Monday, January 30, 2012

Why African Music is so hated Part One

Reason One- Music too advanced?
If there is one thing I have found so interesting is the question: WHY DO PEOPLE HATE AFRICAN MUSIC SO MUCH?

Well it is not that complicated. The reasons are so simple. The truth is that many people can not stand that African Music has been well advanced.

One particular music that annoy many people especially AMERICANS (well the majority) is Congolese Music. Congolese Music is something that is unique and I can not get enough of. I mean this music is too advance. In most of American Music, we usually hear 3 minute songs and a certain type of singing and guitar. In Congolese Music, there was something unique. It is a pure french and lingala speaking with some great drumming and sebenes and multiple singers which American Music don't have often.

Because of this, many people want African Music especially Congolese music to be boycotted. Due to this, some humble bloggers such as Moos are now suffering for their love for African music. This angers certain people who don't want any African music to be anywhere. This is so sad because people who can't enjoy our music.

I will do part two later on.

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