Franco early song one

Franco was Grand Maitre and was and is the King of Congolese Music. Franco is the greatest Congolese guitarist that ever lived. No one can ever take his place. I mean it is too hard. Franco is too great to be replaced. Franco had the greatest prescene in a song.

This can be so true even on a early song. A song that Franco was part was in the mid 1950s when Franco was about 14 to 15 year old teenager. But it has no meaning because Franco was able to act as if he was in his 30s. I mean Franco even when young, you knew you would have a legendary man. He was part of the song called Motema Ya Lokela. This song is a pure classic song with the fast pace rumba.

This song was so perfect with the vocals of Franco and Vicky. Franco and Vicky sounded perfect together.

This song really showed you the great growth of Franco. Franco was on the process to become a great legend. His guitar was so perfect and was right on note. As I said, Franco was the greatest artist that ever lived. Franco was someone who had the perfect ideal as a young man. Franco was a major genius.


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