speaking of Celine Dion, Emmylou Harris, Mariah Carey and Sheryl Crow. 

These women would be perfect together as a quartet. Because they are singers in their department. Emmylou is of country blues music while Sheryl is with pop country with Mariah with a hip hop element and Celine Dion as a pop icon. 

If these women could come together, you will see beautiful music get made. Because these women have something in common. 

These are emotional singers and they love to put a little raspyness in their voices. Also three of them have strong vibratos which is popular with a lot of people. 

Also I do believe that they would fit well into a harmonious sound as four female singers. I know how it likely be arranged. 

Celine Dion as the soprano (high one)
Emmylou Harris as the contralto 
Mariah Carey as the mezzo soprano
Sheryl Crow as the soprano (medium one) 

I am sure it would be a great quartet set for female fans since they would love to hear two female singers together alongside with four singers. 

It could have sounded like this. This video has Indigio Girls with Jewel and Sarah McLachlan.

I know this quartet will never happen but if it does happen, I hope that it will sound great and that people will come and listen to their beautiful voices together. 

Dream Trio: Franco, Pepe Kalle, Tabu Ley

One big moment that should have came and it should have happened was this trio. 

I am speaking of Franco and Tabu Ley alongside with Pepe Kalle. These men should have done some songs together. These men are great legends in Congolese Music. 

If Franco wanted a more effective nzingzong, it would have been not only with Tabu Ley but also with Pepe Kalle. 

I mean I am speaking of King of Rumba and King of Soukous alongside Tabu Ley who has a strong voice and was a great tenorist. No one had a great tenor like Tabu Ley had. 

I mean 1980s was a great era of Congolese Music. Rumba music and Soukous music had a equal ground and anyone could chose what ground to go into. 

Franco loved Pepe Kalle's voice because it reminded him the most of Tabu Ley. It leads me to wonder how neither Franco or Tabu Ley could have gotten Pepe Kalle to join them in their recordings. 

I also wonder how Pepe Kalle did not call Franco and Tabu Ley to join him and make some OKJ or Afrisa type of songs. BTW Franco and Tabu Ley songs were complete Afrisa style and very little OKJ influence. 

BTW if these men had worked together, there are a song of each men that would have been done as a trio then they did with their respective bands. 

I got a song of Tabu Ley that would have been done with addition of Franco and Pepe Kalle. 
It is called Monsieur Malonga 

With Franco, I got one song that would have made this song bigger than it was. It is Tres Impoli. It fits perfectly. Pepe Kalle takes the Madilu role and Tabu Ley would take the Ntesa role and sound BETTER. 
Here is the song itself

Finally with Pepe Kalle, I got a song that would have so great with Franco and Tabu Ley alongside him. It would have made this song better. It is called Fungola Ngai. BTW it was composed by Shiko Mawatu who went to sing with Franco's singer Madilu. 
Here is the song itself 

I got six more songs from others that would have fitted Franco, Pepe Kalle and Tabu Ley so well together 

Youlou Mabiala's Papy 

Pamelo Mounka's song Adjoussu d'Abidjan that includes the voice of Tabu Ley

Zaiko Langa Langa with La Tout Neige 

Bokelo's Sandoka 

Verckys and his band Veve with the song Dada

Finally Choc Stars song Kopalangana Te 

Imagine if these men had worked together, it would have been a popular trio together in Congolese music. 

Dream Trio: Franco, Josky, Pepe Kalle

I got to make some great trio dream that should have happened during the 1980s era.

It is Luambo Makiadi Pene Okundji alias Franco, Josky Kiambukuta and Jean Kabasele Yampanya alias Pepe Kalle

Franco and Josky should have added Pepe Kalle's voice into their album Missile. It would have been a blast in my opinion. 

Because I notice that Josky was wanting another singer alongside him when he sang those songs. He sang in double voices in most of those songs. My belief that this album would have been better with Pepe Kalle. 

Pepe Kalle is diverse with his voice and like Josky, can go high or low, it will sound good regardless. Pepe Kalle's high voice is impressive for a man who is usually baritone. 

Also Franco and Josky should have done another project with Pepe Kalle where they could have done some Empire Bakuba like songs and OKJ and Afrisa type of songs to appeal not only to youth but the elders as well. 

Pepe Kalle was one of the few from the Soukous age who could somewhat appeal to the elder audience. After all he sounded a bit like Tabu Ley during his early days.

Also it was no secret that Franco was addicted to Pepe Kalle's voice. Amazingly one song of OKJ, Franco almost sounded like Pepe Kalle. 

Franco and Pepe Kalle would have sounded perfect with a voice of Josky in a Franco song where it was a trio type of song. 

I got one song in particular that would have fitted Franco, Josky and Pepe Kalle together. TEMPS MORT

There is another song that would have fitted Franco well with Josky and Pepe Kalle 
Ebembe ya Soso par Pepe Kalle

It would have been a great thing if this trio had occurred during the 1980s era. It would have been a great gap between the elders and the youth. 

Thursday, March 30, 2017

Dream Quartet: Shania Twain, Garth Brooks, Trisha Yearwood, Ronnie Dunn

I got something juicy and great. These are four people that need to make some sweet music together. They would be the four people to make a great show together. These are the people that would make older country music listeners very happy to hear. 

I am speaking of Garth Brooks with his wife Trisha Yearwood alongside with Ronnie Dunn of Brooks & Dunn as well as Shania Twain

I believe these singers would in perfect harmony together. You can have Shania's raspy mezzo soprano voice with Trisha's lovely soprano and add Ronnie's passionate baritone voice and Garth Brook's bass voice, you got a impressive song and possibly a great show. 

Because these people are kind of who want to hit you in the heart with their passions and their pains that they have all experienced. 

Also they have seen the good and ugly of fame as Country Singers and Country Legends. They are able to show people through a song together what emotions that they have endured and they have managed to persevere through some hard times. 

I believe that these people would be amazing together and they would able to touch people's lives like they have done as solo artists and singers in groups. 

If 2017 had a surprise quartet that needs to occur it would be with Garth Brooks, Ronnie Dunn, Shania Twain and Trisha Yearwood. 

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