Wednesday, January 11, 2012

Bembeya Jazz National Classic Song

Now I am so happy to say this but I found an excellent Rumba song that I can not get enough of. I am so happy that I love this rumba song. This song makes me so happy and it gets me going when I need some enjoyable song. When I need this beautiful music.

The song I am speaking of is the song name TEMTEMBA. This song is such a classic material and I think people who dig African music in general would find this song such a genius material. Really I think they would dig this great song. This song has a excellent trumpets and saxophones and it has excellent drumming. Also this song has a excellent singer who makes this song so unique. The band that makes this song is no other than Guiena mighty band Bembeya Jazz National. This band knew how to make some interesting songs and knows how to make you have a good time.

Bembeya Jazz National made this song on the 10 year anniversary special on how long this band existed for. This band is still around and it is so strong today. It is now a legendary band. They know how to bring joy to this music scene.

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