Wednesday, January 25, 2012

My Review: Papa Noel "NZOTO PASI"

Papa Noel with Likembe's man John B and his wife and children in 1999 in Wisconsin

Now I am doing some review on songs I like from African to Urban American Music. I am doing review one.


This is a song which has a great sound with the all around guitar from who else, OK Jazz soloist and former Le Bamoboula guitarist Papa Noel. The song he makes is the song called Nzoto Pasi. To me the song is a major genius material. There is so much passion with the vocals. The lead singer understands the song and sings his emotion right into the song. Also the song matches the sound of the guitar. The vocals sounded right. It had some reasonable sound. It did not sound dramatic or light either. It sounded right. Also the song talks the pain of life with love and pleasure. That is what makes this song stand out. Better, we got the solo guitar of Papa Noel with other guitars of him too. The sebene was simple and raw. That is what makes the song stand out to me. I like this song. Others need to hear this song.

Here is the link to the song
(all thanks to John B for sharing this great music with all African Music listeners) Thank you John B.

Papa Noël - Nzoto Pasi

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