Thursday, March 1, 2012

Pepe Kalle's rise moment

This week has had some very boring adventures. Most of my classmates talk about just worthless junk that I DON'T CARE FOR. Worse, some of my classmates are angry for no reason and I can't even speak to those idiots because they will threaten to ruin my life later on. Better, more people are mad at me because I refuse to be like them. I am so happy that I don't conform to groups esepcially stupid ones and trust me they are stupid ones.

Well since I have pretty much no friends, it is a great thing because now I am going to share you a beauty of a song that I cannot get enough of. The song I am talking about is called Mobembo. This song comes from my favorite person name Pepe Kalle. He is the person who made this dynamic song. He sang the song alone and he did a great job doing it. Here Pepe Kalle is likely talking about how tough love can be. His singing amazed me. You can somewhat tell that Pepe Kalle was growing some important confidence which was incredible. Pepe Kalle was showing how strong as a singer he could be. Pepe Kalle sounded different in this song than he does in the majority of his songs. Pepe Kalle was like a cool flow man who was able to just sing a way I have never seen it before. Pepe Kalle showed how great of a singer he was.

Though this picture was taken 10 years after this masterpiece came out, this picture says everything about Pepe Kalle's mood in this song. Pepe Kalle was a happy confident mode. That is what makes Pepe Kalle a unique person and that is why I call him the voice of Zaire. Pepe Kalle is a unique character and it will take years before another person can be like Pepe Kalle.

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