Wednesday, April 4, 2012

Artist Profile Number Three: Lilas Lafleur

This is a interesting thing about this artist. This artist is someone I find charming, sexy and yet a intereresting singer. This artist is different from the previous two artists. This artist is a female person.

I am speaking about the female artist name Lilas Lafleur. She was a singer that was born as a blessed woman and she is a artist who wants to show her talent from God. She feels that God has helped her through a lot of things.

She was born into a family of music. Here is one fact that even I did not know: Her uncle is great Soloist and Soukous legend and leader of Matchacha personnel Diblo Dibala. She did some back up singing for him during her early years. Music continued to interest her. She was from Paris, France.

But in 2000, she decided to leave France to go to England to do her educational studies there. She studided at the place of University of Teesside. She had some success after college.

During the periods of 2004-09, she was a gospel singer. She basically wanted to spread the word of God to people and they seemed to love Lilas's message of love of God and Grace.

In 2010, she got her chance to make her own music by releasing her big single in UK "Girlfriend" which spoke about women surviving abuse which she had in her life when she was married. Thanks to that song that has led to her great success. She is now supported by the songwriter and singer Ne-Yo. She recently appeared on K Kole's song Take my Breath. She is a promising artist. Hope she will get better as a artist.

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