Sunday, March 26, 2017

Dream Duet: Kester Emeneya and Tabu Ley

This should have been a duo years ago. To this day, I don't why no one got these men from bandundu to sing together. Mr. Tipo Tipo was an idiot for not getting this men to do a song together whether singing solos or singing a choir together. I don't how that it did not go in his album. 

I am speaking of Kester Emeneya and Tabu Ley. I know they performed together live but I am super shocked that they never did a song together. This would have been the great duo to do a song together. 

These two artists are both from bandundu but they are different singers but they were into Soukous music and appreciated Rumba music. 

People will think that Tabu Ley and Kester Emeneya would have never sounded good together. I disagree and I got a video to prove my point. 

Look here

Tell me again that these two would have never been good together. Please watch that video and tell me again that they would have never been good together. 

It enrages me so much that we never got a proper duet of these men together. It would have been a great song of these two men together. 

But then again these men did perform together in 2002. Their performance will remain as one of the best performances to come in Congolese music. 

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