Wednesday, March 21, 2012


This is a day that I may be more happier. Doing better and getting better academicly speaking. Things are getting better for me as I am goin in the right course. Thanks to my parents, now I am in a great path which only makes me more happier than ever.

To get it started, I am starting with a song that many Franco fans now should probably know somewhat. I am speaking of the great song that is a unique Franco song. This song is the one that Franco would follow up in the later 1980s. That song I am talking about is Fabrice. This song I am speaking of is the first version of Fabrice. The original song. There was three Fabrices that Franco did in the 1980s.

This song is the original version. It is just simply called FABRICE. This song is about fashion as the other two. But on this one, Franco here praises people with he thinks are valuable fashion. He mentions name. He even mentions Fabien which is a great name. I have a personal connection to that. Fabian was my grandpa who was a Congolese Activist who loved Congo with all of his heart. I share his vision big time. He also mentions others even Verkys who had his own band LE VEVE. He also mentions Simaro, Ndombe, and also Josky.

This song is very unique singing wise too. We have some great vocals of Ndombe Opetum, Lola Checain, and Wuta Mayi. These three men were perfect together with Franco's great lead vocals. I mean that is great. Better guitar team as well with Gege Mangaya, Mpupi Decca, and Papa Noel. This song was great because Franco's great 5 minute solo. It is one of Franco's perfect solos I have seen for a while. Genius song.

People need to hear this song big time.

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