Saturday, March 17, 2012

Classic Day

I had a great day which is totally weird for me. It is so weird for me. It was a great day for me. Today I did some driving lessons and I did a good job making these turns to the left and I drove in a normal speed.

Sadly good times always have its con. I found out that some people called the police and thought I was so drunk apparently. That was a dumb accussations. I got some heat for going two lanes though I had no idea that I was driving on two lines. But those are a footnote. The really bad thing that occurred is what leads to my actual post.

The thing that got me more mad and in major rage is hearing the shitty version of this classic song while I was driving. The song was raped and it was totally fucked up big time. The song I am actually speaking of is the song called Mbondo from Lipua Lipua. This version I heard in the car was totally fucked up. This song was sounding like total mess. It soudned like someone raped the song and made the whole sound whorish. Damn you idiotic producers. So stupid is it. Also the vocals sound like they had major sex with lots of women and the sound would screw up their voices. Weird. Lipua Lipua was a great band and it had made great songs but these moronic producers decided to make a shitty version and make the song a big mess. The song sounded horrible. That is what made the day so shitty. I told my dad that this song was not great and he suggested FIND THE BETTER VERSION.

I will now share the song I was ranting about. But this post I put is the great song in great quality

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