Dream Quartet: Adam Levine, Gavin DeGraw, Josh Groban, Keith Urban

Hello guys, I want to give you a dream quartet which is the first one for you to enjoy to imagine. Fortunately this one could be plausible. 

I am speaking of Adam Levine, Gavin DeGraw, Josh Groban and Keith Urban

These four male singers are truly gifted and they are able to sing and sing their souls out. I know that they are some of the most gifted male singers of this generation. 

This is a practical one. First of all, these men are multi-talented and they know how to make their make. Their voices are quite different and it will make a harmonious sound as male singers. 

Keith Urban is more relaxed while Josh Groblin is a opera singer while Adam has the aggressive pop rock sound and finally you have a soulful voice from Gavin DeGraw. With these four men, you would have a beautiful song or beautiful songs. 

This would be the ideal quartet because they have their sounds and I believe that they combine to turn into a beautiful sound as you would listen to their vocals. 

This would be a great moment in American music if this quartet was to happen. 


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