Wednesday, April 5, 2017

Dream Trio: Franco, Madilu, Youlou Mabiala

Hello everyone, I want to give some more special under Madilu and Youlou Mabiala special. 

This is a trio that should have occurred in Congolese music but didn't since there was different realities. 

This is about Franco alongside Madilu and Youlou Mabiala. 

These three men should have done music especially during Franco's final years since OK Jazz was not doing great like it once did. 

Franco did quite a few songs with Sam Mangwana. I wish Franco had thought to get Prince Youlou and Madilu to sing with him in a few songs before he was to pass away. 

It would have been a fun time. Because I know Franco would meld well with the strong tenor of Youlou and big husky baritone of Madilu. 

Also I know it would bring in strong chemistry and OK Jazz fans would have been happier if this trio had happened. 

I got three songs that should be remixed with voices of Franco, Madilu and Youlou 

Madilu's song Kobota Bisengo

Youlou Mabiala's song UCB 

Of course Franco's Tres Impoli

I think these three songs would have went well with their voices together. Also you see the different styles of OK Jazz school alongside Afrisa type of school which Franco both used during his music career. 

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