Saturday, January 14, 2012

Mory Kante Life

This person is so interesting to me as a music listener and I am so fascinated by his prescene and his voice because it is so Mali like singing and it has a sound that is unique in the Mali music scene.

I am talking about Mory Kante. But this man is not a Mail person per say. Mory Kante is originally from Guinea. He came from known musicians who did the griot music which was seen as a normal thing. He was born in 1950. But in 1957, he was sent to Mali and there he learned how to play the Kora harp. Then in 1971, Kante joined the band Rail Band. But in 1973, he became the official singer of the group as Salif Keita left the band. There Mary Kante would help lead Rail Band in some great success in the Mali Music scene. But his career moment happended when he released the song YEKE YEKE. That song became a genius song according to charts in Mali as well as Europe.

Recently a decade ago, he was nomiated as a goodwill ambassador to FAO from UN.

Here is Mory Kante's known song YEKE YEKE
Here is another song with Rail Band

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