Saturday, March 10, 2012


I am having such a great weekend because I am so happy right now. I had found a song that I can get out of my stubborn head of mine. This song is so good that now I am going to share it.

The song that I can not stop playing for myself is the song called KOMBE DILU. The song comes from Dilu Dilumouna with Empire Bakuba. This song is a classic song and I enjoy it. Better it has one person: PEPE KALLE. He sounds so angelic and has no flaw when he sings this song. I am stunned how good Pepe Kalle sounded in this song. Dilu Dilumouna sounded good too. But Pepe Kalle was the reason why this song is so classic material to me. We had a perfect sebene with the help animations of Desouza and other people.

KOMBE DILU proved how great Pepe Kalle's voice was and how he was able to sound in flow as the song went on. Pepe Kalle's lead vocals were so perfect because it proved the greatness of Pepe Kalle. Pepe Kalle knew how to make this song unique. Dilu Dilumouna was good too and he managed to make his own mark. But with Pepe Kalle, the song was legendary.

Check the song here

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