Saturday, March 18, 2017

Imagine Madilu and Tabu Ley?

Hello people. I am going to do a post about something that I should have done years ago. It is about Madilu and Tabu Ley. 

Until Madilu passed away, very few actually knew that Madilu was in Afrisa International of Tabu Ley. Many of us did not know until he passed away in 2007. 

Turns out that Madilu indeed had played for Tabu Ley. But however he never did a song with Tabu Ley but he sang with future OKJ associate Kiesse Diambu. Kiesse Diambu and Madilu did have amazing moments together in OKJ and also apparently in Afrisa International. 

I did not care much about a imagination of Madilu and Tabu Ley duoship until I saw this video. 

I saw the performance of Sorozo with Dodo Munoko, Carlyto Lassa, Madilu and Tabu Ley with a female singer. I was so shocked how well Tabu Ley and Madilu sounded together not only by vocals but chemistry was so strong. I could not believe that. 

It made me wonder what if Madilu and Tabu Ley had done songs together? I don't know but I wonder every day. 

When I listen to Tabu Ley's late 1970s records such as Sorozo itself, I believe the song would have better done with the services of Madilu himself. I think Madilu would have added more fire to song than even Mimi Ley did. I like Mimi Ley but based on Madilu's 1970s songs, I think Madilu would have been improved the song a bit more with Kiesse Diambu and Tabu Ley. 

But also with some Madilu songs, I could have seen better sounding with Tabu Ley. In fact I have three songs that would have been better done with Tabu Ley. Madilu's 1993 song Nzele, Madilu's 1998 song Consolation and 2007's classic Tonton Gigolo. Tonton Gigolo would have fitted the choir sound of Madilu and Tabu Ley perfectly. Tabu Ley's voice was still strong about 2005-07 period. But Nzele would have been the song for a duet between Madilu and Tabu Ley. I know their chemistry would have been on top. I would have seen great moments between these men together in that song in particular. 

I will let you guys decide if you think Madilu and Tabu Ley duo would have been a good thing? 


  1. A little off-topic, but Dodo Munoko is still very active with l'Orchestre Afrisa International, singing lead and backup vocals on their latest album, Melanie.

    Check them out:


    1. I know that. I have been following them lately. It is an amazing time. I cannot wait to hear that album Melanie.


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