Tuesday, April 4, 2017

Dream Trio: Franco, Madilu, Tabu Ley

Hello everyone. I am ready to give a trio that would have been milk and honey in my ears. 

I am speaking of Franco, Madilu System and Tabu Ley

These men should have done music together. When Franco and Tabu Ley did their musical collaboration, I wish Franco had added Madilu alongside them. I know Madilu and Tabu Ley were not good footing as Tabu Ley humiliated Madilu back when Madilu was a member of Afrisa. But I think Franco could have gotten them together and get them to shut up and make some beautiful melodies. 

More importantly Madilu is a Rochereau Logo type and he sings like Tabu Ley but in a lower tone as a husky man. Plus Tabu Ley loves singing high anyway. Franco is the singer who can sing in the middle and be relaxed. 

Their voices would have molded so well together and I got a pacific song that would have gotten in a melodious sound with Franco, Madilu and Tabu Ley

Franco's Tres Impoli 

I love Ntesa's voice in this song but it would have been better done if Tabu Ley had done the high notes. More spice in this classic song. 

I know Franco, Madilu and Tabu Ley would have been a fantastic trio if it had happened. 

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