Friday, March 9, 2012

Should I play the guitar?

I am sorry for making a post this week. The last weekend and this week has been a absolute disaster. I have had the worst time in school with more people mad at me than ever. Then fights with my family add more conflicts on forums just adds to a complete disaster week.

During this bad week, I was discussing with some of "my colleagues" about something and they decided to bring up a topic: GUITAR. So we were talking about instruments. One instrument that is general is meant for men is guitar. I was playing a fake saxophone because I find that instrument fascinating and it would be cool if I ACTUALLY KNEW HOW TO PLAY IT. Anyway, I said that let's say I have a girlfriend (which I will in the feature) and she knew how to play guitar and I did not. Why do I say this if you ask?

Well because it said that guitar was only meant for men not women. But that sterotype has been broken which is a good thing. Now days more female are wanting that guitar. That is a good tihng. But one thing about me: I don't exactly care for Guitar but I don't hate it either. I have always found it fascinating because when women play guitar especially attractive ones, then I am so happy myself.

The problem is it would look bizarre to see my girlfriend know how to play guitar and not me. Also I will be considered which leads to me to this question: Should I play the guitar?

Here is why I should do guitar?
1) I love this instrument
2) I dig acoustic guitar
3) Electric Guitars are fascinating
4) It has a good sound
5) I can make my hands work

Here is why I shouldn't do guitar?
1) I don't think this can be always great
2) It can be another way to be arrogant
3) It seems I only do it for the girls
4) I want to be like Grand Maitre Franco

The big reason I may not want to play is because then I want to be better than Grand Maitre Franco. See as I said no one can ever reach his level and this can be so true to me too. Because of that, I probably not want to play guitar but then again my girlfriend could be a huge guitar expert and if that is the case, I will have to know how to play guitar.

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