Sunday, June 17, 2018

Dream Duet: Garth Brooks and Luke Bryan

These two men need to make some music together in country music. The 2017 CMA entertainer of the year and the current big male country front-man together. 

I am referring to Garth Brooks and Luke Bryan. These two men are the ideal men for a duet. 

You have a more relax romantic man that is Garth Brooks. He is the one who can give you something special to think about. With Luke Bryan, he is a expressive man with his ability to show you how much he loves a beautiful woman.

When you put these men together, I can promise you that you got a show. I can tell you that these men would be the perfect duo together. 

They will bring a balance that every women would enjoy. They will able to combine the calm personality (Garth) and more expressive man (Luke). 

I can think of songs such as Honky Tonk, Longneck Bottle, She's Gonna Make It, Drunk on you, Play it Again and Light it up. Those songs I believe would make these men get along well musically. 

I can promise that Garth Brooks and Luke Bryan will be a perfect duo for women who love two men singing together. 

Wednesday, April 4, 2018

Dream Duet: Hillary Scott and Karen Fairchild

Hello everyone, I got a nice duet here based on these photos and the video that I saw these women perform together. It was sexy music to my ears. Their voices will be like pale and wine. 

I am speaking about Hillary Scott and Karen Fairchild. Hillary is the lead singer of Lady Antebellum and Karen is the lead singer of Little Big Town. 

I was so surprised that I never mentioned these women together. Their voices would actually mix very well in my view. 

Think of it, Hillary Scott is a woman with a more normal female voice which is jolly and feminine while Karen Fairchild is a woman with a deep silky alto range who also has a deep soulful sound in her voice. 

Look at this performance. It shook my body big time. It was one of the sexiest performances in my view without trying. Their chemistry was so delicious and precious for me. I can't believe how much they connected musically, spiritually and emotionally. It is like they were childhood friends. 

Imagine now if we get a opportunity for a duet song or more better, a duo album among these two women. I would buy it in a heart beat.

This is why it should be the reality
1) Hilary and Karen like each other 
2) They love Reba McEntire 
3) They are incredible female lead singers
4) Both are the kinds of deuxième chanteuse
5) They have great chemsitry overall

These women would make people love and appreciate Country Music and especially female Country singers. I think it would benefit the Country music scene if these two women come together and make a lovely or more preferably duet album together. 

Trio de Rêve Album: Les Beaux Gars Volume 2: Ballou Canta, Elba Top A et Papy Tex

Ballou CANTA 

Elba TOP A

Papy TEX 

Mon album rêve du travail: Les Beaux Gars Volume Deux
Les chanteurs principes: Ballou CANTA, Elba TOP A et Papy TEX 
Les chansons selon Franco Pepe Kalle de leurs harmonies 
La Fleur du Ciel par Madilu Systeme 
Tubela par Youlou Mabiala 
Point Final par Youlou Mabiala 
Pesa Position na Yo par Madilu Systeme
Message d'amour par Elba Top A 
Sadia par Ballou Canta
Al-Sy par Ballou Canta 
Adieu Leya par Papy Tex
Plus Jamais par Papy Tex 
Monique par Papy Tex 

Voici les chansons qui seront parfait pour les vieux de la musique congolaise. Je parle du président actuel de L'Empire Bakuba Papy Tex, l'ancien chanteur du Bana OK et le Kamikaze Loningisa Elba Top A et l'ancien chanteur du Soukous Stars Ballou Canta. Ces hommes sont mes chanteurs préférés maintenant. J'aime leurs voix trop. Je pense pour s'ils chantent ensemble, je pense qu'il y aura de la belle harmonie. 

Nous avons trois chanteurs qui sont grand et ils pouvent chanter ensemble dans mon opinion. Ils ont de la capacité pour chanter ensemble. Ils sont different de l'un l'autre. Papy Tex chante dans son ténor avec quelque emotion. Ballou Canta chante dans son ténor ou contreténor avec beaucoup de romance et séduction dans son coeur. Ne me crois pas, écouter à son album Boboto. Il dira toutes les choses que je parle de Ballou Canta. Elba Top A chante comme un homme charmant avec son baryton. Ils auraient une belle force ensemble dans mon opinion. J'espère qu'un jour, nous aurons ces hommes ensemble dans un concert notable et les fanatiques de ces hommes auraient un bel ambiance ensemble. 


Franco Pepe Kalle 
Le fanatique de Ballou Canta, Elba Top A et Papy Tex 

Dream Duet: Blake Shelton and Luke Byran

I cannot believe that these men have not paired to do a duet or do a duet album. They're both extremely popular men and they are the ones who have so much going on. 

I am speaking about American Idol Judge Luke Bryan and the Voice judge Blake Shelton

These country men are part of "The more Hip Country Men" group. They are much open about their sexual fantasies than let's say Country men of the past. It is important to understand this. 

Which is why I say that they need to have a duet or duets together. 

Let me show a little preview of a possible Luke Bryan and Blake Shelton scenario? 

It was a great performance but unfortunately it was partly ruined by the appearances of Sheryl Crow, Brad Paisley, and Pistol Annies. Pistol Annies is a group based on three female singers Angaleena Pressley, Ashley Monroe, and Miranda Lambert (the ex wife of Blake Shelton). It was in 2015. 

If it had been those alone, it would shown a little preview of how their duet may be if the duet was ever to occur. You would have Blake's relax country tone with Luke's passive aggressive tone which would go well together. Because they would just be able to give their magic to women. Women would lose their minds if they were to hear their vocals together.

Also they are good showman which the video also demonstrated. Both men are showmen. If one does it, it is a great show but if it had two do it, it brings more pleasure into the show. 

That would sum how the Blake Shelton and Luke Bryan duet would occur. That is the reason why people need to make them have this duet because it would be a great moment for Country music and I think Blake and Luke would have more fans for this happening. 

Sunday, April 1, 2018

Dream Quartet: Christy Ntesa, Erick Mpoyi, Fila Basele, Barbara Kanam

Image may contain: Erick Mpoyi, beard, selfie and closeup

Hello my friends, I got a dream quartet here. This is the perfect one for me. Happy Easter Everyone. This is a gift for you. 

It is a combination of religious context, pop context, international context and rumba context. 

Whom I am talking about. 

Christy Ntesa- Pop Singer 
Erick Mpoyi- Religious Singer 
Fila Basele- Rumba Croon
Barbard Kanam- International Queen

BTW three of these people are related to famous people. Christy Ntesa is the daughter of the late great singer Ntesa Dalienst. Erick Mpoyi is the son of the late charming singer Djo Mpoyi. Barbara Kanam is the niece of the great musician and composer Maika Munan. Those who don't know, Ntesa and Djo Mpoyi were singers of OK Jazz from Franco. They were known for songs like Mouzi, Tantine, and Massikini. Maika Munan is a composer who has worked with artists like Madilu, Koffi Olomide, Papa Wemba and Pepe Kalle and was a member of Afrisa International from Tabu Ley. 

Fila Basele is a former musician of Victoria Elesien from King Kester Emeneya

These people would be my favorite quartet for several reasons. First of all, they are from Generation 5 or Generation 6 of Congolese Music. More importantly, there is so much diversity. I mean imagine Erick's more religious theme with his song while you have Christy's more poppish sound in her songs then bring in the smooth rumba croon Fila with his songs and finally bring Barbara Kanam who would have made the songs and her songs make more sweet to hear. 

How would their harmony go? It would be perfect because Fila's silky voice, Erick's deep soulful sound, Christy's youthful and Barbara's deep mezzo range would create something sweet and I know their harmony would touch many people's hearts. 

These are a few songs that I think would fit their voices
Bina na Ngai na Malembe (kanam)
Massikini (djo mpoyi)
Mouzi (ntesa dalienst) 
Un pas zele (tabu ley)

Those songs alone would have demonstrated some beautiful harmonies as well as great vocal demonstrations from these incredible singers. I know that many Congolese in Kinshasa and abroad would enjoy so much.

Finally, these people are extremely popular. Christy has a strong base of fans in Brussels. Erick is beloved by many Congolese in Kinshasa. Fila Basele has managed to make his name by doing his own songs and doing cover of great songs by great artists. Barbara Kanam has a strong base in Kinshasa as well as London, Paris and Brussels. 

If these people could come together and make music together, I think you got something special. It will make people like me very happy. 

This dream quartet would be perfect in my view. 

Thursday, March 22, 2018

Trio de Rêve Album : Les Beaux Gars Volume 1 avec Adamo Ekula, Defao and Shimita El Diego

 Adamo EKULA
Shimita EL DIEGO

Mon Album Rêve du travail 
Les chanteurs principles: Adamo EKULA, Defao et Shimita EL DIEGO 
Les chansons du travail selon Franco Pepe Kalle pour leurs harmonies 
Exil par Adamo Ekula 
Tika Makanisi par Pepe Kalle 
Trop Premier par Adamo Ekula 
Mystic par Shimita 
Luciya par Defao 
Kisema par Shimita 
Hitachi par Defao
Ma Bibi par Pepe Felly et Grand Zaiko
Edith par Pepe Felly et Grand Zaiko
Pambu par Pepe Felly et Grand Zaiko

Ces chansons donnent le beau cadeau pour les fanatiques qui aiment la groupe Le Grand Zaiko Wawa. Defao, Adamo et Shimita sont trois chanteurs exceptionnels. Ces hommes sont venus du groupe Grand Zaiko Wawa. Je pense que ces hommes ont fait leur marque dans la musique congolaise. Soukous c'est leur force de la vie. Ils chantent bien et ils ont su de donner leurs voix pour leurs vies. 

Ces chansons sont le mieux pour leurs voix. Penser de la chanson Tika Makanisi. Je sais que cette chanson donnerait une belle harmonie parce qu'Adamo donnerait un beau moment avec sa voix qu'il est haut. 

Finalement, je sais que les fans du Grand Zaiko seraient heureux comme ils chanteriont ces chansons en nouvelle manière. Nous sentirons un nouveau chemin comment chanter et comment danser. 

Trio de Rêve Album: Les Beaux Gars Volume 3 avec Desouza, Nyboma et Nzaya Nzayadio



Desouza SANTU 

Mon album de rêve: Les Beaux Gars Volume Trois 
Mes chanteurs: Desouza SANTU, Nyboma MWANADIDO et Nzaya NZAYADIO 
Les chansons selon Franco Pepe Kalle de leurs harmonies 
Adyijo par Nyboma 
Sepelisa Nzoto par Nzaya Nzayadio
Kamale par Lipua Lipua
Ndako ya Zeke par Pepe Kalle
Jalousie par Nyboma 
Tonton Gigolo par Madilu Systeme 
Nakombo par Madilu Systeme 
Double Double par Nyboma 
Mouzi par Ntesa Dialenst 
Tantine par Ntesa Dialenst

Ces chansons seront parfait pour ces hommes. Vous avez deux hommes avec beaucoup de diversité dans leurs voix. Je parle de Desouza et Nyboma. Ils chantent dans la manière du ténor. Mais ce cas, je pense que Desouza chante comme contre-ténor. Vous avez un peu de mémoire de la voix du feu chanteur Pépé Kalle. L'homme qui chante comme lui c'est Nzaya Nzayadio. 

Imaginez-vous si ces hommes chantent ensemble, je connais que la population congolaise sera heureux beaucoup avec leur harmonie. 

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