Sunday, January 15, 2012

madilu's great song

Now I can enjoy something for this weekend for what I have. I should have done some important work but I had so much fun during the weekend. For some reason, I had a great weekend which is good and bad, Good because I am in a good and positive mood. Bad because I can be so damn lazy.

The song that I can not stop playing and overplay so much is the song done by late Madilu System. This song is a song that I consider a masterpiece from Madilu System. The song comes from the album called "Album 95". That is such a genius material. The song is called Shamita. The song itself sounds so good. It has the beginning of the acoustic guitar of Maika Munan. That man knew how to make that beautiful acoustic guitar.

Then comes the vocals that are even greater which I witness the great singers with Nyboma, Luciana Demingogo, Wuta Mayi, and of course Madilu. Luciana is the person who stood out to me because he sang so well and he sounded like himself and could handle himself so well. Madilu also sang this song so well and made the song unique. Nyboma and Wuta Mayi were just perfect back up singers.

Then comes Rigo Star who plays Solo and Mi-Solo guitar and does both of those roles perfectly. We have a strong sebene banger with Madilu on the animations and that sounds like a genius being made. Then comes the bass from Lofombo which is basically Empire Bakuba's finest man Gode Lofombo who is one of the greatest bass players ever, The song was so legendary.

More Madilu posts to follow up soon.

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