Friday, February 17, 2017

Dream Trio: Coupe Cloue, Josky Kiambukuta, Lara Fabien

Hello friends. I am ready to give more trio post but this will be international. Three stars from three different countries. 

Coupe Cloue Sr of Haiti
Josky Kiambukuta of Democratic Republic of Congo (formerly called Congo Kingdom, Belgian Congo, Zaire) 
Lara Fabian of Belgium/Canada

Why these three singers together. Because of one common reason: Their french is like water. I know also that Josky's voice was so diverse that if he had sang with Coupe Cloue Sr and Lara Fabian, it would be in harmony regardless how Josky sang. 

Also I know that love songs are three's specialties. Coupe Cloue attracted a lot of women with his raspy romantic voice and he was able to impress women and make them to just get out there all sexually and be as expressive as possible. Josky Kiambukuta was able to put ladies to a well rest and dream about their dream partner whenever Josky gave his voice into songs especially in the OKJ years. Even during the Bana OK years, he was still able to impress ladies and his voice never disappointed anyone especially ladies. With Lara Fabian, she is the more feminine voice that is needed. Her voice is soft but not as aggressive as let's say Celine Dion but pretty soft. Celine Dion and Lara Fabian actually sound pretty similar as they can give the raw emotion needed in any given love song. Like Celine, she gets very sensitive with her voice. Also, Lara Fabian really wants you to love her or love someone when she sings her songs. Finally, she sings as she is the person that she may be singing about. 

Look at Coupe Cloue at his best. TIBOM

With Josky, here is one of the important love song from Josky. FARIYA 

Here's the most famous song from Lara Fabian. JE T'AIME 

Now taking from Lara Fabian's song Je T'aime, I believe another version should have been done. But this song is completely different from Lara Fabian's version. 

This song would bring some latin tunes with congolese sounding guitars as well as some loving French lines. 

This version would demonstrate Josky's silky vocals as the lead singer in the song and he would impress ladies with his fantasy for a good love time as a person. It would also demonstrate Coupe Cloue's ability to put his raspy voice in a good use as a singer. Lara Fabian's voice will come in and soften all the song and make you have incredible emotion. 

This is would have been the situation if a trio like this had existed. Imagine? These three French speaking singers together. A great song with some incredible passion behind song or songs. 

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