Friday, March 31, 2017

Dream Trio: Franco, Pepe Kalle, Tabu Ley

One big moment that should have came and it should have happened was this trio. 

I am speaking of Franco and Tabu Ley alongside with Pepe Kalle. These men should have done some songs together. These men are great legends in Congolese Music. 

If Franco wanted a more effective nzingzong, it would have been not only with Tabu Ley but also with Pepe Kalle. 

I mean I am speaking of King of Rumba and King of Soukous alongside Tabu Ley who has a strong voice and was a great tenorist. No one had a great tenor like Tabu Ley had. 

I mean 1980s was a great era of Congolese Music. Rumba music and Soukous music had a equal ground and anyone could chose what ground to go into. 

Franco loved Pepe Kalle's voice because it reminded him the most of Tabu Ley. It leads me to wonder how neither Franco or Tabu Ley could have gotten Pepe Kalle to join them in their recordings. 

I also wonder how Pepe Kalle did not call Franco and Tabu Ley to join him and make some OKJ or Afrisa type of songs. BTW Franco and Tabu Ley songs were complete Afrisa style and very little OKJ influence. 

BTW if these men had worked together, there are a song of each men that would have been done as a trio then they did with their respective bands. 

I got a song of Tabu Ley that would have been done with addition of Franco and Pepe Kalle. 
It is called Monsieur Malonga 

With Franco, I got one song that would have made this song bigger than it was. It is Tres Impoli. It fits perfectly. Pepe Kalle takes the Madilu role and Tabu Ley would take the Ntesa role and sound BETTER. 
Here is the song itself

Finally with Pepe Kalle, I got a song that would have so great with Franco and Tabu Ley alongside him. It would have made this song better. It is called Fungola Ngai. BTW it was composed by Shiko Mawatu who went to sing with Franco's singer Madilu. 
Here is the song itself 

I got six more songs from others that would have fitted Franco, Pepe Kalle and Tabu Ley so well together 

Youlou Mabiala's Papy 

Pamelo Mounka's song Adjoussu d'Abidjan that includes the voice of Tabu Ley

Zaiko Langa Langa with La Tout Neige 

Bokelo's Sandoka 

Verckys and his band Veve with the song Dada

Finally Choc Stars song Kopalangana Te 

Imagine if these men had worked together, it would have been a popular trio together in Congolese music. 

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