Saturday, January 21, 2012


I am so in a depressing mood right now. I mean right now I have been going through so much conflict in my life. I probably had the worst week ever and I have been just so angry. I don't feel like my normal stuff right now. I mean worse I have been insulted by stupid Lady Gaga fanatics for not being under her spell. I have been under so much war going on. I know we are living in the great depression.

Well my angry week leads to me posting me this song

This man is a genius making soukous songs that had so much value.

The person I am speaking of no other than the Kwasa Kwasa inventor Mr. Kanda Bongo Man. This man is someone who has a genius sound and had once one of the best voices. His voice has somewhat suffered since 2002.

He made a song that I can not get enough of and I enjoy this song so much as a music lover. This song is how Soukous just had its strong banger that I enjoy as Soukous fanatic. The song that made that happen is Sai. Sai is a song that is so unique. Kanda Bongo Man at this time, was the perfect singer. He sound like that 100 percent. Kanda Bongo Man was able to make consistent notes. Kanda Bongo Man was shining through this song.

Better the song has the solo of the King man of soukous guitar name Diblo Dibala. This man was able to shine as well. His solo was dynamic and he was able to do some unique moves. Diblo Dibala just went through and was able to make great songs. He was able to just make note after note on his solo.

Sai also had a great animation and great chanting as everyone joined along to do the singing "SAI MAMA TRO LELE." This chant was just great.

Kanda Bongo Man is a genius man and he knew how to make dance whether you were happy or not. I enjoy this song.

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