Wednesday, March 28, 2012

Mbilia Bel Life

We are still in the Women's History Month and here I decided to make another post to a female artist. But this female artist is not from America. She is a popular artist in Africa (pacifically Congo).

I am speaking about Mbilia Bel. She was born in 1959 from Democratic Republic of Congo (Belgain Congo). Mbilia Bel always had some musicial abilities in her. She began her music career as back singer for Abeti Masikini and Sam Mangwana.

But Mbilia Bel really got her fame started when she was discovered by Tabu Ley in 1980. She would soon become Tabu Ley's valuable duet partner. Mbilia Bel's first record was "Mpeve Ya Longo" which is Kikongo version of HOLY SPIRIT. This song made Mbilia Bel go to major stardom. Then she got another song called Eswi Yo Wapi. That song was her banging record.

But her career highlight was the song Nairobi which was very popular in Kenya that even Kenya president at that time allowed other songs to be played there. Also the man who composed the song Tabu Ley. What a genius song.

Thanks to Mbilia Bel value to Afrisa International helped this band become a challanger (truly) to TPOK Jazz of Franco. We witnessed the duo competition. We had Franco & Madilu vs. Mbilia Bel & Tabu Ley. This made a perfect Congolese Music Scene.

But Mbilia Bel's relationship soon faded when she had a baby with him and Faya Tess joined Afrisa. This probably led Mbilia Bel leaving Afrisa in 1988 and began her solo career. But Mbilia Bel's solo career has had mixed results. Her popular albums are Welcome and Phenomen. She had calibrated with some people like Rigo Star, Lutumba Simaro, and Pepe Kalle. She released her latest album in 2010 called Diva. It had some guests like Dally Kimoko, Beniko, and Nyboma.

I love Mbilia Bel, and I apperciate her voice and I just wish more people knew Mbilia Bel.

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  1. My friend, you are doing a great job. I think Congolese music is the best in the world in my view. I have listened to world music world over and nothing beats the sons and daughters of Congo DRC now.

    I'm from Zambia and I cherish this music. Am listening to Faya Tess new release with Simaro, and Madilu.

    Mbilia Bel is my girl too. I need more of this music especially the real music like Madilu, Sam Mangwana, Koffi etc. Who is singing the like of these people now because all I hear these days is noise.


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