Friday, January 6, 2012

Simba Wanyika song: PAMELA

We got a song here that is so interesting to listening to for people to listen to. I mean this song is such a genius. This song is something that has a cool sound and just is a simple rumba song. The band I am speaking about is Kenyan's Tanzanian based group Simba Wanyika.

The song here they manage to produce is the love song that I am so addicted to. The song is called Pamela. This song is a great love song done well in Swahili which I do not know so well. I mean I have a lot of swahili to learn so I can somewhat know this language. Anyway this song is about his love for Pamela and why this woman is so important to him.

This song is very good in Kenyan music standards because it has a great rhythm guitar and just a simple solo guitar. It has a genius song. I really enjoy this song in swahili. I can enjoy this beautiful song so much. I apperciate this song so much. This song is a genius. Simba Wanyika is the band who made this genius song.

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